Monday, July 20, 2009

WOOT! Tori & Lea Are On An Island Vacation - Day 1

Good Morning Everyone!

It's exciting to finally be on my "island" vacation! First and foremost on my mind was "what to wear", and as promised I'm wearing my blowfish bikini top. I ran a little election at my blogspot a couple of weeks ago to get some help deciding what island beachwear would go best with the fish lips and the "skort" won out by a narrow margin.

So the beach skort (yikes) is covering the nether regions and I have barefoot sandals on the feet that were suggested by a friend and I couldn't resist. ;) (I know I was supposed to bring flip flops but changed my mind. )

I would also like to introduce my Hairless Chinese Crested Dog "Tori". She and I travel as a unit, it's a symbiotic type of relationship.

Tori is better known as the "Princess" (her bowls say so) so she is wearing her tiara today, and of course sunglasses and her sunshirt for protection from the rays. lol

About Me, DIK Style:

Favorite Reading Position:

Supine - lying in bed or on the couch with a cup of coffee.

Favorite Heroine:

Really Tough Question, however I would have to say ‘Harper Blaine’, from Kat Richardson’s ‘Greywalker’ Series. She is her own woman, independent, smart and not obsessed with her appearance. I just really like that girl!!

Author everyone loves but you don’t:

There is a current author's work that I think everyone on the planet loves but me, however since I don't want to get pummeled with rotten tomatoes I shall remain mute with respect to that one. I will say, I've never been much of a Jane Austen fan. A friend has convinced me to give "Pride and Prejudice", another try and it has been many, many years since I last read her so maybe my view will have changed. I am a T.S. Eliot fan though...

If you could be in one book/series/world which would you pick:

Larissa Ione’s, "Demonica" series. I know it is dark, gritty and sometimes scary but the demons? Well, *sigh*...

How old is your inside voice:

YIKES! Speaking from a professional perspective, probably about 102 years. Speaking from a personal perspective 22 years with the body to go with it (this is wishful thinking)….

If you could be a hero who would you be:

“Ryan” from Beth Kery’s “Daring Time”, he has a love of Shakespeare and history which I completely relate to. He is also brilliant and handsome which 'ain't' too shabby either! lol

What heroine is most like you:

Another tough question! Probably 'Bride McTierney' from SLK’s “Night Play”, although there are others I’ve related to over the years.

What heroine would you like to be:

Most recently 'Payton Kendall' from Julie James’, “Practice Makes Perfect”. Awesome, brilliant heroine.

Boxers, Briefs, boxer briefs, kilt (I say we add commando):

LOL – I say we add commando too. (Although isn't a kilt commando?) This question required some research. Despite the fact I live in a house full of testosterone, I have very little knowledge of men’s underwear. I saw the book cover pictured on the right and decided those undies were my favorite. So I made a special trip to the department store and learned they are called “trunks” in the briefs section. (I especially liked the Calvin Klein’s.)

Favorite book set on a tropical island:

Most recent read would be the novella written by Jaci Burton called “Unwrapped”. Hawaii is my favorite place on the planet, and "Mitch Magruder", well... **sigh**

What hero is most like your significant other:

Probably “Bryce”, from Sophie Renwick’s new release ‘Hot In Here’, only because my husband loves to cook and he is very good at it. He is also a man of very few words and very stubborn. lololol

What hero would you like to be your significant other:

Oh man, there are a lot of them. ::scratches head:: However I would have to say Vane Kattalakis, from Sherrilyn Kenyon’s, “Night Play”. Now there is a shape shifter who does 'commando' very well... ;)

If you were stuck on a desert island what 3 things would you bring:

My iPod loaded with songs, my Tori, and my e-reader filled to the maximum with books. (I'm assuming there is a solar powered generator on the island. I'm also assuming the clothing listed above is allowed, so I haven't listed it as part of the three items...) ;)

Favorite drink to bring to the DIK party:

I’m not allowed to drink alcohol. :(

However, I have a simple recipe for punch that can be non-alcoholic or spiked for those that are allowed to “partake” at tonight’s partaay….

