Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I'm Loving This Whole DIK "Hero" Thing - Lea & Tori Day 3

This is Tori's and my last day on the Island therefore I decided to follow tradition and talk about the "heroes" I brought along to DIK.

I've never been involved in a polyamorous relationship involving different species and sexual dominants before and I learned quickly ground rules were required. There certainly have been a few "moments", particularly when one of my vamps decided he needed a "drink" in the middle of the night and a certain demon required his "needs", to be met at the same time. ::waggles brows:: Then of course Tori got a little jealous when everyone was doing this group hug - bonding thing. But once I made sure she was included all was well...

So, as Renee and Jenre so eloquently mentioned, us newbies did this sort of round robin draft and each picked 8 favorite "heroes", from novels to bring to the island. Therefore I'm listing them in order picked.

"Guys, guys, I love all of you equally! God, don't get your knickers in a twist."

Sorry, about the little distraction, there was some grumbling about who gets mentioned first. Man, these guys, everything is a competition. Not that I mind, of course. ;)

First is Eidolon (Pleasure Unbound by Larissa Ione). Eidolon is a seminus demon, and these guys are BIG (and very horny). Eidolon is dark haired, has a sexy smile, and boasts sort of a chiseled facial bone structure. His muscled arms are adorned with intricate tattooing or "dermaglyphs", which shimmer and writhe and are an indication of his parentage.

As I mentioned yesterday, he is a physician (handy to have on a desert island) and even though he is a demon, is kind, gentle and empathetic. Eidolon has a total sensual aura about him that is inherent to seminus demons. When I read "Pleasure Unbound", for the first time it was David Boreanaz who was the visual. I think he fits the persona of a "tortured hero so well. ;)

It's been interesting having humans, mixed with vampires and one demon all vacationing in the hut. However, once the ground rules were set with respect to not eating the humans and sharing, everyone has gotten along just fine. :)

Vic Savian (Wicked Burn by Beth Kery), is my second choice and I was so relieved he wasn't previously taken by one of the other islanders. Vic is a total "Alpha" guy who doesn't mince words. He is a ruggedly handsome, temperamental, Pulitzer Prize winning playwright, who loves the country. I think he has enjoyed our stay on the island though, kicking back with the guys, enjoying a drink, checking out the other "Island Girls". Ahemmmm... ;)

When I read "Wicked Burn" the fantasy visual I had for him was Sam Shepherd. I think the picture on the right depicts him perfectly. That craggy handsomeness, no nonsense persona, and an inherent sensuality. ::sigh::

Shane "Dom" Dominic (Sweet Restraint by Beth Kery), has really enjoyed our island holiday because he is a FBI ‘Special Agent In Charge’ of an investigation into the largest organized police theft ring in Chicago's history. Dom is an absolute ‘force of nature’. He is handsome, brilliant, driven and has an innate ability to comprehend people’s motivations and to predict how they would act in a certain set of circumstances. He is strong, enticing and dominant, another "Alpha".

So a little 'vacation' away from it all is just what the 'doctor' ordered.

Dom's eyes are a different color than Josh Harnett's, however I could see him as Dom. Intense, pensive, and damn sexy. My kind of guy... lol

I pirated this picture of 'Jude Law', from fellow newbie Renee, as the perfect depiction of "Devereux" (The Vampire Shrink by Lynda Hilburn), my next hero. To quote Renee, Jude Law is almost "criminally handsome", as is Devereux IMHO.

This is Devereux:

"He stood when I opened the door and it was fluid motion. As if he had simply willed himself to stand. His body was all lean muscle radiating some kind of primal power. He moved elegantly over to me, gave a slight bow of his head, and offered a glorious smile.

Dressed all in black, his snug leather pants, form-fitting silk T-shirt and long leather duster gave the impression of high fashion rather than Harley Davidsons.

I froze in the doorway with my mouth hanging open, speechless, staring into the most amazing pair of turquoise eyes I'd ever seen.

He picked up my hand gently and kissed the back, his lips soft and silky, "I am Devereux. Is this a good time for an appointment?"

"The Vampire Shrink" © Lynda Hilburn

Devereux, hangs back in the hut during the daylight hours for obvious reasons. But he is so down with the beach party every night! ;)

Nicholai Hel (Shubumi by Trevanian) is my next hero. He is an aristocratic, reclusive genius without a country, and an assassin. He is also written as the world's most artful lover and has this amazing, powerful aura. I had a rough time forming a visual of Hel but then I saw a movie staring Clive Owen and knew he was the man.

"Shibumi" is apparently going to be made into a movie and I have no doubt it's author, Trevanian, is rolling over in his grave. He would consider it an insult. And I doubt Hollywood will do the book justice. I mean, Hel is supposed to have survived the ravages of Hiroshima, so that would make him pretty old. Then I read Keanu Reeves had been cast as Nicholai Hel, and choked on my own spittle! Seriously? IMHO Clive Owen is the only actor on the planet who could possibly do Hel justice...

