Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year


Usually this is the time that one makes resoutions for the New Year. However seeing how I'm sure we all have things we want to change. I decided to do the things that will stay the same around here!

1. We here at the DIK promise to bring you the pretties menz we can find and hope that you will enjoy them as well as take full advantage of this wonderful option we give.

2. We here at the DIK promise to continue to give you authors every first week of the month. Why? b/c what is the DIK without the authors?

3. We here at the DIK promise to keep our respect for the genres we read alive and to help out other members in discovering what it is like to gather in a large group and not feel threatened, disrespected, or stupid for liking something or having an opinion.

4. We here at the DIK promise to keep our standard of blogging up and will continue to make sure that YOU the reader will get quality post every time you visit.

5. We here at the DIK promise to continue to have fun with everything we do.

Well ladies that what we promise to continue to do this year! Thank you all once again for hanging out with us. Many well wishes and blessings in this New year!


Well ladies todays the day! Tonight we start over in a brand new year. And I personally would like to take a moment to THANK YOU ALL for being here with us. Its because of you that DIK is here and still kicking. YOU are all wonderful and I am truly glad that I have gotten to know you better over the last year.
Tonight we are going to ring in the New year with a bang. So clean up those huts, shine those glasses b/c boy do I have a treat for you!!!!

Here's to you Ladies may the New Year bring you all the happiness you desire, the best books, and the cutest menz. May all your hopes and wishes be fulfilled!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Da Authors

Every first of the month (and sometimes throughout the month) we feature our favorite authors. We are greatful that each one took the time from their busy writing schedules to come out and play! Some authors do contest and some do excerpts and then some add their own twist!
So here's Meljean's last day on the island that reminded us why we love da authors!

Monday, December 29, 2008

The Best of DIK Day 8

One of our lovely members stepped up to the plate one day to help out around here and we wanted to feature her lovely post which tells us The Top 10 Reasons she loves the DIK!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Best of DIK day

So we have had many adventures on the island over the last few months but one adventure really stands out for me! And that was Ana's special announcement! that brought it all home and reminded us why we choose to form our island.

Friday, December 26, 2008

The Best of DIK day 5

DIK - Desert Island Keepers was formed due to several women's love of reading. We all got together and figured out what 6 books we would take to a desert isle. Then one by one we have presented to you and explained our choices. However, Ciara came up with the most interested way to tell us which books she would bring to the island.

You can see her wonderful post here!!!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Happy Holidays!!!

Well ladies its that day again! The one that comes once a year! So we here at the blog wish all of you out there in the internet land a Happy Holidays and a wonderful new year!!! Thank you all for your support here at the blog! We appreciate it!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The Best of DIK day 3

Tis the night before Christmas and all through the house not a creature was stirring not even a mouse. The girls were all buddled by the fire with care in hopes that St. Nick would soon be there. Each girl laid silently as they all stared with wonder while their dear friend Carolyn Jean knocked them over with laughter. They all fell into a wonderful sleep and dreamt of the men they had waiting in their huts.

When the girls woke up the next morning they were shocked and upset to discover that their menz had been kidnapped!! DAMN they screamed while they shook their fist in the air screaming WHY OH WHY did it all happen here????

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Best of DIK day 2

One of our favorite things to do here at the DIK is to have authors come to visit us! Some of the girls get a little (Okay a lot) excited when authors come to play. One of our favorite author visits included the Lovely Lisabea and Teddypig coming out to play with Josh Lanyon.

For the review head here: Josh Lanyon's interview I have to admit hilarities ensued with this interview.

So here's a round of thanks and applause to Teddypig, LB and of course Josh for coming to play with us!

Monday, December 22, 2008


All right ladies its been a wonderful, fun filled 6 months since we started the blog here! Yeah I said 6 months can you believe it? Who would have thought that we could get so many wonderful ladies together to talk about the things they love best, mix in some authors, hawt menz, birthday parties, and have a wonderful blog that has not only grown but has brought us closer together?

Well with 2008 wrapping up for the year some of us thought it would be wonderful to highlight some of "The Best of DIK" moments! So without further a due lets get started. First and foremost let me take the time to THANK each and everyone of you that has joined us on the island and participated in the fun. Without you there would be no blog. Everyone that has posted is wonderful and we appreciate your time and the fun you've shared with us! Each of the following post were picked by the DIK members themselves. They were nominated for their wit, creativity, and their ability to make us LOL!!! SO thank you ladies!

The rest of the next 2 weeks we will be highlighting some of our more memorible moments as well as celebrating some holiday magic!

So let’s start of with our first Best of DIK post voted on by you!

A post that was picked by you is Mary Kate's is Picking our Pockets!!! So click on the link and remember with us what Mary Kate was up to~!

Until tomorrow ladies have a wonderful week!!!!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Hey DIK girls - we've got awards!!

We'd like to thank the Academy....

Ok, maybe it wasn't the Academy that was nominating us but I think it's just as exciting (yeah, I know, I need to get out more!)

Anyway...we've been awarded not 1 but 2 Kreativ Blogger awards:

The first by Renee at Renee's Book Addiction for "The blog that makes me laugh out loud". Thanks so much Renee. As long as you're laughing with us and not at us, we're good! :) You can read her award post here.