I know Ms. Moonlight is bringing Johnny Depp to the partaay so the Rum punch will be perfect for “Cap’n Jack”… ;)

Lea’s Rum Punch

2 frozen pink lemonade
2 frozen Welch’s Grape Juice
1 28 oz of Ginger Ale (the big bottle)

Do not thaw lemonade and grape juice. Mix the lemonade and grape juice together in punch bowl, add Ginger Ale.

Spike with Rum if desired.

Easy and I know - very boring.

Thanks so much for allowing Tori and I to join all of all of you at DIK.

Tomorrow I'm looking forward to the second day of my vacation and will be chatting about the books I um, (engaged in an e-mail battle to bring) chose to bring to the island... :)

Everyone (Including Cap’n Jack of course) is invited to my hut for tonight's festivities. WOOT!!


Sarah said...

Gah, Captain Jack. Yum! AND, I love that word *Supine*. Wicked, cool post!!!

Jenre said...

*waves* Hi Lea

Nice to meet you and your little doggie, Tori.

I love rum punch as long as it's with dark rum and not Barcardi. I once got very ill drinking that and now can't stand the stuff!

Erotic Horizon said...

Hey Lea...

I see Ms. Tori is away on an Island of all place - are there doggie treats for him...

I can see "you" are taken care of (Johnny, non-alcoholic drink, ereader etc) - no sunscreen or is Johnny offering to cover well as his other duties...

You make sure you at least get some rest - I mean it , rest...


Amanda said...

Hey Lea!

Great post, Little Tori is gorgeous!!

Yummmmeee that punch sounds amazing, my boyz and I will be over later for the celebrations!

Lea said...

Hey Sarah!

Thanks so much! LOL - I thought "supine" was the best position given all the menz running around... ;)

Yeah, Ms. Moonlight is bringing Johnny, so I thought it best to make sure he was looked after in the "rum", department... She assured me she would "share" the man though... ;)


**waves back** Hey Jenre!

Thanks for taking time to stop by!
You can mix whatever type of rum you might like in the punch! We aime to please...

We will even make sure there are more than two bowls so everyone can throw in their favorite alcoholic beverage... ;)


Hey EH!!

Thanks for stopping by! Yeah, I think I will borrow Cap'n Jack from Ms.M. for a while to smooth on the sunscreen... I bet he gives an awesome backrub.. ;)

Tori is well looked after as always, treats, "princess bowls", doggie chow, you name it, we got it.;)


Hey Amanda:

Thank you!! Tori is high maintenance but she is worth it. ;)

Glad you'll be attending the partaay later.. ;)


Have a great day everyone!


Anonymous said...

LOL! Fabulous post Lea! I love it! And yes, Johnny is packing now getting ready for our (I love saying that)trip to the island later this week. He says "thanks" for the rum.

Mary G said...

OMG Lea. What a wonderful post!! I see Captain Jack made it on the first day. Love Tori's glasses. Thanks for the morning smile.

Chris said...

Oh, Tori has a tiara, too! :)

Mmm... Demonica demons...

Heather D said...

Punch sounds yummy! I of course, lush that I am, will be spiking mine!

I completely agree with your choices for the "stranded on an island". since I don't have Tori and I couldn't trust my Lance to stay put, the little bugger bolts the first chance he gets, I would have to bring a machete along to help brake into those coconuts that I will be using as sunscreen, fluid, and food.

Unknown said...

Hi Lea,
Thanks for the cute post. I see you and Tori are in good hands with Cap'n Jack guarding you, just make sure you keep him away from your punch. You know how that man loves his alcohol. Have fun on the island. :)

Lea said...

LOL Hey Ms.M.

I'm jealous you get to pack up "Johnny" for the island trip. ::waggles brows:: I'm looking forward to seeing you guys at the partaay tonight though. ;)

Thank you!


