Friday, July 17, 2009

What a Disaster! (Jenre day 3)

Well here I am on this beautiful island, with sun, sea and Pimms - what more could a grown woman want, I ask you? Well some peace and quiet would be a good start!

When I chose my heroes, I was under the, perhaps misguided, impression that they would all get along well and we would be one big happy family in my cabana. Boy was I wrong.

Take Victor Bayne as an example. He's from the Psycop books by Jordan Castillo Price, and as I said in yesterday's post can see and speak to dead people. Last night we went for a 'meet and greet' walk around the other cabanas, just to say hello and be sociable. When we got within a few yards of Kris' cabana, Vic went completely pale, staggered about as though he was going to faint and took off running in the opposite direction. Ever since then he's refused to come out of the hut and sits there muttering under his breath. I've no idea what or who he saw, but I wish he'd snap out of it. Come to think of it, quite a lot of people have been giving Kris' cabana a bit of a wide berth and there's been a few nervous glances cast that way.

I thought that since the two vampires in my hut - Ridley, from KZ Snow's Utopia X series and Wild Bill from the Channeling Morpheus series by Jordan Castillo Price - were gay, they wouldn't mind if I saved on the pennies and bought just one large zip up hammock for them to 'rest' in during the day. How wrong I was! Apparently they are from different vampire gene pools and don't get on with each other. Also Ridley told me that he refuses to rest with Wild Bill on the grounds that he 'stinks like cigarettes and The Powers knows what else'. I did suggest, quite tactfully that Wild Bill might wish to go for a dip in the sea at which point it was his turn to go white (if that's possible with his already pale complexion) and run in the opposite direction. It was hardly my fault that Jack and Matthew took this as a challenge and grabbed him later intending to throw him in the sea. I don't think I've heard anyone squeal so much and if it wasn't for his ability to move swiftly, Wild Bill would have been soaked. As it was Jack and Matthew ended up flat on their backs, nursing a bloody nose each, which didn't help when it came to good relations in the cabana.

Soon after that Mark Hardwicke from I Spy Something Bloody by Josh Lanyon and James Bond from the books by Ian Fleming. Took it upon themselves to disappear into the forest, leaving a note to say that they'd gone exploring and would be back in a few days. I do hope that Mark doesn't get the wrong idea of James, as he is definitely a woman's man. At least they were getting on with each other.

I was hoping that my three Regency/Victorian men would be able to find a common bond. Unfortunately Wulfric Bedwyn, from Slightly Dangerous by Mary Balogh, or 'that Duke' as the others keep calling him, has not really helped in that department. He's a total snob and refuses to speak to anyone, especially Jack Devlin from Suddenly You by Lisa Kleypas who is a bastard son of a nobleman and Matthew Hawkwood from the Hawkwood books by James McGee, who is a bow street runner. The fact that the men earn their living as a publisher and a policeman, seems almost abhorrent to Wulfric. The tension was getting so bad that I had to send Wulfric off for a diplomatic sojourn to the other cabanas to make contact with other aristocrats just to get him out of the hut.

So that leaves just me, Jack and Matthew. Fortunately these two do get on with each other and also with most of the other men (Wulfric excepted). Their laid-back easygoing natures have already made them popular with the other heroes on the island. Thank goodness I've got at least two heroes willing to fetch and carry for me and rub sun cream on my back.

This is my final day on the blog and I've had a great time and I'm really looking forward to meeting all the other newbies. Do come and join me at my blog Well Read.


Ana said...

LOL> Loved your entry. I do sympathise - this is one of the reasons why I let go of my heroes as well.

Amanda said...

LMAO that was a fantastic entry Jenre!! I hope I don't have similar problems when I get to the island!

Sorry I haven't stopped by for your toher posts but they were great too!!

Kris said...

ROFL. I thought I wasn't get a lot of visitors. For a bunch of alpha males there is a hell of a lot of wussiness going on.

Jenre said...

Ana: What's a girl to do, eh? I'm hoping that they'll get on better with time. If not there'll be a serious cull come the next hero draft :).

Amanda: Thanks! I'm sure your heroes will be fine and not act like a load of schoolboys.

Kris: I can't wait until you unveil your heroes!

Lea said...

OMG! Awesome post Jenre...

With all that testosterone in one cabana things certainly could get a little "tense"... lol

Perfect visuals for your heros by the way!

Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps we should have been picking 8 BOOKS and only 6 heroes, instead of 8 heroes & only 6 books - men can be so difficult sometimes and this is supposed to be a getaway island! :o)

Jenre said...

Lea: Thank you! *Sigh* that's the trouble with being attracted to Alpha men, so much posturing and aggression.

Jenre said...

Ms M: That's a good idea!
As for getting away, I've set my sun lounger as far away from the cabana and Vic's mutterings as I can and am drinking Pimm whilst having my feet rubbed by Jack - bliss!

Tam said...

Jen, Jen, Jen, you really didn't think this through did you? Its like a dinner party for the Queen only more complicated. You can't just sit Bill and Ridley together. Sigh.

Well, I think that James would be open to experimenting a bit, I mean really, the guy is a man-slut and sex is sex. So I'm sure him and Mark will get along fine. Good luck and I think you are going to need a vacation to recover from your vacation when you get home.

Lea said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lea said...


Apologies! I was formating my post for Day 3 next week - I had it "scheduled" but the darn thing posted immediately. I deleted right away, but I wanted to let you know because I'm sure it will go though on the google reader.

Google is so annoying sometimes. :(

Sorry again!

Jenre said...

Tam: I just assumed that both being vampires that all would be fine. *sigh*.

It's all very well, James Bond dashing off with Mark. They're supposed to be on the beach looking after me!

Lea: No problem! I can't tell you how many times I've done that myself:).

Lea said...

Thanks Jenre!

I nearly had a stroke... lol

And, yes those boys are supposed to be looking after you, NOT dashing off and leaving you lonely and "unattended. ;0}


Ingrid said...

Poor Jen!

K. Z. Snow said...

Sorry Ridley has been difficult, Jen. He is a rather suave bugger. Then again, considering he's bonded with a man who's 6'5" and can shift into a demon, it's possible he just got bored. ;-)

jessewave said...

This was just a great post. I laughed so much. Great job!! You have such a great imagination - you should be a writer.

Tracy said...

lol what a great post. Who knew you'd have such in-fighting! :)

Lily said...

Fabulous post Jen. Sounds like you've had your hands full with your guys ;-)

Jenre said...

Ingrid: Thanks for the sympathy.

KZ: It's true that Wild Bill can't possibly match up to Tole, but he could have made some allowances for a holiday.

Wave: I'd love to write but I can't seem to fit it in. Plus I've come to the conclusion that my writing will never match up to those whose work I admire. I think I'll just stick to blogging!

Tracy: Please tell me it's not just my guys. There must be lots of disagreement in the other cabanas too!

Lily: Honestly, they are worst than looking after the kids :).

Renee said...

Great post, Jen!

They are a handful, aren't they? I'm sure you'll get them whipped into shape really soon.

Jack sounds like an utter doll, and I understand he's quite talented. Lucky you! lol

I enjoyed your stay, and good luck with your heroes.

Diane NYC said...

Great post Jen! Poor Wild Bill... I've always thought he would get along well with Crash from PC. They could turn the hut into a smoke house!

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