Saturday, September 11, 2010

Anne Rainey Shares A Little Naughty of "A Little Bit Naughty" With DIK!

I figured for my last day on the island I’d share a never before seen peek at my upcoming Samhain release, “A Little Bit Naughty”. This is a friends-turned-lovers story and it releases on October 12th. It’s part of a series called Tahoe Nights. The other two authors in the series are Karen Erickson and Scott Carpenter. I’m super excited to be part of this project with these two talented authors!

Here’s what mine is about.

"A Little Bit Naughty" by Anne Rainey

Resistance is no longer an option…

Faced with the annual family reunion in Lake Tahoe, Amanda Harding cringes inwardly like the awkward teenager she used to be, not the successful bookstore owner she is now. Once again she’ll be bombarded by questions about her dreadful status as a single woman. And, like always, she’ll feel the weight of her parents’ disappointment that their only child isn’t happily married and pregnant with their first grandchild.

As she relates her troubles to her good friend, Leo, she’s shocked to the core by his offer to pose as her soon-to-be fiancé. Then all she can think about getting tangled up in the sheets—and with Leo’s deliciously hard body.

Leo Prentice has always wondered what his quiet, bookish Amanda looked like beneath the conservative suits, but the prospect of wrecking their friendship has kept his dirty mind in check. Until their first fake kiss. Playing Amanda’s lover seemed like a win-win. But the little bookworm stirs a fire in him unlike any other woman.

Soon, the teasing touches and sensual looks are all too real…and not nearly enough.

Adult Excerpt:

He cupped her face in his palm. “You and I are going to share that bed, sweetheart. Are you okay with that?”

Forcing down the tremors his touch invoked, Amanda said, “There are two rooms.”

“I know, but I don’t want to sleep in an empty bed. Do you?”

Did she? What would happen if she slept next to Leo all night long? Could she keep her hands off him? She didn’t know, but one thing was for certain. She didn’t want to waste a single second of this trip. She had Leo to herself, and she wanted to know more about the sudden sparks flying back and forth between them. The only way to achieve that would be to act like a woman and not a silly teenager on prom night.

Feeling a little more confident, Amanda murmured, “I don’t want to sleep alone.”

One side of Leo’s mouth kicked up into a crooked grin. “Good answer, sweets.” He stepped back and dropped his hand. “Now, how about dinner? I don’t know about you, but I’m starved.”
He moved around her and headed toward the kitchen. Amanda took a few seconds to calm her racing heart. When she heard him call out to her, she smiled. For the first time in her life she was actually going to enjoy one of the Harding family reunions. Go figure.

Leaving the bedroom behind, Amanda went in search of Leo. She found him bent over, peering into the refrigerator. She licked her lips at the sight of his jean-covered ass. When he straightened and turned, Amanda’s cheeks heated. Had he noticed where her gaze had been?

“Your mom thinks of everything doesn’t she?”

Okay, so he hadn’t seen her eyeballing his butt. Whew. “Uh, yeah, pretty much.”

“She’s left us hamburger meat, hot dogs and there’s even potato salad in there. Looks homemade too.”

At the mention of her mother, Amanda relaxed a little more. Moving toward a cupboard, Amanda found two plastic cups, took them out and placed them on the little table in the center of the room. “Mother wouldn’t have us eating store-bought potato salad. In her opinion that’d be tacky.”

Leo leaned against the counter, as if content to quietly watch as she took out plates, utensils and napkins. It wasn’t until Amanda opened the refrigerator and took out two cans of pop that he finally spoke. “So, what are you in the mood for?”

You, she ached to admit. Instead she said, “How about hot dogs?”
“Sounds good to me.”

“There’s a grill out back, but that’s a lot of work and we’re both tired. How about we just nuke them?”

“That’s fine by me.” He pushed away from the counter and took her by the shoulders, turning her to face him. “In fact, how about you go take a nice long bath. I’ll get this.”

Amanda thought of the Jacuzzi and practically moaned. Massaging jets of hot water? Oh, yes, definitely what she needed to relax her frayed nerves. “Are you sure?”

Leo chuckled. “I’m not helpless, Amanda. I can microwave a few hotdogs without help.” Leo reached around her body and swatted her on the bottom. “Go. Relax and enjoy. Let me take care of this.”

Amanda stiffened. Leo had delivered a friendly little spank before. It didn’t mean anything. Except this time his hand had lingered a second longer than usual. And, Amanda admitted, she liked it. Too much. Unable to speak without possibly revealing how easily his touch affected her, Amanda silently and swiftly left the room.

A bath. That’s what she needed. A hot soak, some food to settle her rumbling stomach and a good night’s rest. Tomorrow she’d feel more like herself. As she stepped inside the bedroom, Amanda’s gaze strayed to their luggage. Why had she agreed to share the same bed? How in God’s name was she supposed to actually sleep knowing Leo lay mere inches away?