Thank you! You are so kind to say that. I hope you are enjoying your real vacation and I'm happy to oblige with the morning smile. ;)

I do think Tori's glasses suit her.


LOL Chris!

My girl still wants Mayhem's pink feathery one though. ;)

Thanks Chris - yeah - yummy demons.

Thank you for stopping by!

LOL Heather...

Yeah - leashing our canine family is the best route to take sometimes. Like I said, we aim to please with the spiked punch so you GFI girl!!

Thanks so much.

Lea said...


Thanks Ann Marie!

That Cap'n Jack does love his rum, so I'm told and he gets most upset when it is used as a fire starter.. ;) So we will have to be sure it's used only for medicinal purposes.. lol

You have a great day!

Eva S said...

Hi Lea,
have a wonderful vacation on your beautiful island!
Great post, loved your favorites!

Blodeuedd said...

Hi Lea,
You and Tori seems to be having a great time at your island :D

Sophie Renwick said...

Captain Jack....commando....supine...well, that ALl caught and captured my attention!!

Great Answers, and I love the little footwear pic. Wish my stove pipe ankles would look sexy in them.

I'm a Night Play fan, too Lea. Love Vane and Bride together. I consider that book a comfort read!!!

And your husband cooks???? Can I borrow him, because my husband only does Kraft dinner and chicken strips! lol!

Cybercliper said...

Hehehe, your suit is too cute!! Throw some extra rum in mine and I'm off to take a walk about...I know there's got to be a gorgeous merman around here some where!!!

Lea said...

Hi Eva!

Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting, I really appreciate it. You are so good to me. :)

I am enjoying my vacation thanks to all the nice folks stopping by to say Hi! And then there are the men folk of course which is also an positive.. ;)

Take care Eva!


Hi B!

Thanks, we are having fun. Sun, sand, surf, heroes... :D

Great party!!


Hi Sophie!

Gosh, I know you were at the RWA! It's so nice of you to stop by and say Hi!!

Yeah, my husband is "Mr. Chef". lol Trouble is, he has this whole aversion to doing the clean up after he has messed up the entire kitchen. *sigh* But hey, here on the island I don't need to worry about that. All my "heroes" are looking after me... ;)

I love Kraft Dinner by the way. lol

"Night Play", is probably my favorite of the DH books. Sadly, one of the other "Island Girls" already claimed 'Vane', but maybe I'll be allowed to borrow him sometime.

Thanks Sophie..
Take Care


Thank you so much for taking a trip to the island and joining in! I'm throwing the extra rum in the bikini top for you girl! You GFI and have fun... lol

BTW; there are gorgeous 'heroes' running around here everywhere so yeah go check out the menz. ;)

Best To You!

Blanche said...

*waving* Hi Lea!!! Fantastic post!! Give Tori a hug and say hi to Captain Jack for me!! :)

VampFanGirl said...

Lea! How's your stay on the island going?

*sigh* I remember Vane *little hearts popping* 'Night Play' is one of my favorites in the Dark-Hunter Series. I really need to get back into the swing with it too. It's been a long time and I'm shamefully behind on the new release.

Hmmm...I have two guesses for your least favorite series but don't worry, I won't spill the bean on you. *wink*

Give my best to Tori!

(((HUGS))) VFG

Devyn Quinn said...

Love the outfit, Lea! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi, Lea!!! Little Tori is a cutie. But you know that already.

Byrce, huh? Hmmmm...lucky gal. Great post!

Lea said...

::waving madly:: at Blanche!

Thank you!! I so appreciate you stopping by, I just gave Tori the hug. Ms. M. however is saying the "Hi there", to Cap'n Jack.. ;)


Thanks Blanche..

Hi VFG!!

Thanks for taking time to stop by the island... Yes Ma'am, "Night Play", is my fav of the DH novels too. Although I'm ashamed to say I haven't read "Acheron" yet and he is sitting on my shelf, but I will get to him.

