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Z.. Maxfield - About Me

Today our guest author is Z.A. Maxfield who has written such wonderful books as Crossing Borders, St. Nachos, Physical Therapy, The Long Way Home, and Drawn Together. Her newest release, ePistols at Dawn, will be available on Tuesday, July 7 through Samhain Publishing.



Favorite Reading Position
I would have to say I'm prone to the prone position. I like to lie face down with my feet up in the air, resting on my elbows.

Best love song
At Last, the Etta James version.

Favorite Heroine
Hermione from Harry Potter

Author everyone loves but you don’t
I don't really have an author I don't like. There are some books I haven't gotten through. I'm not saying which ones though.

If you could be in one book/series/world which would you pick
Definitely Harry Potter.

How old is your inside voice
I think in thirteen-year-old terms. I'm just as awkward, eager, anxious, and inept as I ever was then but I have money for nicer things.

Favorite sex song
Led Zeppelin's Kashmir turned as loud as it will go.

If you could be a hero who would you be
MacGyver. That way when I'm stuck with nothing to do on those endless Orchestra Chaperone field trips I could amuse myself with the contents of my purse and maybe save the world while I'm at it.

What heroine is most like you
Sadly most heroines wouldn't be like me because I'm not heroine material. I identified with Harriet Smith from Emma, the not too bright "natural daughter of somebody" because she kept
falling in love with anyone who was kind to her, and yet I have the brains and wit to be the angry girl sidekick to most of my heroes.

What heroine would you like to be
At first I thought... I don't want to be anyone else. But no, that's not entirely true, I want to be Sookie Stackhouse. I really enjoy those books.

Boxers, Briefs, boxer briefs, kilt (I say we add commando)
I assume you mean to look at not to wear. Because great big floppy white cotton granny panties isn't on that list. I've become rather fond of the jock, the kind that's really underwear. The kind with the elaborate elastic that frames a perfect man ass in all the right ways. (you did ask.)

Favorite book set on a tropical island
How sad is it that all I could think of is Michner's Hawaii. Oh. I know. Parts of The Shadow and the Star by Laura Kinsale are set in Hawaii. Long Live Laura Kinsale. That's all I'm saying. *cries out in anguish, Oh WHY, Laura! I wait I yearn, and still no new novels from you **sobs**

What hero is most like your significant other
Professor X

What hero would you like to be your significant other
My husband is the guy I'd like to be my significant other, despite the ravages of time and his inability to take me seriously. Well, maybe because of that second one...

If you were stuck on a desert island what 3 things would you bring
my family, (does that count? there are five of them) The complete works of J.K. Rowling, and this little mexican restaurant near my house called El Farolito.

Favorite drink to bring to the DIK party
Thai Iced Tea


Lea said...

Great Answers. :)

I'm a fan of MacGyver too. I just have one question, who is Professor X?

Have a great day.

Anonymous said...

I loved your responses to the questions! Hermione is a great heroine and book character.

Lauralyn said...

Oh, my gosh, Lea, I had to do a quickie google search because I panicked at the thought that I got that wrong, but Professor X, is Dr. Charles Frances Xavier, figurative head of the X-men. (Patrick Stewart in the films.) I can't imagine what would happen if my boys found out I said the wrong name or something!

Lauralyn said...

Hi MsMoonlight. I really thought some of those questions were a little tough. I had to drag my love of those jocks out of the very depths of my subconscious mind.

jessewave said...

I love At Last by Etta James. I did know who Professor X was (thank heavens) because I'm a fan of the X-men. MacGyver is hot.

Kate Diamond said...

Yeah! Go Hermione! She is the best.

Patric said...

Jock? Really? Do you *know* how many bloody lunges it takes to keep those ass-framing straps from digging in and becoming VPL??

Commando, I say. Let the boys take n the breeze.

Tracy said...

Hey ZA! Thanks for visiting us this week!

Loved your answers. When I used to watch MacGyver, yes religiously I was totally in love with Richard Dean Anderson, I wanted to be him too. I thought I could do anything with a rubberband and a q-tip. It really got on my mom's nerves. :)

I love Etta James. She's just got the best soulful voice.

I also love that you picked your hubby to be your SO...your reasons are hilarious!

Amanda said...

Oh they were great answers!!

I LOVE the Harry Potter books and movies!!

I hope you ahve a great day here!

Carolyn Crane said...

OH, how cute that you identified with Harriet Smith! I loved that character. I loved how she and Emma worked off each other. I think there's a bit of Harriet in most of us.

