Wednesday, July 15, 2009

About Me: Jenre (Day 1)

Well here I am at last on the island. Me and my heroes all had a pretty good journey, but we're ready to kick off our shoes, grab a cocktail and settle into our cabana.

However, before we can do that, I ought to tell you a bit about myself. So here goes...

Favourite Reading Position?
Sitting propped up with loads of pillows in bed with a cup of tea.

Favourite Heroine?
Daphne Pembroke from Mr Impossible by Loretta Chase. She’s a great mix of very outwardly sensible and confident, but at heart is very unsure of herself.

Author everyone loves but you don’t.
Charles Dickens

If you could be in one book/series/world which would you pick?

I have a couple actually. I really like Regency romance and have often daydreamed that I am magically transported to that period of history and perhaps marry into a family like Mary Balogh’s Bedwyns. On the other hand I’m really enjoying KZ Snow’s Utopia X series at the moment and wish I could experience a world full of a different mix of Humans, Otherbeings and Exceptional Beings as it seems so fantastical and exciting.

How old is your inside voice?
40. Ever since I could reason, I’ve had the mind of a 40 year old – and I’m still not there yet! I’m far too sensible for my own good. I am hoping that once I get past 40 my mind will continue to be that age, but I’ll have to wait and see on that idea.

If you could be a hero who would you be?
I’d love to be an action/adventure hero, someone who is daring and sexy and always knows what the right thing is to do. Someone like Indiana Jones, or Matthew Hawkwood from the Hawkwood books by James McGee.

What heroine is most like you?
I’m a little bit like Claire from the Outlander books by Diana Gabaldon. Like me, she’s very sensible, is able to adapt quickly and isn’t put off by blood, guts and gore. She also gets on better with men rather than women and I’m a bit like that too.

What heroine would you like to be?
I’d like to be Freya Bedwyn from Slightly Scandalous by Mary Balogh. She has a real feistiness about her and doesn’t give two hoots about what people think. I find that very admirable. Plus she gets to marry the gorgeous Joshua!

Boxers, Briefs, boxer briefs, kilt (I say we add commando)?
What about tighty-whiteys? I have a fondness for them.

Favourite book set on a tropical island.
The Wildest Shore by Lisa Cach. Not a well known book, but I love the reluctant hero, Horatio, and how his love for the heroine allows him to overcome his natural cowardice!

What hero is most like your significant other?
Hub is a bit like Mr Darcy. He’s tall, dark and handsome and hates dancing! He’s quite a bit more sociable that Mr Darcy though.

What hero would you like to be your significant other?
I’m really attracted to intelligent heroes who hold positions of power and authority. Someone like Marcus, Lord Westcliffe from the books by Lisa Kleypas would be a good choice.

If you were stuck on a desert island what 3 things would you bring?
Is this other than books? Well, being the sensible person I am I would have to say a knife, matches and water purifying tablets. Boring, but necessary for survival. If I was being frivolous, I would bring my swimsuit (I don’t do bikinis), sun lotion and my Cybook with an unlimited battery life.

Favourite drink to bring to the DIK party
Gin and tonic on ice with a slice of lemon or a glass of Pimms.

So that's it! Now you know all about me, I can slope off to the hut and make sure that there haven't been any fights over who gets what bed.

See you all tomorrow or come an visit me at my blog Well Read.


Clare London said...

Hi there Jen, good to see you taking a hard-earned rest on the island! And there's nothing better than logging on in the morning and being greeted by a full jug of Pimms... :)

lisabea said...

I have a Mr. Darcy, too. (the Colin Firth kind)

Nice to see you on the island, Jenre!!


Jenre said...

Hi Clare
I'm enjoying the sand and surf very much. The jug of Pimms is looking somewhat depleted now - I may have to send one of my heroes off to refill!

LBea: Thanks for taking time out of your busy RWA programme to visit! Hope you're enjoying DC.

Lea said...

Hey Jenre!

Great to see you kicking back and enjoying the beach and the 'heros'. Great "About Me" intro and I'm so looking forward to your other posts this week.

It's good to have a "sensible" islander, because we will need the survival gear. ;)


Anonymous said...

Hi Jenre!

Great post.


Tracy said...