The second award came from Carolyn Jean at The Thrillionth Page, our very own DIK girl, who awarded us along with Lisabea's Nose in a Book for "The Best Crazy Action". You know it baby! It just doesn't get any crazier! Thank CJ! Award post here.

I'm going to at least follow part of the award guidelines and speak for the whole island...
Things that are important to us:
1. Great books and tons of them.
2. Lots of incredible men to assist us (and each other in many cases) in whatever it is we desire.
3. Huts big enough to hold inhabitants of entire island for massive parties.
4. An unending stream of rum and all other alcohols.
5. Desalinization kits
6. Sunscreen

Both nominations are thoroughly appreciated by all of the DIK girls, I'm sure, as well as the wonderful authors we've had on DIK in 2008!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Day 3 ~ Samantha Kane

My Favorite Heroes From My Books (And one thing no one but me knows about them.)

#7 Derek Knightly At Love’s Command
I loved writing Derek. It’s that simple. His biting sarcasm and wounded temper tantrums were so much fun to write. It was a challenge to turn a snarky bully-boy into a romantic hero. Derek’s secret: Sophie nearly won their chess matches a time or two, but he’ll never admit it.

#6 Edmund James A Lady In Waiting
A naughty vicar? What’s not to love about that? Again, Edmund was fun to write. Completely carnal and convinced of his unsuitability to be a vicar, but it’s clear he has a caring nature and a deep sense of responsibility even as he seduces the good widow Bartlebyrne. Edmund’s secret: He’d like nothing more than to pin Sylvie against the vestry door and make her scream. Repeatedly.

#5 Bertie Thorne Retreat From Love
Technically Bertie’s not a hero in the book. He’s Freddy’s dead brother, only briefly mentioned in previous Brothers In Arms books. But from the very start I knew that Bertie’s death had shaped the man Brett was. I knew who Bertie was but I knew readers didn’t. I hope in Retreat From Love I’ve given them an understanding of who he was and why so many people grieved so deeply for him. I don’t really want to give away a lot here. But suffice to say that even though he’s dead he’s very much a presence in the book. Bertie’s secret: He would have shared Anne with Brett.

#4 Daniel Steinberg The Courage to Love, Love Under Siege, At Love’s Command
Daniel doesn’t have his own book yet, but he’s already got his own story. In my head, at least. Daniel is one of the most complicated Brothers in Arms. A homosexual Jewish dandy in Regency England, Daniel doesn’t quite fit, in society and even among his friends. He seems bright, vivacious, witty, and yet there’s a dark undertone to him that I only began to explore in At Love’s Command. Broken by love and fighting his inner demons, Daniel’s story is going to be a truly redemptive one. Daniel’s secret: He has horrible taste in men. He always seems to choose the ones who walk all over him and break his heart.

#3 René Dubois Islands
Oo la la, René is a Frenchman to his very core. I loved writing a twentieth-century hero who was openly gay. It was very freeing. And I got to throw in wonderful French phrases and endearments, like m’apollon, which means loverboy. His seduction of Lt. Commander Gabriel Conlan, U.S. Navy Seabee, was a dream to write. I can’t wait for you all to read it! I know, I’m a horrible tease today. Anyway, René’s secret: (I could put anything here. At this point you know nothing!) He love, love, loves anything American. ;-)

#2 Brett Haversham Retreat From Love
Ah, Brett. Always the level-headed one, the calm center in the storm that has so often been Brothers In Arms. Underneath he’s a seething cauldron of repressed desires and guilt. Of course, you say, it’s Brothers In Arms, lol. You’re right of course, but this boy has been seriously repressing. The best part about finally giving Brett his own book was letting all of those repressed feelings free, not just desire and love, but anger and resentment and guilt. And holy Toledo was he a caged beast pacing to be freed. When he finally has a chance to make love to Anne and Freddy he’s a force of nature to be reckoned with. Brett’s secret: Well, that’s the point. He’s got a lot. I mean A LOT. But the most obvious is he’s been in love with Freddy for almost as long as Freddy’s been in love with him. Oh, he also likes to talk dirty. And leather. Oops, not telling any more.

#1 Stephen Matthews The Courage to Love, Love Under Siege, Love’s Strategy, At Love’s Command, Retreat From Love

This is no secret. I think I confessed that Stephen was my favorite over at Nose In A Book ages ago. His character has been instrumental in all the Brothers In Arms books, and he lends a legitimacy to the love triangles in the series as a vicar who accepts these unusual relationships. But there’s just something about Stephen . . . he seems so good that you just know he can be just as bad as he is good. ;-)
His character really struggles with the big theme of good vs. evil, right vs. wrong. He’s a good man in a world that can be very bad, and he struggles everyday to make sense of it for himself and for those around him. Stephen is my anchor character. I’ve shown that he can be pious and caring (The Courage to Love), empathetic and humorous (Love Under Siege), manipulative (Love’s Strategy), and kind (At Love’s Command). We know he’s killed a man but never slept with one, and in Retreat we’re going to see that he has some demons of his own left over from the war. He’s waiting patiently for his story because he knows all good things come in time. Stephen’s secret: He’s desperately, despairingly in love. After all, he’s a romance hero. ;-)

Friday, December 19, 2008

Day 2 with Samantha Kane

Instead of the books I chose when we did the original DIK, I decided to do six Christmas DIK’s. I guess everyone should know that I celebrate Christmas so these books reflect that. I realize that not everyone celebrates Christmas, so I just thought you all should know where I was coming from. I hope you enjoy my picks!