Lauralyn said...

Hi Wave, yeah, my love for Mac is timeless. I really did admire the MacGyver character, because I like people who can think fast on their feet, even if my beloved Mythbusters have a thing or two to say about him...

Lauralyn said...

Hi Kate! Yeah, Hermione is the best, and my daughter has grown up channeling her. ;-)

Lauralyn said...

Sorry Patric, I had no idea. Of course women would never allow themselves to be uncomfortable for the sake of their looks and I think it's a terrible thing you boys have to go through.

Yes. Please, take in the breeze. fly my pretties...

Lauralyn said...

Thanks Tracy. You know what. I think I got forgiven for a less than stellar Father's Day Dinner for that... He was pretty touched.

Lauralyn said...

Hi Amanda! I'm having a great day already, nice to visit with so many of my cyber-buds.

At the risk of exposing myself as a literary fraud, as if my work doesn't do that for me... *snort* For the last say, maybe ten years, the entire household Maxfield has been one big Hogwarts Express. It's the books, everywhere, the posters, the costumes the CDs (they were all cassettes originally.) The license plate frame on my car says Chevy 3/4 Ton Patronus.

My kids know it by heart.

At least we didn't go all out Teletubbies or something.

Lauralyn said...

Hi CJ. Yes. I think especially when we're younger. There's that awful insecurity and twinning you do with girls and the headlong mad rush into 'true love' with the first boy who smiles at you. I very much identify with Harriet.

I know girls who don't, (my daughter) who manage to be self-possessed and coolly distant.

Uh. not me.

Amanda said...

I personally think it is fantastic that the Harry Potter series created such a buzz and became so popular! It brought so many children back to reading at a time when computer games were slowly taking over, it taught children that reading is not nerdy anymore!

Well thats how it appeared in Ireland and I think it was probably the same world over..... I hope!

Clare London said...

I'm still laughing over Patric's 'real life' reply...

Lovely to hear your answers, I can just imagine you in them - and vice versa! *smooch*

Sarah said...

Harry Potter is so cool. I often re read the books on my holiday break. Laura Kinsale is so good!!! I have several of hers and read The Shadow and the Star so many times. LOVED her books.

Renee said...

Welcome to the Island, ZA!

OK, so I will now see jocks in a new light, as a "frame for a perfect man ass." :-P Which is a much better mental picture, than was shown in the movie Hangover.

I love Sookie. She always seems like someone that would be fun to be around.

Thanks for visiting. :-)

Lauralyn said...

Hi Amanda. I think it was a foregone conclusion my kids were going to be readers. But Harry so completely spun our world for so long, like... ten years of anticipation and reward, and halloweens with costumes handed down, new ones made, endless speculation over possible plot twists and characters. I do think it was practically the backdrop of all my kids formative years and I will always be grateful that it wasn't a video game but a book that brought us together like that.

Lauralyn said...

Hi Clare, the real world does impinge doesn't it. Good thing girls are so sensible.

Lauralyn said...

Hi Sarah! I'd have to say that Laura Kinsale is my gold standard of romance. For me, she just absolutely exemplifies everything I ever wanted to see in my own writing. Someday. *rolls eyes* She sets the bar pretty high. I reread hers often, and that's rare for me.

What I can say is that when I first read her books I thought, this woman can write anything, I'll bet, and I'm so lucky she writes romance. I was shamelessly delighted.

Lauralyn said...

Hi Renee! Yeah, I never considered the jock attractive much, until I clicked on a link and found perfectly astonishing young pair of butt cheeks framed with them in a porn vid. (Am I allowed to mention that here?) Sorry if it's a little... um. I don't go out of my way to objectify people. And he was quite young, I'm sure he was of age but I certainly could have been his mother.

But alas as soon as I found my eyeballs where they'd popped out onto the floor I took a second look and I realized I rather like a jock on a nice-looking young man. ;-)

Tam said...

OMG, you should hang out with my daughter Miss Harry Potter fan. Are you stoked about the movie? Mine is right pissed off that we leave on vacation the day after it opens. Sigh. Do I skip out of work early and take her on Wed. Your advice oh great one. :-)

That's so sweet about your husband. Insert "awwwww" here.

LesleyW said...

MacGyver is a great hero pick. I used to love watching that show when I was a kid. Though looking at the repeats now it's very eighties, lol.

Though I still remember how to seal a leaking vat of sufuric acid with a mars bar. Hey, you never know when such information will come in useful.

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