Leo’s cock hardened. He’d knocked. Twice. He’d even called her name a few times. Entering the bathroom uninvited had been his only option. Hell, she could’ve drowned, right? What else could he do but check on her? As he stared at the bubbling water, Amanda’s head back, eyes closed, he knew a moment’s guilt. He should look away. At the wall, the sink, the damn toilet, anywhere but at his friend’s naked body, which, by the way, just happened to be barely covered by hot, bubbly water. He couldn’t really make out anything, he told himself.


Pink. Bubble gum pink to be more accurate. Now he knew what shade her nipples were. And there went his cock, again. More of that and he’d have a friggin’ zipper print tattooed permanently on his dick.

“Amanda?” he called out, unwilling to wake the sleeping beauty, but much more of this and he wouldn’t be able to keep from reaching out and stroking something. Anything. Everything.
A slow smile spread over her face. “Hmm?”

Christ, that was a sexy look. “Uh, sweetheart, you need to get out of the tub now.”

Her eyelids shot wide, and she yelped. “Leo!” Slick, feminine hands covered round, firm breasts as water sloshed over the sides of the tub. “What are you doing in here?”

Quickly turning away, he rushed to say, “I’m sorry, but I tried knocking and you didn’t answer. I was worried.” Yeah, look away now, asshole, after you’ve had a good eyeful. “Uh, dinner’s ready.”

“I… You—”

“You’ll be right out. Got it,” he helpfully supplied.

“Yes,” she squeaked. “Right out. Yes.”

Leo left the room, and the slick, sleek goddess behind. It was no easy feat. In fact, he would have rather stood under a beehive covered in honey than leave Amanda in that moment. Damn, what he wouldn’t give to go back in there. To watch her rising out of the water. Little droplets streaming down her voluptuous body. She wouldn’t even need a towel—he could just lick her dry. Leo glanced down at his crotch and groaned. “Christ, you need to chill, bud. She needs time.”


The feminine voice had him stiffening, and not just his spine either. He sent up a silent prayer that Amanda was naked, that she’d decided to put him out of his misery after all. He turned slowly and then Leo’s hopes fell. She wasn’t nude. ’Course, the little pink tank top and black cotton shorts did wonders for her curves. His cock sure as hell approved. Large, round breasts and wide hips had his mouth watering. A bite, a suck, that’s all I’m asking. Is it so much?
With her hair wrapped up in a towel and feet bare, she looked sweet, adorable, innocent. He was none of those things. And it didn’t matter because she wasn’t going anywhere. Before the weekend was over he’d have her naked and in that great big bed. And he’d finally get to taste all that creamy satin.

I hope you enjoyed it!

And now here’s a peek at Karen and Scott’s stories!

"My Favorite Mistake" by Karen Erickson


Somebody’s sleeping in her bed...

There’s only one way for busy PR executive Julie Lancaster to get her mother off her back—cave in and take a weekend break at the family cabin in Tahoe. After all, Mom won’t know she’s sneaking her laptop along to get a little work done.

Not only the cabin is a blast from the past, so is the occupant of her bedroom. Tyler Nichols, a guy she remembers as quiet and nerdy…nothing like the drop-dead gorgeous hunk who knows how to fill out his underwear.

One look at all-grown-up Julie refuels Tyler’s memories of long, lazy summer vacations, and the crush he was too shy to admit. It would be gentlemanly of him to leave, but the amazing woman in front of him elicits visions of the wickedly lusty things he’d like to do with her.
With work pushed to the back burner and a weekend indulging with Tyler on high simmer, Julie makes a startling discovery. Tyler is the real deal. And maybe, if he agrees, she might have time for a life after all…

"Need You Now" by Scott Carpenter


Everything has a price, but there are still things out there that aren’t for sale.

Janice can’t wait to get to Tahoe and that timeshare she’s booked for her vacation. It’s time to kick back, sleep late and do something crazy. Isn’t that what vacations are all about? If a hot guy should cross her path, well… even better, but she’s not going man-hunting. This trip is all about her!

The blackjack table’s hot, and Janice is even hotter, piles of chips growing in front of her with every winning hand. Time to think about buying herself something really nice as a souvenir. It would be great if it could be the smoking hot, good looking guy watching her play cards. At least she can buy him a drink….

It comes as a surprise to find out exactly what her money will get her…and what it won’t!

Thanks DIK Ladies for having me here! It was a blast!

Anne Rainey sold her first category length novel to Samhain Publishing in 2007. Since then she’s sold six more stories to Samhain and three stories to Red Sage Publishing. In addition, Anne recently sold a novella and two single titles to Kensington Aphrodisia.

Anne grew up in a small town in central Ohio the only girl with three rowdy, older brothers. When she wasn’t playing tackle football with them she could be found tucked away in her mother’s book room getting lost in mysterious worlds created by authors such as Martha Grimes and Andrew M. Greeley. She’s had a variety of odd jobs including Chiropractic Assistant, Frame Stylist, Restaurant Hostess, and Nail Technician.