#6 A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens
I know, it’s almost a cliché now, but I think everyone should read the original. It’s actually a very short story. And the only Dickens book I like. (Refer to yesterday’s rant on Hemingway.)

#5 Bridget Jones’s Diary by Helen Fielding
It all begins and ends around the holidays. That’s my reasoning for why it’s a Christmas book. But I just love beleaguered Bridget Jones, chain-smoking, alcohol- swilling sex goddess, and Mark Darcy and even that cad, Daniel. I’d love to be this witty when I’m depressed and drunk.

#4 Mr. Timothy by Louis Bayard
This book came out a few years ago, and ever since I’ve been recommending it to everyone. Louis Bayard is a master of historical fiction. In Mr. Timothy his hero is Tiny Tim, tiny no more. It’s an adult Timothy Cratchit, dealing with the ghost of his father, Victorian pedophile’s, fishing dead bodies from the Thames for the money, and avoiding his successful, happy older brother Peter and his well-meaning, concerned, but very busy philanthropist Uncle Scrooge. The tone of the whole book is very dark, almost steam punk dark, but it is not steam punk. But Tim is living in a brothel, doing the books for the madam, and trying to rescue young girls from the alleys of Victorian London in his spare time with a young pickpocket as his sidekick. This is a great book.

#3 How the Grinch Stole Christmas by Dr. Seuss
This is the Christmas of my childhood. I love those darn Whos, and Max, and the Grinch with his great big heart. I think the green Grinch made science fiction so appealing when I was younger, and so believable. That’s what the Grinch really is, science fiction/fantasy for kids. It’s affected my reading and writing ever since. And it’s just such a feel good story. Way to go, Dr. Seuss.

#2 Two from Galilee: The Story of Mary and Joseph by Marjorie Holmes
This book is told from Mary and Joseph’s viewpoint. It’s about two young people who fall in love and are confronted with some very confusing, painful decisions. You don’t often get to read Joseph’s side of things. He really is the ultimate romance hero. The woman he loves comes to him and says the child that I carry is the child of God, and after a lot of soul searching he chooses to accept her and her unborn child. And he marries her, in spite of the protests of family and friends, and raises the boy like his own son. Pretty profound. I read this when I was a teenager and it really affected me.

#1 The Bible/The Gospel of Luke 2:1-20
The Christmas story. It’s the reason for the season. :-D

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Day 1 ~ Samantha Kane!!!!!

HEY EVERYONE guess whose come to play with us on the island!!!! Why its Samantha Kane! *motions for the crowd to be silent* Now, now ladies lets not get too excited. Let's give Sam a chance to answer some question.

Oh and before I forget yesterday, the 17th, was Sam's release day for Retreat From Love. So when you ge a chance head over to the link below to the buy page at EC and pick it up!!
The link is

Now without further delay here's our Sam with her About Me questions:

Favorite Reading Position
These days it’s not so much favorite as wherever and whenever I can! I read mostly at night in bed with a pile of pillows behind me and my husband snoring next to me. Or at the breakfast table. I’m not a morning person. I need a good hour or two of downtime as soon as I wake up. So I eat breakfast and have my coffee while reading a book. I guess that’s my favorite.

Best love song
I can’t pick just one! And most people will have never heard of my picks. Well, that’s not true. Canadians especially will know the first one. Boston and St. John’s by Great Big Sea. The second is It’s So Hard by Mare Winningham, the actress who is also a singer. I’m actually a big country music fan. So I love Addicted by Dan Seals, and Happiness Alone by Clint Black. And I’m a huge Jimmy Buffet fan, and one of the saddest love songs I’ve ever heard is Coast of Marseilles. Lordy, I love that song.

Favorite Heroine
Princess Meredith Gentry from Laurell K. Hamilton’s Merry Gentry, fairie princess series.

Author everyone loves but you don't
I refuse to answer on the grounds that it may incriminate me. But I can tell you an author who is considered an American icon and I can’t stand his books. Ernest Hemingway. Phtttpt!! (sound of spitting) I can’t stand Hemingway. God, if those characters were talking to him in his head night and day no wonder he drank like a fish. Ugh. Any Hemingway book I’ve ever read (and I’ve read a few, more than I wanted to) I spent almost the entire time wishing the characters would die so I could read a real romance instead.

If you could be in one book/series/world which would you pick
Gotta go back to the Merry Gentry series. Scary, violent, but oh the men. The magic. The sex. Yep. I want to live in that alternate reality.