Next is Mitch Magruder (Unraveled by Jaci Burton). Mitch is a forty something self made millionaire who has the body of a man fifteen years younger, midnight black hair and stunning turquoise blue eyes. He is brilliant, tough in business, but also inherently kind and sensitive. (And, HOT)

Mitch owns a hotel chain and was never much interested in settling down until he is reacquainted with his old friend's sister, Greta. It is an unusual love match, but a beautiful story.

Mitch also loves to surf, so you gotta know where he is spending his days while on the island.

My image of Mitch? It had to be Gerard Butler, he is perfect to fit Mitch's character... :)

Rupert Campbell Black (Riders and Rivals by Jilly Cooper) has been a bit of a pain in the ass since we arrived. Devereux and Iollan have actually kindly volunteered to eat him a couple of times, but I reminded them of the rule number one, "No eating the humans". Nicholai wanted to use his "naked kill", technique on Rupert, and I quickly reminded him that eating humans is equated with "killing" them. Eidolon then offered to administer an anesthetic just to shut Rupert up for a while and I considered that one, but the guy is just so damn hot, I decided I wanted him awake and "alert" for the rest of our stay.

Rupert, you see, is an upper class British rake. He loves horses, money, making trouble and was a non-repentant womanizer. That is until he met "Taggie". Then he became a reformed rake and was much less fun. I think what I love about Rupert is his sarcastic wit and his cunning. He is also none to tough to look at and a studley. IMHO Matt Damon (who is mine in my next life), would play the perfect Rupert. I know Matt is an American, but hey look at Bridget Jones! ;)

Last but certainly not least is Iollan Drake (Embracing Midnight by Devyn Quinn). This vampire, wow, just *sigh*...

This is Iollan:

"Iollan Drake. In the flesh. Right here. Right now.

All lean muscle and sinew, the outlaw was stunning. Thick hair brushed his brow. An unusual shade best described as pearlescent smoke, it settled in tousled layers around his chiseled face. Deep-set eyes, wide strong nose, and an absolutely sensual mouth ruled over a jaw brushed with stubble."

"Embracing Midnight" © Devyn Quinn

Iollan is a "Niviane Idesha", an alien vampire wanted by the FBI for very unsavoury purposes. His feeding habits are rather "unusual", but we have been able to accommodate him quite nicely while on the island. (Not that I've complained.) Iollan becomes invisible when he is resting during the day, so staying in the darkened hut hasn't been an issue. His other most striking feature is his eyes, they are copper colored. 'yum' He and Devereux have enjoyed discussing the differences in their vampiric species, and have actually developed a fragile friendship while here on the island.

The picture on the right was Devyn Quinn's visual when she was writing Iollan, which I think is PERFECT. However, I think the only actor who could actually play Iollan would be Johnny Depp, he has the aura and chameleon like ability to play almost any character to perfection.

I am looking forward to my last night of hosting the big Island bash in my hut and I hope you all will have fun with Tori, myself and my guys. By the way, I'm going to leave my blowfish bikini top and the rest of my island wear here for my next visit so if anyone would like to borrow the fish lips.. GFI!!

I've had great fun here on the island this past three days, thank you again for allowing me to join in! When Tori and I aren't here we make a nuisance of ourselves at closetwriter blog.

Ms. Moonlight takes over the helm here tomorrow so be sure and stop by for some REAL fun!


Jenre said...

What a lot of hunky men! Great choice Lea and Tori :).

Anonymous said...

Another great post Lea!
I've really enjoyed your island posts, books and heroes.

P.S. Johnny and I are still packing - he keeps filling the suitcases with rum!!!

Lea said...

Thanks Jenre:

Keeping all these guys organized has been a challenge. :)



LOL Well, we need the good stuff to spike the punch. ;)

Looking forward to your posts!!


Mary G said...

Hey Lea
Another awesome post!!I can't believe Depp wasn't first on your list but I guess you saved the best for last LOL! Glad you had a wonderful time. I can't believe it's over.

Blodeuedd said...

That is a lot of hunky men, I do need a drink if all those guys are here today ;)

Chris said...


Cybercliper said...

OMG - Jude Law - Devereux - perfect!!! I would not have thought of him but I see he's perfect (with hair a little longer) and hell yeah, I already had Johnny pulling duty as Iollan!!! Great group of hunks!!!

Unknown said...

Hi Lea!

Great picks for hunky guys on the island, I don't believe I would like leaving unless I could bring them all home with me in my pocket, they're keepers!

Had fun visiting here with you and Tori!

Dottie :)

Blanche said...

Oh you did good Lea.......very very nice heroes!! :)

Lea said...

Hey Mary!

((hugs)) Thanks for your note and kind words. Well, you know, Ms. Moonlight actually claimed Johnny first so I was only aloud to borrow him. But he fits Iollan so well... ;)

You enjoy your day!