It's good here on the island, 2 more days to go! lol

Thank you so much again!

Hi Devyn!!

LOL - you like my fish lips and skort eh? Any time you want to borrow, let me know... lol

Thank you for stopping by, that is so kind of you.


Hi Barbara!

How are you girl? Re-couperating from RWA! I'll have to try and stop by your spot in a while.

Thank you so much for taking time to visit.

Believe me, the only reason 'Bryce' reminds me of my husband is the cooking. lolol

Take Care and Thank you so much.

Renee said...

Welcome Lea and Tori!

I'm sure Tori will be bossing around my big guy on the beach. lol

Wow, Harper Blaine! I love Kat Richardson's series. An unexpected (but excellent) choice. I love Quinton. :-)

Mmmm...the punch sounds yummy. Will have to try it!

Looking forward to your next couple of days here on the Island.

Cecile Smutty Hussy said...

So glad to see you here Lea!!!! And of course Princess Tori as well!!!
I love the post!! You always bring a smile to my face honey!
I hope you had a great weekend and a wonderful day!

Lea said...

Hey Renee!

Thank you for stopping by! Yes, Tori can be bossy, however she is also afraid of most anything that isn't me. lol. She will be barking at the menz though. ;)

Yep, I love Harper, one of my favorite heroines.

Thanks again Renee!

Hey Cecile!

Thank you for visiting the island. The beach, menz and ongoing partying is great so be sure and come back. ;)

I hope you had a good one too...


Kris said...

Hey Lea, I know it's a bit early in our DIK friendship, but... can I borrow your shoes??

Lea said...

Hi Kris!

Of course!! Happy to oblige. I think we get to share the menz too don't we???


Thanks for stopping by. :)


Kris said...

We'd better be able to share the men, Lea!

*flicking through papers* I'm sure that I saw conjugal visits in our passport documents somewhere. ;)

Lea said...


Kris! Absolutely.... Conjugal visits are a right of DIK passage!!

Thanks Again

Teddyree said...

That was hilarious post, can always depend on you to put a smile on my dial Lea.
Love Tori's tiara and so glad she gets to share the fun with you!

Lea said...

Thanks Teddyree!!

And, thank you for stopping by and commenting. :)


Unknown said...

Hi Lea!

I love the barefoot sandals, do they have a stick on boot? I saw this pair of sandals at a department store and it was just this sticky stuff to put on the bottom of your feet, interesting, but I like your's better. Way cute!!

I like the trunk look myself, but if I get to have a say in the matter, commando it is!

Captain Jack would be welcome to any party, he's sexy. Just a little of the grungy side, nothing that can't be fixed, could be loads of fun!

Give sweet Tori a squeeze for me and let her know, we all agree she's a lovely princess.

Dottie :)

Tracy said...

Wow what a great list Lea! (sorry, I'm late to the party!)

That rum drink is FINE! Add that to Vane and Captain Jack and I'm at your hut baby! lol

Lea said...

Hey Dottie!

Yeah, we've just thrown "Cap'n Jack" into the ocean and rinsed him off - worked very well. lol

I've enjoyed the barefoot sandels - perfect for the island vacation.

Thanks Dottie!!


Hi Tracy!!

Thank you, Yep the partaay has been ongoing and awesome, so delighted you are here to join in.


Anonymous said...

Kris writes: "We'd better be able to share the men, Lea!
*flicking through papers* I'm sure that I saw conjugal visits in our passport documents somewhere. ;)"


LMAO!! Oh that was so funny!

And Lea I just want to say you did a great job. I really enjoyed all your posts.


Lea said...

((((Ms. M... )))

Thank you. It has been fun, I'm looking forward to you taking over the helm tomorrow and can't wait for your 3 days of fun!!

Thanks again for your support. And yes ma'am I've written the "conjugal visits" into the docs!



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