How old is your inside voice
Um, you know, the thing is, I pretty much say what’s on my mind. So my inner voice is my outer voice, and she’s forty-one (almost forty-two, on Dec. 30), slightly used but in good condition, sarcastic, pragmatic, empathetic, and hormonal most of the time. And proud of it.

Favorite sex song
No question. Me and Mrs. Jones, both versions. The original by Billy Paul, and the remake by Michael Bublé.

If you could be a hero who would you be
Batman. He is wicked sexy, and I look fabulous in gray and black.

What heroine is most like you
Most like me? Yowza, that’s a tough one. Maybe Jasmin Field, from a marvelous book that came out in 2000 called Pride, Prejudice and Jasmin Field by Melissa Nathan. It’s British chick lit., and it’s very funny. Although I’m not British. But I love Jazz (the heroine).

What heroine would you like to be
Three guesses and the first two don’t count. Merry Gentry, of course. She may constantly be in fear for her life, tortured by her Aunt, raped by her uncle, but she has Doyle. And Rhys. And Mistral. And even Sholto, with his extra, octopus-like appendages that include extra sex organs. Whew! Is it hot in here, or is it the hormones?

Favorite book set on a tropical island
The Windflower by Laura London. Half the book takes place on pirate Rand Morgan’s private tropical isle. I would have definitely dragged Rand and Cat, the "boy" pirate, into the palm trees and convinced them to explore their repressed sexual attraction to one another with my support and assistance. Oops, TMI. My second favorite is Shanna by Kathleen E. Woodiwiss.

What hero would you like to be your significant other
Again, Batman. Dark, mysterious, and you know he’s got some kinks under the bat suit. He wears a bat suit, for god’s sake. And he’d be gone a lot, so, you know, I’d have my space when I needed it. And he’s loaded. The original tall, dark moneybags. And he’d have to let me drive the Batmobile cause we’re married and stuff.

If you were stuck on a desert island what 3 things would you bring
Sunscreen, an unlimited supply of drinking water, and a really big, sharp knife. Remember that pragmatic inner/outer voice? She’s freakishly practical, too.

Favorite Drink to Bring to the DIK party?
Cranberry juice and Malibu rum. Coconut rum with vitamins. Yum.

Book Giveaway Extravaganza

Over at my blog, Kiss and Tell Girls, nine Ellora's Cave authors with December releases, including me, decided we'd promote one another's books on each other's blogs, AND we'd give away copies of our new releases as we go. We’re calling it Deliciously Decadent December.
We are:
Amy Ruttan RAIN GOD 12/3
Cheryl Dragon QUINTUPLED 12/3
Aubrey Ross CRIMSON PREY 12/5
Emma Peterson SEDUCING ST. NIC 12/10
Samantha Kane RETREAT FROM LOVE 12/17
Kathy Kulig DESERT OF THE DAMNED 12/19
Angelia Sparrow EIGHT DAYS ABLAZE 12/24
Shelley Munro CAT BURGLAR 12/31

We don't have a release everyday of the month, but when one of us does I'll post a cover and blurb and links to buy or read excerpts. Each promo post will also contain a question that I'll answer, and then you can answer it in the comment section. You must comment on those posts to win books.

The rules are:
1. Leave a comment and you'll be entered to win.
2. Winner will be chosen at random via
3. You can enter a total of 9 times by leaving a comment on each Triple D author's blog but you will only allowed to win once.
4. You must be 18 and older to enter and/or win.
5. You must collect your prize within 10 days of prize announcement or prize is null & void.On days we don't have new releases to give away, below are just a few of the authors who will be giving away copies of their books, and some of them will be our guests, at the Deliciously Decadent December Yahoo Group, which you can join here. So drop by each day, where the nine of us will be visiting with guest authors and other readers.

Autographed Copy of Immortal Kiss by J.K.Coi (Dec. 22)
Autographed Copy of Make U Sweat by Amie Stuart
Autographed Copy of Nailed by Amie Stuart
Autographed Copy of Mistress of Pleasure by Delilah Marvelle
Autographed Copy of Alibi in High Heels by Gemma Halliday
Autographed Copy of Wicked Burn by Beth Kery
eBook - Stolen: Stealing the Show by Leila Brown
eBook - Unwrap My Heart by Jackie Barbosa (Dec. 23rd)
eBook - Comrades In Arms by Jackie BarbosaeBook - Hard Fall by Isabelle Drake (Dec. 15th)Autographed Copy of Animal Lust by Lacy Danes
Autographed Copy of What She Craves by Lacy Danes
Autographed Copy of A Red Hot Valentines Day by Lacy Danes
eBook - Charmed by Koko BrowneBook - Eight Seconds by Barrie Abalard
eBook – Birthright by Mari Freeman

And several of the Triple D authors will be giving away titles from their backlist as well. Moi will be giving away the complete Brothers In Arms series in ebook to one lucky winner. That's five ebooks in all.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Tumperkin's Arrival at the Island

[T steps off an elegant Victorian yacht assisted by a dark haired man with extravagant dimples who sports over a dozen watches on his waistcoat: Graham Wessit]

T: Ah, Graham - what a relaxing journey!

G: I don't think the others would agree ma'am.

