Thursday, September 9, 2010

Please Welcome Anne Rainey To The Island!

It is my great pleasure to introduce and welcome talented, multi-published Author Anne Rainey to the Island!

::Big round of applause - raising drinks::

I was delighted and honored when Anne agreed to guest here at DIK because I’ve been a fan since I read her novella “Burn”, in 2009. I have read a number of her publications since and I can tell you she pens steamy erotic romances that will curl your toes and tug at the heartstrings!

Anne’s most recent release “What She Wants”, is a wonderful story about a private eye hero and a widow who owns a bed and breakfast. What She Wants, is available from Samhain Publishing now, is a novella, and the first in a series of connected stories!

Welcome to DIK Anne!

Are you ready for the rapid-fire induction DIK “About Me”, questions?

Thanks for having me here, Lea!! Fire away, I can take it! :)

Favorite Reading Position?

I usually sit on my couch, with the stool out, a pillow on my lap and a bowl of chocolate candy close by. Comfort, chocolate and a good book, you can’t go wrong with that combination! lol

No you can't go wrong with that! Sounds like heaven!

If you could be a hero who would you be?

I would be Blade Vaughn from Tasting Candy. He’s big and strong, but sweet and gentle with Candy. Protective and possessive, without being annoying!

What heroine is most like you?

Hmm. Heroine…I’d say Lacey Vaughn. She has older brothers that drive her crazy. She’s tough, but a little unsure of herself. And she falls in love with her best friend.

I love the Vaughn series Anne!

What heroine would you like to be?

I wish I were more like Lily from my recent Ellora’s Cave release, "Ride of Her Life". Lily knows what she wants and goes for it. She doesn’t take any crap. Plus, she gets to have that hot motorcycle hottie, Kyle Wolff, in the end! Hubba, hubba!

Boxers, Briefs, boxer briefs, kilt (I say we add commando)?

I think boxer-briefs are downright sexy on a man! You can’t go wrong with commando either, though. Hmm, do I have to choose? LOL

Nope you don't have to choose, we have menz here on the island to suit every fancy! lol

Favorite book set on a tropical island?

Probably “Spring Equinox” by Eden Bradley. It’s a sizzler!

I have "Spring Equinox" on my e-reader, haven't read it yet but I know Eden does write steamy!! lol
What hero is most like your significant other?

I can’t say there is any one hero like my husband. The truth is, ALL my heroes have aspects of his personality. I’m not even sure I do that on purpose. I think it just sort of happens! LOL

If you were stuck on a desert island what 3 things would you bring?

My eReader (like I’m going anywhere without that, as if!), a case of red wine, and a hot Tarzan type guy. Well, I’m going to need someone to catch the food and carry me up into the treehouse, right? ;)

We always have room for another hot Tarzan type guy on the Island Anne, and hey I was wondering who that newbie was swinging through the trees.. ;)

Favorite drink to bring to the DIK party?

A margarita! I love margaritas!


Anne, I’ve always found the heroes in your erotic romances to be strong Alpha’s. I noticed in your website bio that you were the only girl growing up with three rowdy older brothers, do you think they have influenced the characterization of the heroes in your stories?

Definitely! Growing up with brothers and being the only girl afforded me the opportunity to watch and learn. I’ve seen their rough and tough side, but I’ve also see them vulnerable and heartbroken. I’ve watched them kick each other’s butts until they were black and blue, but I’ve also watched them defend each other. They’re protective, difficult, funny, and loving. They’re hard-working men with hearts of gold. That’s some damn good research material, if you ask me!

You have written standalone as well as connected series, including the “Vaughn Series”; the “Cape May” stories, which begins with “What She Wants”; and the “Hard to Get” series which is part of an anthology. Do you have a preference with respect to writing series versus standalone?

I prefer a series! I love writing about a close-knit group of friends or family. Delving into their lives and learning about their triumphs and their troubles, it’s all quite exciting to me. The truth is, I’m big on family and friends. Without them I’d be lost. It stands to reason I’d want to bring that same wonderful connection to life in my stories.

Many of your erotic romances have ménage à trois, and dominate submissive themes. Does your muse steer you with respect to developing the relationships in your stories, or is it character driven as part of your writing process?

My characters order me around. They start blathering on and on. It’s crazy! If I don’t do as they ask, then they threaten to tie me up and flog me. It’s not pretty! lol

Oh no, re the flogging! lol Your writing sessions must be interesting!

I notice you post a picture of a pretty hot dude with the synopsis and excerpt from your various books. Do you use them as your muse? ;) lol

Pictures of smokin’ hot studs are always inspiring! And I do love to be inspired! ;)

BTW I think the cover gods have shone on you for many of your books. Really enticing!

Thanks, Lea! Scott Carpenter has done all of my Samhain covers. The man is an absolute genius! Love his work!

Do you have a Question you would like to ask folks who stop by and say Hi today?

Yes, I do! One thing I like to write about is real life problems. In Tasting Candy, the heroine had been date-raped and has a difficult time being around men. In Forbidden Fruit, the heroine is a tomboy and is made to feel as if she’s less of a woman because she doesn’t wear make-up and high heels. In What She Wants, the heroine is a widow. She’s loved and lost, but she meets the hero and is finally ready to move on.

