Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Day 2 on the Island the books that make me smile!

Morning all! How are you all feeling after our major ceili last night? I think the boys are still sleeping…….. Poor dears they had no idea what I meant when I said set dancing!
So on today’s agenda is my choice of books to bring to the island. First off can I say that there is an amazing selection of books here on the Islands, the ladies here have fantastic choices. Picking them with my fellow newbies was a lot of fun despite the time differences for some of us…. I always seemed to be asleep when it was my turn!

Ok so enough rabbiting on…….here are my choices;

1. The man must Marry by Janet Chapman, Here is rainy Ireland, romance books are hard to come by believe it or not, there are only a few select places that sell the genre and the choice is very limited!
I came across Janet Chapman by accident one day in the store, one of her highlander books, I picked it up and for the next few days became completely immersed. She fast became one of my fav authors. The man must marry was recommended by a friend of mine so I decided to give it a try OMG it was amazing it tells the story of Willa and Sam. Willa is a simple girl of simple tastes, Sam is son of the CEO of a huge shipping company and has no intention of falling in Love with Willa, through the trials and tests that follow their meeting they fall in love, their journey is beautiful! I can’t wait to hear more of the Sinclair family.

2. Into the Wilderness by Sara Donati. This book I picked up on a whim because it had a cover comment from Diana Gabaldon. It was a choice that I didn’t regret. It tells the story of Elizabeth and Nathaniel. Elizabeth goes to upstate New York with her brother to a remote town where their father lives. Here she meets Nathaniel a Native American and they fall in love. To make a life together they have a lot to overcome before they can make it. I won’t say anymore about this book except READ IT!!

3. Mists of Avalon by Marion Zimmer Bradley. The legend of Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table told from a female perspective in the guise of Arthur’s half sister Morgaine. It is a very interesting take on the whole story and tells of the driving force behind it all, Avalon, its Lady and Merlin. It’s a long book but I found it thoroughly engaging.

4. Beyond the Highland Mist by Karen Marie Moning. This was the first Highlander book that Karen wrote. I love all of Karen’s writing, This tells the story of a modern girl Adrienne, who is tossed back in time by the Fae to a man who has never had a woman say no to him….. Our spunky heroine has a perfect no on her lips. Follow their adventure as Adrienne tries to battle her desire to make it back to her own time and her growing feeling for this perfect man. Hawk is a strong willed highlander who is captivated by this woman and he vows to change that no into an OH!

5. The Dark Highlander by Karen Marie Moning. See I told ya I love her writing! Daegus is the baaaaad twin, possessed by 13 evil druids, now is not the best time for a woman to become a permanent fixture in his life even if she is beautiful. Chloe is a smart intelligent woman, she loves all things historical, if she only knew how old Daegus really was she’d understand a lot! This book won an audie award this year for Phil Gigante’s narration of the story, it is definitely worth a listen!

6. And last but certainly not least
Sebastian by Anne Bishop. Welcome to Ephemera, full of thousands of magical landscapes interconnected by bridges that may or may not take a traveler where he wants to go, for here the destination is always determined by the heart's true desire. One such landscape is the Den, a town of perpetual twilight inhabited by creatures of the night because it shelters all things hidden, secret, and dark. Half-incubus Sebastian and his friend, Teaser, have lived in the Den for years, happily plying their trade to lonely women in the flesh and in their dreams. But something evil roams among humans, trolls, waterhorses, and other creatures, and the corpses of heinously murdered victims are found with alarming regularity. When that evil enters the Den wearing Teaser's and others' faces, Sebastian must perilously journey to Wizard City for help. There, another, more insidious evil awaits. With the help of cousin Glorianna Belladonna, Teaser, and his love, Lynnea, Sebastian will risk everything to save Ephemera. But will everything be enough? Fantastic Story!

So there you have it, my island picks, that should keep me going for a spell, while I’m here! Hope you enjoyed my choices and if you haven’t read any of them I highly recommend them all!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your post. Love KMM but wish she would go back to her old style. Like the new stuff, but love the old stuff better. The Dark Highlander is still my fav.

Anonymous said...

Good morning! I have not read any of those books-yet (they do sound good), though I did see the Avalon one made into a movie and I liked it.



Amanda said...

Hi MsM, I haven't seen the movie, don't think they released it in region 2 over here, must check that!

If you like outlander then you'll love into the wilderness.

Blanche said...

Hi Amanda!!

I've read and love many of the books you listed!!! Great choices! I'm on the hunt for Into The Wilderness....sounds like a great book! :)

Amanda said...

Thanks Blanche! I hope you'll be able to find it, they did a reprint of it earlier this year I think

Renee said...

Hey Amanda!

Great book choices. I'm definitely looking into the Chapman and Donati books. They sound like great reads.

I love KMM's Fever series (both in print and audio) and keep hearing about how awesome Phil Gigante is on the Highlander audiobooks. Sounds like I have to check these out, too. ;-)

Amanda said...

Hi Renee! Oh you have to check him out although if you like the fever series on audio you'll be hearing him on the audio version, he's doing the voice of all the male characters.

All of Janet Chapmans for me are keepers so def check them out!

Lea said...

Hey Amanda!!

Wonderful synopsis of your island books!!

I loved "The Mists of Avalon", too, it is one of my keepers and has a prominent place on my self...

I hear nothing but wonderful things about Ms. Moning's work and have the books in the TBR!!!

Great Post Amanda.

Looking forward to tomorrow!

Amanda said...

Thanks Lea! Can't believe tomorrow is my last post! Hope you'll like it!

Kris said...

Hi Amanda

Like Renee, I've read KMM's Fever series but never read the Highlander books. Not sure why,especially with all the recs I've seen for it.

BTW, as long as we're clear that you can have the book Sebastian and I have the hero Sebastian, we're golden. :)

Karen W. said...

Great picks! I haven't read the Chapman book but loved the others on your list, especially THE MISTS OF AVALON & SEBASTIAN.

Amanda said...

Hi Kris, yes yes I know you got him don't worry I won't try and steal him!
LOL alot of people are like that with KMM either reading the highlanders and not the fever series or vice versa.

Amanda said...

Thanks Karen, the Chapman books are really a great read

Hailey Edwards said...

I found Karen through the Fever series. My addiction to Barrons is so thorough that when she suggested there were hints pertaining to the Fever world within the Highlander books -I had to read them!

I don't regret that decision at all! In fact, I think we'd have to share Dageus on that desert island, because he's my favorite, too.

Amanda said...

LOL Hailey! Thanks for stopping by

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