[A motley crew of incredibly handsome men all in Regency or Victorian dress stagger off the boat looking green. One carries an abacus under his arm, another - with a thick luxuriant moustache - has a ferret perched on his shoulder]

T: Syddy's gone on ahead to get the house ready. There should be cocktails waiting when we arrive.

G: Mmmmmm. I like cocktails.

[A long haired man, also in Victorian dress but more conservatively dressed, catches up with them: Sebastian Verlaine]

S: Me too! And orgies.

G: (looking pleased and surprised) Me too!

[S and G engage in an animated conversation about spit-roasting. T smiles at them benignly and drops back to talk to another dark-haired man in slightly later Victorian/bordering on Edwardian dress. He is fingering his moustache nervously: Michael McNeil]

T: New tash feeling odd, Michael?

M: Rather. I shaved my whiskers off after I came back to civilisation from the wilderness. There's something wild and animalistic about having hair on my face. It makes me feel - funny.

T: (eyes gleaming) Mmmmm. Yes, I can see that. Have you spoken to Mick Tremore yet? He might be able to help you come to terms with your new look. Oh, and you'll love Syddy. He's an artist too. Not really in your league to be honest but terribly enthusiastic. (Brightly) Maybe the two of you could go painting together and I could come too - to um - watch!

M: (looking dubious) Wouldn't that be terribly tedious for you?

T: No, no! I love watching men - um, paint together. Ah, here's Mick! Mick, how are you, you great handsome man?

Mick: (grins) Fine and dandy, Ma'am. Might there be any ratting on the island?

T: (soothingly) I'm sure there will be. Would you two excuse me? I see the Duke of Jervaulx is looking a little lonesome and isolated.

[T walks over to yet another incredibly handsome dark-haired man - no tash - in Regency dress who looks a bit awkward]

T: Christian! Are you feeling a bit better since we got off the boat?

C: (after a moment's struggle) Yes - ma'am.

T: You look a little lonely.

C: I - no - was thinking of - mathematical theorem. Complex. Very (concentrates hard) interesting.

T: Oh. Yes. I'm sure. Well, (brightly) I'll leave you to it, shall I Chris?

[C nods absently and T walks to the last man off the boat. He is dressed in the scarlet uniform of a cavalryman from Wellington's army and he is missing his left arm. He has a tash, naturally: Charles Audley]

T: Charles darling!

Charles: (in a low, thrilling voice so that this one word seems to go on and on and on) Ma'am.

[C executes an exquisite bow over T's hand and kisses her fingers]

T: That's more like it! Ah, Charles, I know we're going to get on tremendously. But I must tell you that Syddy is a little - jealous of you.

Charles: (puzzled) But why?

T: He thinks you will replace him in my affections. It's absurd of course - but - wait! Here he comes now!

[S approaches them with a limping gait and his right arm sleeve pinned up. He is smiling shyly]

T: (delightedly) Oh Syddy! Did you do it for me?

S: Yes ma'am. Do you like it? [S fingers the tash that he has been growing since he came to oversee construction on the island]

T: It's gorgeous, Syd. Come here.

[T links arms with S and C, one on either side and they all walk up the house together.]

The End

BTW, pop over to my blog today for chapter 3 of the new category pastiche, The Italian Gourmet-Baby-Food Baron's Ironically Pregnant Virgin Mistress!

Monday, December 15, 2008

How Tumperkin Chose Her Heroes (Part 2)

[First thing the next day, T and S are sitting at her desk pouring over the list.]

T: So. I want Sebastian Verlaine.

S: Ma'am I really cannot recommend Verlaine as one of our party. His reputation - it is appalling! He has sunk lower than any other man on this list.

T: (mulishly) I want him.

S: (whispering) Ma'am, he has committed the Sin of Forced Sex.

T: (shrugs) So?

S: (shocked) You're not bothered by that?

T: Syddy, the forced sex storyline has a tendency to split the romance blogging community in two, if not three. Me, I think it can work. It's all about how it's handled and in my humble opinion, it's handled nowhere better than in To Have And To Hold by Pat Gaffney. The redemption of Sebastian Verlaine is my favourite ever redemption.

S: The man is a louse.

T: A sexy louse. He's coming. Who else you got for me? I suppose Fitzwilliam Darcy's long gone?

S: I'm afraid so, ma'am.

T: Probably just as well. Seb and Graham will want to organise an orgy or two - Darcy would disapprove. I'll try and catch up with him separately once we're on the island. Make a note to call his people when we get there. Arrange lunch or coffee. Just something casual.

S: (writes in notebook)

T: (casually) I've noticed Charles isn't on the list.

S: (stiffens almost imperceptibly) Charles?

T: Audley? From An Infamous Army by Georgette Heyer. Charles is lovely and you two get on so well. What with you missing your right arm and him missing his left....

S: (bitterly) Yes, he's got one arm and a tash. Little Mr. Perfect.

T: Syddy! You can't be jealous! Not of Charles!

S: Of course not! (goes beetroot) It's just that he's so - dashing and all, in his scarlet uniform...

T: Syddy, you're my best one-armed man, I promise. Who's my PA?

S: Me.