My question for you all. What sort of real life issue would you like to see more of in romance books? A heroine who maybe battled breast cancer? More overweight heroines and less of the perfect ten types? Or something else? You tell me!

Thanks Anne, great answers, and question!

I’m having a blast! Thanks for having me!

The contest is now closed winners to be announced soon! Thanks everyone!

We’ve planned a rockin luau tonight with da DIK menz and ladies. Anne is going to be back on the island with us tomorrow talking about her favorite DIK books she has brought along.

Short Erotic Romance–Samhain Publishing
Now Available!

Summer just got a whole lot hotter…

Summer Chase has already loved and lost once and she has no intention of going through that pain again. But when a hunky Camaro driving P.I. shows up at her B & B looking for a room for the week, she sees something more than a hard-bodied guest. For the first time since her husband’s death, Summer’s sexual interest is awakening, and she’s not about to hit the snooze button!

Gage Knight is a P. I. in desperate need of a vacation. His impromptu trip to Cape May, New Jersey seems just what he needs to relax and unwind. But when he knocks on the door of Chase’s Bed & Breakfast and comes face to face with sexy owner, Summer Chase, relaxing drops to the bottom of his to-do list. Now all he wants is a tasty Summer treat, and he plans to take his time, savoring the curvaceous beauty one inch at a time.

Question is…can she watch Gage drive off into the sunset when the week comes to an end?

Heat Alert: Smokin’!

This story contains graphic hot tub sex and anal sex.


Hero: Gage Knight

Quote: “Take off your shorts. Real slow. Make me beg for it, Summer.”



Jennifer Mathis said...

I would like to see women that are a little bigger. I think I would relate better :)

Mary G said...

Hi Anne
So great to see you here. It'll be nice to find out more stuff about you. I love your writing.

I love real life stories. One story that has stayed with me is Steve's Story by Jess Dee. Don't want to spoil it but the heroine may have an illness that would limit the HEA. I thought it was so brave of the author. Those are the books that stay with you, ones where the author dares to be different.

Anne Rainey said...

Jennifer--I agree totally!! There needs to be more of these types o heroines in romance books. One that I personally still love is Bride from Night Play by Sherrilyn Kenyon. She's a little larger and Vane loves her for it.

Thanks for stopping by! :)

Anne Rainey said...

Hi Mary!! I'm so glad you stopped by. :)

I haven't read Steve's Story, but I *think* that's on my ereader. I'll definitely be reading it. Jess is a fantastic author! :)

Heather D said...

hey ladies, great post!!

I would like to see more of the less than perfect woman... any flaw really a little over weight, little boobs, etc.

jstpeachy1976 at yahoo dot com

Anne Rainey said...

Hi Heather! Thanks for stopping in.

I think you'll like my upcoming heroine in "A Little Bit Naughty" because she's definitely not a perfect ten. In fact, she hates that she has a too large backside. Of course, Leo, the hero, loves her backside just the way it is. *grin*

Lea said...

Good Morning Anne!

Welcome to the Island, I'm so looking forward to your visit.

I too loved Bride and Vane's story and it resonated with so many readers because she was an 'atypical' and awesome heroine!

I would like to see more heroines in romance who are not gorgeous and svelt too. I have to say, I like my heros alpha but on the craggy side.. lol

Thanks again for visiting the Island Anne!

*waving to everyone!*

Abbie said...

I agree about the heroines who aren't perfect. Because in real life, who is? I'd like to see more heroines with other body issues than just being overweight. Like the little boobs example Heather gave. As someone flat-chested myself, I took a lot of grief for that in high school and college. Seeing Hubby's adoring reaction to my smaller "girls" definitely sealed the deal for him. ;) It's not something I've seen much of in books, but I think it's something a lot of women are touchy about.

Anne Rainey said...

Lea--Thank YOU for having me on your gorgeous island! And that margarita...yum! *g*

Anne Rainey said...

Abbie--I never had much of a chest either. I used to be a bit of tomboy, too. Top that with having skin graphing scars all up and down my left arm and leg, and you have a girl who was always very insecure and shy.

When I met my husband one of the first things he said to me was 'Damn, you're beautiul'. That was the irst time I EVER heard that from a man. I knew right then he was a keeper!

Thanks for visiting me here today! :)

Anonymous said...

Hello Anne,

Great interview. And I love your sexy cover art for Seduce Me.

I think I would like to see more BBWs. I could definitely relate more to them than the average heroine. I think I could get more into the story then because it would be easier to imagine myself there the heroine's place.


SusiSunshine said...

Hey Anne.
I personally would like to read more about woman who aren't perfect and I don't mean physically. I love to read about woman who's character isn't perfect. About someone who doesn't always do everything right and can be a bit bitchy from time to time. She shouldn't be only that way but sometimes I think the normal heroines are just too perfect.

Anne Rainey said...

Becca--Thanks for stopping by! I definitley need to do a BBW in my next story! :)

Anne Rainey said...