Anne now lives with her fabulous husband, two gorgeous teenage daughters, two ornery dogs and three snooty cats. When she’s not dressing, feeding, cleaning or spending time with them, she can be found at the computer writing stories hot enough to make your toes curl!

The contest is now closed winners to be announced soon! Thanks everyone!

A huge thank you to Anne Rainey for taking time out of her busy schedule to spend time with us over the past 3 days! I had a wonderful time! I have to say that wonderful excerpt she shared with us today has me primed to read "A Little Bit Naughty", and friends to lovers is my favorite theme in a romance. Thank you also to all who visited while Anne was here on the island. :D


Drea Becraft said...

Its sounds so good Anne can't wait for it to come out and be added to my TBR pile!

Now did the three of you in this series collaborate or was it all Samhians idea?


Mary G said...

Loved the excerpt Anne. It packed a lot of punch. Friends to lovers is one of my fave premises too.

Congrats on the new signings. Looking forward to more from you.
It was fun visiting you on the island. Come back soon.

Anne Rainey said...

Thanks, Drea! This series was of our own making actually. When Scott came up with the idea, Karen and I were all over it! :)

throuthehaze said...

Great excerpt! Sounds like an interesting story :)

Anne Rainey said...

Thanks, Mary! I've been having a blast here. I definitely want to come back. :)tedea

Ashley L said...

Another great excerpt. Congrats on everything! It was really great to stop by the island. I'll have to come back again soon.

Anne Rainey said...

Thanks, throuthehaze!

Loves2read--I hope you do! These ladies know how to have a good time! :)

Abbie said...

Ooohh...This sounds good! I love friends to lovers books! Thanks so much for sharing with us, Anne!

mamasand2 said...

Greate excerpt, Anne! I love the sound of your “A Little Bit Naughty”, and am counting the days till it's release.


Anne Rainey said...

Abbie--Thanks! I enjoy reading them, as well! The first one I ever read was a novella by Cathy Yardley. Loved that story! :)

Anne Rainey said...

Thanks, Sandie! I'm excited to be in a series with Karen and Scott. Both authors are so talented! :)

Anne Rainey said...

That Cathy Yardley book I mentioned. Here's more about it. Still love this story!!

Lea said...

Hi Everyone!

Thanks for stopping by to visit the Island and read Anne's wonderful excerpt for her upcoming publication with Karen and Scott! This sounds like and awesome anthology and I can't wait for it's publication in October!

Thanks again Anne for sharing this with us and to everyone who stopped by!

The winners will be posted here tomorrow late morning. ;)

Anne Rainey said...

Hi Lea--Thanks for hosting me here! The most fun I've had blogging in a long time! :)

Jane said...

Really enjoyed the excerpts. Thanks for hanging out with us, Anne.

Laura K said...

OOOH love this story line the most. To me, its the most realistic.

Anne Rainey said...

Thanks, Jane!

Oh, I totally agree, Laura! :)

Estella said...

I am putting this on my to buy list!

Anne Rainey said...

Awesome! Thanks, Estella! :)

Unknown said...

Hi Anne!

I loved the excerpt, hot, sweet, sexy, could you ask for more?

What's up next for you? Working on anything new?

Thanks for visiting, I've found a new author!

Dottie :)

Zina said...

Wow Anne,
This new 3 book series set in Lake Tahoe sounds really good. I grew up in So. Lake Tahoe and have stayed in a time share there and my mom worked at Harvey's Casino as a Blackjack dealer, so funny. I loved living there as a kid, so I'll have to buy all those books.

Anonymous said...

Love the excerpt Anne! Thank you for blogging these last couple of days.

All’sReads said...

ooh, great excerpt, thanks Anne! And Samhain has such sexy tasteful covers... congrats. Enjoyed your visit very much!

lindseye said...

Great excerpt and sounds like a fun freinds to lovers story. WIll be looking for it in October.

Rory G said...

I can't wait for "A little bit naughty". Anne really knows how to turn up the heat.

Heather D said...

Sorry I wasn't able to make it over here yesterday! My son had an awesome game and we did some celebrating of the win! And then when logging this morning I got hit with a virus that I had to figure out how to get rid of !!! I hate computers sometimes LOL.

Anne your book sounds wonderful and I can't wait to get my hands on a copy of it. I love stories where the h/h are friends first.

Lea said...

Hi Heather!

No problem - I'm glad your son's game was so great!

Sounds like a wonderful time. ;)


Hey everyone: Thank you for your entries and comments about Anne's new book. It does sound awesome doesn't it?

The contest is closed and I will be posting the winners shortly. :-)

Anne Rainey said...

Thanks so much everyone! I'm thrilled you all enjoyed the excerpt!

Thanks again, Lea. This was a lot of fun! :)

Karen Erickson said...

I just want to stop by and say Anne is awesome and I am so excited for this series to come out. Scott is awesome too! I'm glad to see such an enthusiastic response.

I would've stopped by earlier but I went laptop-less this weekend which is amazing, LOL!


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