T: Yes - you! I chose you to fetch my lattes and muffins and organise my schedule, Syddy. Not Charles.

S: (smiles) Yes ma'am.

T: Good. Tell Charles to bring his horsey thingy. I like to see a man on horseback. Oh, and what about Sherv! How is he these days? Dear Christian.

S: He's quite recovered ma'am, though he still has a slightly odd way of talking. His bout of mania -

T: It was a stroke, Sydnam.

S: Yes, stroke. Well, he's well and truly over it ma'am.

T: Still doing his little sums?

S: Yes, indeed.

T: How sweet. He's gorgeous too. Yum. Do you think he'd be interested?

S: I'll call his people.

T: Do that. Tell him to bring his abacus thingy if he likes. Is that it then?

S: We've one more slot left.

T: Goodness, who to choose?

S: Might I venture a suggestion ma'am?

T: Please do.

S: I'm surprised you've not thought of him already. He's strong and good and honourable and very hot.

T: Oooooh I like the sound of him! Tell me more.

S: He's very - natural and rather, well, innocent. Almost virginal.

T: (eyes light up) Arms?

S: Two, ma'am.

T: (disappointed face) Well, no-one's perfect. Tash?

S: It's been known. Not at present but he could re-grow. Enlightened views too. And an artist.

T: You don't say? Who is this paragon?

S: Michael McNeil.

T: From Wild at Heart by Pat Gaffney? How could I forget! Tell him to bring his painty thingys. You and he can paint together and I'll watch. And maybe you'll start feeling strangely attracted to one another and before you know it -

S: (looking worried) Um, yes ma'am. I'll, erm, make a note of that.

T: (briskly) So, we're all set?

S: It would seem so, ma'am. Cocktail?

T: Yes indeed, Syddy. I think a gin fizz, don't you?

S: And a snog ma'am?

T: Oh yes, Syddy dear, I think so!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

How Tumperkin Chose Her Heroes (Part 1)

[Tumperkin shuffles through a large pile of papers on her desk and frowns. She leans forward over the enormous desk and presses the intercom]

T: Sydnam, could you come through here?

S: (disembodied voice) Yes, ma'am.

[A few moments later a man enters the room. He is has only one arm and one eye and is limping. He is in Regency dress and carries a clipboard under his good arm and a grande latte in his good hand]

S: Your latte, ma'am (he sets down the cup)

T: (frowning) Where's my muffin?

S: (looking nervous) I'll just get it. It's just -

T: (rolling eyes) Yes, yes, the one arm thing, I get it.

[S limps out of the room and returns moments later with a brown paper bag]

S: I'm afraid they didn't have the white chocolate and raspberry so I got the -

T: (peering inside bag) Jeez, Syd, skinny blueberry? That would be my last choice. (shakes head). Ok. Syd, I've been through the papers you left for me. What's this DIK thing? I gotta choose men for this? We're going camping or something?

S: In a manner of speaking ma'am. However, knowing your dislike of camping, I've taken the liberty of arranging for a party of natives to commence construction on something a little more substantial than the usual beach hut. I have the plans here.

[Sydnam shuffles awkwardly through the papers on his clipboard and finally extracts some plans]

T: (whistling) Pretty impressive, Syd.

S: Thank you ma'am, I aim to please. As you know, I was the estate manager for the Duke of Bewcastle's Welsh estate for some years and I count myself to be rather -

T: That'll do Syd.

S: Sorry ma'am.

T: So, who's coming apart from you and me?

S: You want me to come, ma'am? Really? Gosh! Am I really one of your favourite romance heroes?

T: Of course you are, Syd! Why else would I have asked you to be my personal assistant? You're so kind and sweet, and with your missing arm and eye you're like a little wounded puppy. I adore you Syd!

S: Do you ma'am? But I'm so disfigured!

T: That's ok Syd, I can see past your disabilities to the fine, beautiful man underneath.

S: Gosh, that's a relief! Could we have a little snog now?

T: Later Syd. We need to work out who else we're bringing.

S: Well, ma'am, I've taken the liberty of preparing a short list.

T: Oh, Syd! What would I do without you? Let me see. (Pours over list; picks up red pen and scores through several names; after a few moments, T's head snaps up) What is Lucas from Slave to Sensation doing on this list?

S: You loved that book ma'am.

T: Well, yes, I enjoyed the book, but everyone knows I don't like all that possessive shit, Syd! And fated mates? So not my thing! I want a hero who is strong, yes, but I want him to let his woman be strong and independent too. I want a hero to be looking for a woman who will challenge and needle and provoke him. A man like -

S: Graham Wessit from Black Silk by Judith Ivory?

T: Yes! Is he free? Can he come?

S: He is indeed, ma'am. And raring to go. He's quite the social animal as you know and he loves a new diversion.

T: He sails doesn't he? That'll be useful on an island. Tell him to bring his boaty thing.

[S makes note on clipboard while T returns to reviewing the list]

T: (head snaps up) Where the shitting bollocks is Dain from Lord of Scoundrels?

S: Taken.

T: What?! I thought you said these chicks were paranormal freaks?