Hey B:

Lots of drinks to go around my friend. :) So pull up a beach chair and enjoy. There are also lots of menz to go around, however I'm pulling Mitch in off the waves today. ;)


Anyone got a bib for Chris???

Oh, never mind - just go swimming and mop it off girl!!



Welcome back! Thanks for coming by! I agree about Jude and Johnny.. I have to say though I've been enjoying the "attention" of all my menz... *sigh* LOL



Thanks so much, if you can manage to fit any of them in your pocket your welcome too. Maybe Tink can cast a spell or something.. ;)


Thanks Blanche!

So happy you approve. Hey, pull up a beach chair and join the crowd!!


Tracy said...

Beautiful menz! The way you've described your heroes and then added the pictures - they go so well together. I can just see them. Very cool.

Anonymous said...

LOL Lea. Johnny is still giving me trouble - he won't stop buying rum for our trip to DIK tomorrow!

Lea said...

Hi Tracy!

Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting, I appreciate the feedback from one of the veteran DIK ladies..

Looking forward to partying with you tonight.


Ms. Moonlight!!!

Yikes.. Well, considering the man is going to be nekkid most of the time he is here maybe all that rum is a good idea.

Please tell him though, no Bacardi, it makes Jenre upchuck... :(

Maybe you should let him get into the rum now and he will pass out and you can do the packing and have someone carry him onto the plane.. ;)


VampFanGirl said...

Lea! I'm drooling over your heroes!

Clive Owen is all kinds of delicious and Gerard Butler and that accent never fails to get my motor runnin'. I wouldn't mind a group hug with this group both literary and reality. *wink*

;) VFG

Larissa Ione said...

(((Lea))) I LOVE who you chose for Eidolon! :)

And I have to agree on the other heroes you picked...some extremely HOT men there!

Renee said...

Wow, Lea! So many great picks, I don't know where to start.

Man, I've crushed on Sam Shepard since the 80's. Lucky Jessica Lange.

Clive Owen, Gerard Butler, Jude Law-awesome casting. I've REALLY got to get to Vampire Shrink, now! ;-)

I've loved your posts, Lea.

Kris said...

"I've never been involved in a polyamorous relationship involving different species and sexual dominants before and I learned quickly ground rules were required."

*settles into sun lounge and steeples fingers* Do tell. I'm all ears.

Devyn Quinn said...

Wow, what a collection of hot dudge you've gathered to keep you company on the island. Can I come, LOL! Thanks for montioning Iollan Drake, by the way. I loved writing him and hope to revisit the species someday.... As for Johnny Depp, I've reserved him for Morgan Saint-Evanston, of the Eternity series..which is whom I based Drake off. Some would say I keep doing Morgan over and over.... so great minds do think alike!

Devyn Quinn said...

Uh, LOL, need to check my spelling before I hit send. Meant to say DUDES!

Lea said...

Hey VFG:

I LOVE Clive too, and Gerard Butler- yum... "Mitch Magruder", *sigh*

Thanks VFG!!

Hi Larissa!

Thanks for your note!! I so happy you approve of David for Eidolon!! I couldn't visualize anyone but him, I think he is perfect and so HAWT!!

Thanks again.. :)

Hi Renee!

Thanks for lending me Jude.. ;) But I have to say, he is perfect for "Devereux", and it is a great story. And, Sam Shepard, *major sigh*..

I've had a great time!


ROFL Kris!!!

Well, I'm exhausted from keeping all these menz happy especially dealing with different "spieces" requirements. lol

We will have to chat when I've had time to "recover".. However I will say I pulled Mitch off the surfboard this afternoon and yum... ;)

Thanks Kris!

Hi Devyn!

Thank you for your note! Well Iollan is a hawty and Depp could fit the bill so well!!

I have to say all these menz have kept me darn busy but it has been fun!!


Carolyn Crane said...

Oh, this is great, you have VISUALS! I can't believe you got Eidolan, but David Boreanaz is perfect. LOL.

Wait, you're leaving your blowfish top? Where do you think you are going? You have to live here now! What will your heroes do?

Bridget Locke said...

*snicker* Okay, I know I'm sick in the head, but when you mentioned Tori joining the fun, my brain took a seriously wrong turn. LOL! I need to stop!

I'm glad you're on the island, Lea! :D

Lea said...

Hey CJ:

LOL - Well I didn't realize there was a clause about "living here" I thought my heroes and I sort of flew in from time to time.

Well in that case I guess I will have to keep the fish lips with me and share from time to time, when I'm otherwise occupied that is... lol

Thanks for you comment!


Hi Bridget!!

Thanks for the welcome. Well like I said on day 1 Tori and I travel as a unit, expecially in blogland. So the Island doesn't get me without her.. lol ;)

I'm delighted to be hanging out here and thank you again!


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