Thursday, September 30, 2010

First aid for writers

I love it here on the island. There are so many hotties, there is one on the right side of the page, they are in the other blogs and on book covers, oh my. I hope I don’t get too distra—

Okay fine, back to the reason I am here. I was aggressively pursued, wined, and dined by the Dessert Island Keepers. I might even use the word stalked. Well maybe I begged, LOL. Tomato, Ta-mato. Anyway, I’m here and excited to be, even thought they really didn’t leave a mint on my pillow :)

I believe that knowledge is power. That’s why I put together a website for struggling, new, and unpublished authors. So, “YOU”, yes I am talking too you, if you ever thought about writing a novel, or sharing your cleaning tips, now is the time.

We gave books away, offered advice and had over 1,000 hits in the first weekend. Since we are a one-stop source, writers do not have to stress, they can look up info or just ask a question and come back later for the answer. Therefore, our future authors can go back to doing what they do best.

In addition, we have added an externally linked blog and a forum just for readers. The blog will be run by our AAPA authors and will be chocked full of all kinds of interesting information. The forum is so that readers can chat amongst themselves about their favorite author and maybe, just maybe your favorite author will stop by and say hi.

Whether you want to place recipes in a book or make Stephen King beg for your autograph, whatever your literary dream is, we are here to help, you!
It must be where the magic is anyway, because coincidentally, three weeks after our initial launch, I was published.

I have brought my own sizzling hunk with me, Jake the fireman. However, this blog isn’t about me, so I will keep this short. I was picked up by the incredibly awesome Decadent Publishing. So look for Jake, the modern day “Fire Cowboy” (Coming soon) on

If you would like to join our site, becoming a member and getting help is all completely free. If you are a published author we would love to have you blog and/or answer questions.

Non-published Authors
Just become member, we will do the rest. If you have any problems or questions regarding sign-up please e-mail me at

Published Authors
Please become a member and contact me with your picture, bio, and any links you would like posted. Also your “how you did it” story (optional) after I receive that info I will post it and make you an administrator so that you are free to blog.

We have such awesome talent on hand, such as:

Our Published Authors
Keta Diablo
Deanna Wadsworth
PJ Schnyder
Kate Richards
Robert Roman
Grace Meadows
Seleste DeLaney
Kody Boye
Eve Langlais
Margaret Blake
Michele Garber
Kathleen O'Connor
Michael LaRocca
Cyrus Wraith Walker
Hal Bodner
Michael West
Diana Cosby
Rhiannon Frater
Regan Taylor
Raven Dane
Kemberlee Shortland
Vicki Thomas
Richard Alan Scott
Mike Resnick
RH Politz.
Isobael Liu
Ariel Tachna
Holly Jacobs
Diana Duncan

Just to name a few.


Tracy said...

Thanks again for joining us today, Keira!

Anonymous said...

You are so welcome, Thank you :)

Kemberlee said...

It's been great fun being part of AAPA.

JoAnne Kenrick said...

Ask A Published Author website is such a great idea -- I love how the atmosphere over there is so welcoming and easy. You don't feel foolish for asking a question, ever.
Nice work, Keira xxx

Anonymous said...

Kemberlee, it so awesome having you around.

Anonymous said...

Awwwwww, JoAnne how nice of you to say. We really do try to make it a nice place. I always say if it helped only one person, then it was worth it.

Kat said...

Thanks so much for leading me to this great site Keira! As a struggling first time novelist, this is going to be a great resource. Kat

KT Grant said...

Hmm love me some firemen :)

Love the Ask a Publisher website!

Seleste deLaney/Julie Particka said...

AaPA is such a great resource. I really hope more and more people come to ask questions. I'm just itching for stuff to answer :)

Great post Keira!

William and Anna Patterson said...

Just popped over to have a look-see because of a Face book friend telling me about it (Keira Kroft) which by the way congratulations Keira. Looking good ya'll!

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