S: Many of them are but I'm afraid one or two seem to be historical fans like yourself ma'am.

T: (shoots S a significant look) Find. Out. Who. Has. Dain.

S: Yes ma'am.

T: We'll need some tash on the island.

S: I was thinking of Mick Tremore in that regard ma'am.

T: (looks up from papers in surprise) Has he grown it back?

S: It's bigger than ever ma'am.

T: Excellent. Sign him up. Better tell him to bring his ferrety thing. There may be rats.

S: Very good ma'am.

T: Right, so we've got you, Mick and Graham. Excellent work so far. I'm feeling rather tired now, Syd. Shall we go and have that snog now and reconvene tomorrow?

S: Very good ma'am. Would you like me to prepare you a cocktail?

T: That would be lovely Syddy. You do take care of me! An elderflower martini would be lovely.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Last Day - Katie Reus

Hope everyone has a great weekend! I know it's a little early but my Internet access will be sketchy during the holidays so in case I don't get to say it later, Happy Holidays!! I'm leaving you with a few of my favorite pics! Sadly I don't have pics of Hugh Jackman with less clothing, but it really doesn't matter. The man is beautiful! As always, it was fun being on the island :)

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Favorite Couples - Day 2 - Katie Reus

I was going to blog about my favorite heroes, but decided to do favorite couples instead at the last minute. Anywho, these are couples I could read about over and over again. In each choice, I believe each individual is equally strong and neither seem to outshine the other because of individual strengths. I like that because I think that’s the way real life relationships should be. Partners working together.

1. Michael Stirling and Francesca Bridgerton from Julia Quinn’s When He Was Wicked. The depth with which he loved her made me tear up on more than one occasion. His love for her was never in question and I loved seeing her grow into her feelings for him.

2. Eve Dallas and Roarke from the In Death Series (J.D. Robb). I don’t think I need to explain why.

3. John Medina and Niema Budock from Linda Howard’s All the Queen’s Men. Apart from the sizzling tension between them, both care about and are willing to die for their country. (And, they’re both pretty bad ass.)

4. Elizabeth Bennett and Mr. Darcy from Pride & Prejudice. I’m not a fan of modern day misunderstandings, but this couple is a classic. I try to read this book once a year.

5. Valerius Magnus and Tabitha Devereaux from Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Seize the Night. I believe this is the first Kenyon book I read. (I read my first one this year and have since devoured quite a few so it's hard to keep track). Valerius is so damn lonely it broke my heart. And Tabitha, the twin sister of his mortal enemy’s wife is the most unlikely person to rock his world, but she certainly does. Both characters have strong personalities and tough exteriors, but equally soft sides they don’t show the world. If anyone deserved happiness, it was these two.

Any other favorite couples out there? Anyone love these couples?

My Books - Day 1 - Katie Reus

I’ve already done my ‘about me’ day so I hope y’all remember! In case you need a reminder, the only thing you need to know is that I think Hugh Jackman is all sorts of sexy (after my hubby of course), and chocolate is definitely one of the major food groups.

It’s damn near impossible to pick six books to take with me, especially since I’ve discovered so many new authors this year, but here are my current island books:

All the Queen’s Men, Linda Howard. John Medina *sigh* I don’t know what to say about this man. He’s the kind of hero you either love or hate. And I LUV him. He left Niema alone for five years, giving her time to grieve for her dead husband (a death which he inadvertently played a part in). Always in the background, he had people looking out for her, making sure she was okay, but he hadn’t allowed himself to see her. When they got the chance to work together again (thanks to his not so subtle boss), her seduction is on. I totally fell in love with him during their first meeting since her husband’s death. She’d only known him as Tucker five years before (though she was fairly certain it was an alias) and when they reconnected, he blurts out his real name at the shock of seeing her. For a man whose life is cloaked in secrecy and deception, I loved this real side to him. When he decided to claim Niema, he didn’t do a half ass job. She was his, and that was it. Gotta love those alphas. I think the real reason he’ll always have a special place in my heart is because this is the book that introduced me to romantic suspense AND to my favorite author. (Linda Howard fan girl right here!)

Everything and the Moon, Julia Quinn. Boy falls in love with girl at first sight. Meddling fathers break them apart. Seven years later, boy has a chance at love again. Too bad he has a very, very difficult time convincing girl that he’s the one for her. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that he offered her a position as his mistress instead of his wife. Hmmm, ya think? I’d never read a story about love at first sight until this and Ms. Quinn did an excellent job making it believable.

Pursuit, Elizabeth Jennings. This was an action packed story I couldn’t put down. As a fan of Lisa Marie Rice (Ms. Jenning’s erotic pen name) I wasn’t sure what her non-erotic writing would be like, but she definitely didn’t disappoint, making this one of my picks. Both characters are wounded, and you just can’t help but cheer them on. I love the way Matt courted (yes, I’m using that word) Charlotte from afar for months without ever saying a word to her. Be still my heart. Their story was incredibly romantic and I loved that when they met he didn’t have more than a couple bucks to his name (maybe I’m exaggerating a little).