I thought I was the only one who wanted to be transported back to Regency times! lol Well, I'll see you there, I guess. :)

My hubby doesn't like to dance either. Can be sociable at times but at others he's completely Mr. D.

Welcome once again to the Island!

K. Z. Snow said...

GREAT interview questions (was that an interview?) In any case, your answers provided some interesting insights into your psyche. Oh boy. ;-)

I have no idea what Pimms is, but as long as it doesn't taste like marmite, I figure it must be tolerable. And vodka tonic for me, please, with a twist of lime.

Actually, I rather like Dickens. It's Shakespeare I've never been able to stomach. (EEK! That admission is akin to a Cardinal Sin for an old English major!)

So glad you've liked Utopia-X, Jen. If LI doesn't publish Book 4 (the last one), I promise to put it up somewhere as a free read.

No go and rub some cabana-boy butt for me ... and tell hub to mind his own business. :-D

Renee said...

Welcome Jenre!

I don't know what Pimm's is, either. More of a Tom Collins girl than G & T.

I'm with you on the Dickens. At least, he is good for insomnia. Though, I enjoy watching the dramatizations of his stuff.

Utopia X, huh? Sounds interesting.

Maybe you'll get lucky, and there'll be a pillow fight going on when you get back to your hut! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Jen
Great to have you join the ladies at last.

Gin in the morning? What a wonderful thought. Just make sure that you don't touch my men when you get drunk.*g*

Ingrid said...

Hi Jen. Good to see some more of you :)

I looked at the questions and thought, impossible to answer!! There are so many books out there.

Jenre said...

Hi Lea
Sometimes I think I'm too sensible. I'm hoping all the silliness here will rub off on me.

Ms M: Thanks!

Tracy: I think it's the dresses. I've decided that empire line frocks are perfect for my figure - as is the tailoring!

Jenre said...

KZ: Pimms is difficult to describe. It's fruity and deceptively alcoholic. I went to a party on Saturday where I drank glasses and glasses of the stuff until I suddenly found myself swaying on my feet!

I did a post ages ago about my dislike of Charles Dickens' books but that was before anyone was reading my blog!

Renee: Never heard of Tom Collins! The Utopia X series is just great. One my heroes comes from it so there'll be more on that in day 3.

Jenre said...

Wave: Would I? I have my own heroes to keep me occupied when I feel the need for some TLC after partaking in too much gin. :)

Ingrid: The book choice was tough. Lots of my absolute favourites had already been taken. My book choices are up tomorrow.

LesleyW said...

Hi Jen,

Welcome to the island. :)

Your post reminds me I have to read Great Expectations soon. :sigh:

Renee said...

A Tom Collins is a gussied up G & T:
1.25 oz. Gin
1 oz. lemon or lime juice
1 tsp. sweet & sour mix
1 splash club soda
1 slice orange

In a shaker half filled with ice cubes, add gin, lemon or lime juice and sweet and sour mix.
Shake well.
Strain into collins glass filled with ice.
Add club soda and stir well. Garnish with maraschino cherry and orange slice.

Now, I'm curious about the Pimms.
Look forward to reading more about your books tomorrow! :-)

Sarah said...

I had to read Dickens for Uni. I'd rather read something else too! Liked the Freya Bedwyn comment, I so enjoyed reading her. Feisty is right!

Yum, gin and tonic. But, cannot have it myself. Makes me terribly maudlin! Great post!!!

Kris said...

Cool post, Jen, and very nice tighty whiteys. :)

Tam said...

Oh Jen, you are so very British. Gin and tonic. :-D

Being sensible is underrated. It's always handy to have someone with good sense on an island full of men, even just to arrange the schedule. :-) Enjoy your stay.

Jenre said...

Lesley: Great Expectations is the only Dicken's book that I've read and actually liked, despite the fact that Pip is a complete fool.

Renee: That sounds yum. I don't think can get sweet and sour mix here is it the same as Angostura bitters? If it is, then I'm definitely trying this recipe soon.

Sarah: Jack Daniels makes me maudlin, as do a number of different types of shorts.

Kris: I had a different tighty whitey picture at first but hub claimed it was too pornographic so I exchanged it for Mr Happy with Ice-cream, who is just as yummy.

Tam: I am very British! Pimms is more British than G&T, I think. We drink it with our strawberries and cream at Wimbledon!

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