Susi--Ah! Now this is great feedback! And I totally agree. I wonder why more authors don't add in a few annoying character traits to their heroines? Bitchiness in the morning, snapping at the hero because she's stressed. Now that's realistic! Thanks for this. You've given me something to think about. :)

Jodi said...

Hey Anne! Another great interview! I like heroines (and even heroes) who aren't perfect, because, really, who in real life is? I have read a book where the heroine had battled breast cancer and it was a excellent read.

Anonymous said...

How about pudgy heroines who are single parents of 2 boys who left an abusive marriage? Don't see those kind of stories often. lol

Heather P.

Anne Rainey said...

Hi Jodi! Thanks for coming. :)
And what's the title of that book? I need to know! LOL

Anne Rainey said...

Heather P--And then a big, muscular RICH guy comes along and sweeps her right of her feet, and they all live HEA--in his big mansion with a maid and butler.


Ooh, I like that!

Unknown said...

Hi Anne and Lea!

Nice to meet you Anne!

Hmmmm... what would I like to see in romance books? I enjoy true to life heroines. So many are size 0 with boobs out to HERE! I haven't worn a size 0 since I was thirteen! And my boobs... I'm hoping not to trip over them, the gravity thing, ya know?

Thanks for visiting with us!!

Dottie :)

Estella said...

I would like to see more of the less than perfect woman and older woman/older man stories.
I mean characters in their late 40's and older.

Anne Rainey said...

Hi Dottie! Boy do I hear that! Heck, I've NEVER worn a size 0. And at nearly 43 it sure as heck ain't likely I ever will.

Thanks for stopping by! :)

mamasand2 said...

Anne, I love your stories.

I would like to see a story about a shy and retiring woman who needs to be pulled out of her shell by the right man, or two.


Ashley L said...

First of all thanks for the contest Anne. As to your question, your ideas I like a lot. But also having more real-life senarios that people go through. Like Christine Feehan's newest book is about a functioning autistic heroine. More books about the 'real' people, not the perfect woman society wants us to be.

Zina said...

I enjoy series too, I as a reader feel more in tune and involved with the characters. I would like to see perhaps women who are a little older and perhaps a little chunkier possibly with kids finding love again.

Zina said...

Opps, I forgot to tell you Anne, that I liked your answer about your brothers, that's what family is about.

Rory G said...

As one other commenter mentioned I would like to see something with a single mom who is independent and strong. Maybe a damaged hero who needs a strong sassy successful woman to save him.

Anne Rainey said...

Estella--Since I'm in my 40s I totally agree with you!

Sandie--Ah, a shy heroine and two hunky guys. I love it!

Thanks, ladies! :)

Anne Rainey said...

Hey loves2read! I think you're talking about Water Bound. I agree, Rikki is a great 'flawed' heroine. Thanks for stopping by. :)

Anne Rainey said...

Hi Zina--There aren't a lot of older heroines with kids, are there? I like that idea! Thanks!

Fedora said...

Hi, Anne! As Heather and Abbie mentioned, I'd love stories about women who aren't just gorgeous or plus-sized. Being flatter than I was in high school gives me different issues than some of the rest of us ;) And I'd love to see stories about women for whom maybe the blush is off the rose--they're getting older, and either their relationship has gotten stale or they're out in the world again for some reason. I love the stories where the H/h need to rediscover why they want to be together :)

Luvdaylilies said...

I would like to see more women that aren't society's idea of a perfect 10. Not all women are a size and certainly not the majority of them=) Also I'd agree with Estells that it would be nice to see couples that are 40-50 or so. Experience does have it's rewards, lol!
Thanks bunches for taking the time to think about & write what some of the real world women want to see in leading women!
Luvdaylilies at bellsouth dot net

Jane said...

Welcome Anne,
Congrats on the new release. I think it would be refreshing to see a heroine who has faults like the rest of us. Maybe she's too shy or too bossy and judgmental, but still likable.

Dianna C said...

I would love to see more plus sized women and women in unconventional jobs or jobs that are definitely considered male jobs. IE construction workers, truck drivers, oil riggers things like that.

All’sReads said...

Hi Anne and DIK Ladies: thanks for a very fun and interesting interview! I have read/a copy of Body Rush, so I don't need to be convinced to check out more of Anne's stories. What I particularly like to read more is characters that have been had their hearts broken/let down in love and how they get back from that to trust - and love - again.

Laura K said...

Hi Anne! Being a BBW I would like to see more of us and not with the drop dead gorgeous man either. I am liking the trend in some BDSM stories I read for these kind of ladies and find the realism moving.

Anne Rainey said...

Thanks for the feedback, ladies! I'm taking notes here for future story ideas!! :)

Ashley L said...

I've been reading through the comments and have to say that there are some great ideas, even ones I couldn't think of. Lots of inspiration here.

throuthehaze said...

I think it would be nice to see some non-perfect 10 types :)
throuthehaze at gmail dot com

lindseye said...

I think more stories about women dealing with children and managing life after the meet and greet would be interesting.

Lea said...

Hi Everyone, the contest is now closed. Thank you for stopping by the Island!

Winners to be announced soon!

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