Raintree: Haunted, Linda Winstead Jones. Second book in the Raintree series, this was my first book by LWJ and I fell in love with her voice. The only reason I started this series was because Linda Howard wrote the first one. Thanks to the DIK ladies recommendations I’ve been reading a lot more paranormals, but this is the first one that’s stuck with me. Gideon and Hope are both equally bad ass. Sure, Gideon can control electricity and talk to ghosts, but Hope can definitely hold her own! I love it when she threatens to kill him (after some crazy ‘spontaneous’ orgasms he inflicts on her)

Midnight Angel, Lisa Marie Rice. A modern day beauty and the beast story. Seriously can’t go wrong with that. Former Navy SEAL Douglas Kowalski is scarred (literally, not figuratively) by war. He knows what he looks like and he assumes no beautiful woman would ever want to be with him. His first meeting with Alegra broke my heart. After hearing her play the harp at a function, he’s mesmerized. He’s already having a hard time adjusting to the civilian world and the way people avert their eyes when meeting him. When they’re first introduced he shakes her hand, not realizing she’s blind. He’s dying inside that she’s staring at his chest, not even willing to look him in the eye. When he speaks though, her head snaps up at the direction of his voice and he realizes she can’t see. This was a smoking hot story, but also incredibly sweet.

Midnight Run, Lisa Marie Rice. Yes, I’ve got two books by Ms. Rice going to the island with me. (Well, technically three if you include Pursuit). This book is simply hot and that’s why I’m taking it. Hot sex and likeable characters. This is my ‘go-to’ book on a rainy Saturday afternoon. There’s a previous connection between Bud and Claire that neither are aware of until later in the book, (he’s the cop who saved her when she was a scrawny, fifteen year old hostage years ago) and it solidified their whirlwind relationship for me. I believe in fate and since I’m a total romantic, this book worked on all levels.

Until tomorrow!!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Day 3 - Wave - The Boyz

Today I thought I would end my stay on the island with a gift - something I share with the regulars on my blog every Friday. Enjoy the boyz

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Day 2 - Wave - My Heroes

Today I want to talk about my Heroes. I had a debate with myself over what qualities I was looking for in my "literary" heroes and I decided that they had to be characters that would make any woman get up in the morning, they would be warm, brave (not necessarily in the traditional sense) and they had to be both vulnerable and strong. If they were good looking that would be a bonus. So here's my list of heroes in no particular order

First up is tiny, perfect Heller Whitting (or Hell) from Heaven Sent 3: Hell is a great character who never let his small stature get in the way of making demands and getting what he wanted, and what he wanted was Brent Rose, his unlikely love interest in the band. Hell is the flamboyant keyboardist with lavender hair who commanded both his audience and Brent, who never stood a chance in the game of love.

Next is Lord Drake, a mercenary in The Mercenary's Tale by Lynn Lorenz. He is both strong (as would be expected of a mercenary) and vulnerable. This character fell in love with his trainee, Ansel, against his better judgment, and after he lost him in a firefight he could not move on with his life because of grief. The tenderness between the two men, culminating in the scene when Drake searched for Ansel on the battlefield, and eventually found him as he lay dying among the bodies of men and horses and held him for hours afterwards, really moved me.

Detective Sean O'Brian from The Assignment, another strong but vulnerable character (is there a pattern here?) is my next hero. Sean is the supposed beta in the relationship with his partner, Detective Nick Valenti, but his size is deceptive. I think that Sean's personality is the key to the success of the book as he plays a dangerous role, emotionally and physically, in their undercover assignment.

Jake Taggart from Bareback is next. Jake had a perfect life as a foreman on a ranch in Arkansas and everything is proceeding according to plan until another cowboy, Tornado, forces him to admit that he could love someone - another man. This is such a powerful book about the human condition and how we as people always manage to screw up, despite good intentions. Jake experiences many emotions on the way to happiness as he has to deal with betrayal and learn how to forgive. I think that Jake is one of Chris Owen's best characters and every time I read this book I love Jake more.

Keiran Hareldson, the draegan lord from the series of the same name, is my next hero. Keiran is the new leader of the draegans, a race of dragon shapeshifters. He has to rebuild his race and make his people believe that they can win a war that has been raging for over 100 years. When he falls for a human, Gaige Rizik, who infiltrated the draegans in order to betray him, it makes his job even more difficult. How he deals with his love for Gaige, his people's distrust of the newcomer, and his own fears that he will be found wanting as a leader when he is tested, made him an extremely complex and charismatic character.

Captain Simon Hollister and Prince Payton Townsend: These characters from J.L. Langley's newest book, The Englor Affair, are two of my favourites from her Sci Regency series. Simon is commanding, gorgeous and has all the qualities that any woman would look for in a hero but unfortunately he only has eyes for men, and one man in particular, Prince Payton Townsend. Payton is smart, great looking, enterprising, and loves Simon even if that love means he has to give him up. They have to deal with murder and mayhem and overcome all kinds of nasty surprises and fit in some hot love scenes in between a potential nuclear meltdown, and still manage to stay on top of everything with not a hair out of place.

Well there you have it - my current heroes - all of whom are gay. I guess that says that I have a quirk in my personality because none of them would be attracted to me.
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