Saturday, July 11, 2009

New Heroes for the Island

Again the newest ladies on the island have been hard at work trying to pick the heroes that they want in their huts. It certainly wasn't easy for them, I'm sure, since the locals already had so many wonderful men already in residence. It think they came up with great guys though and we welcome all of them to their new island home!

Jenre –
Victor Bayne (Psycop series by Jordan Castillo Price)
Wulfric Bedwyn (Slightly Dangerous by Mary Balogh)
James Bond from various books by Ian Fleming
Matthew Hawkwood (Hawkwood series by James McGee)
Jack Devlin from Suddenly You by Lisa Kleypas
Mark Hardwicke (I Spy Something Bloody by Josh Lanyon)
Wild Bill (The Channelling Morpheus/Sweet Oblivion books by Jordan Castillo Price)
Ridley (Utopia X series by KZ Snow)

Kris –
Sebastian (Landscapes of Ephemera books by Anne Bishop)
Valek (Study series by Maria V. Snyder's)
John Chen (Dark Heavens series by Kylie Chan)
Dalziel, Royce Varisey, 10th Duke of Wolverstone (Bastion Club series by Stephanie Lauren)
Spike Spiegel (Cowboy Beebop by Yutaka Nanten)
DEATH (Discworld series by Terry Pratchett)
Hercule Poirot (Hercule Poirot novels by Agatha Christie)
Sam Vimes (Discworld by Terry Pratchett)

Renee –
Lord John Grey (Outlander & Lord John series by Diana Gabaldon)
Devil Cynster (Devil’s Bride by Stephanie Laurens)
Xia (My Forbidden Desire by Carolyn Jewel)
Jasper Renshaw, Viscount Vale (To Seduce a Sinner by Elizabeth Hoyt)
Ben Fortune (Crash Into Me by Jill Sorenson)
Elec Munroe (Flat Out Sexy by Erin McCarthy)
René Dubois (Islands by Samantha Kane)
Janvier (Angels’ Pawn by Nalini Singh)

Amanda –
Daegus MacKelter (Dark Highlander by Karen Marie Moning)
Alex Knight (The Seduction of His Wife Janet Chapman)
Ian McCullough (Highland Guardian by Melissa Mayhue)
Hawk (Beyond The Highland Mist by Karen Marie Moning)
Mr. Knightley (Emma by Jane Austen)
Carter Maguire (Vision in White by Nora Roberts)
Richard Cypher (Sword of Truth series by Terry Goodkinds)
Roger MacKenzie (Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon)

Ms. Moonlight –
Zane MacKenzie (MacKenzies Pleasure by Linda Howard)
Warrick deChaville (Prisoner of my Desire by Johanna Lindsey)
Royce of Wyndhurst (Hearts Aflame by Johanna Lindsey)
Jamie Grahm (The Lion in Glory by Shannon Drake)
Lord Ware (Lion's Bride by Iris Johansen)
Nicolas Eden (Love Only Once by Johanna Lindsey)
Warren Anderson (The Magic of You by Johanna Lindsey)
Lt. John Dunbar (Dances With Wolves by Michael Blake)

Lea -
Eidolon (Pleasure Unbound by Larissa Ione)
Vic Savian (Wicked Burn by Beth Kery)
Shane Dominic (Sweet Restraint by Beth Kery)
Devereux (The Vampire Shrink by Lynda Hilburn)
Nicholai Hel (Shubumi by Trevanian)
Mitch Magruder (Unraveled by Jaci Burton)
Rupert Campbell Black (Rider and Rivals by Jilly Cooper)
Iollan Drake (Embracing Midnight by Devyn Quinn)


JennyMac said...

That is a decadent photo.

Jenre said...

I'm just totally amazed that there wasn't a clash. It was all very civilized!

Tracy said...

I know...totally civilized. I was thoroughly impressed. :)

Lea said...

It was so much fun, and I'm so excited to learn about all these amazing heroes everyone has chosen. Not to mention my TBB list is expending expoentially. LOL


Have a great weekend everyone!


Carolyn Crane said...

Wow! Great picks. Jenre, Tumperkin is going to be pleased to see Wulfric! I am pleased to see Ben Fortune and Mr. Knightly!

What fun, great picks all of yous.

Anonymous said...

I had a great time going back to my keepers shelf to revisit heroes from years ago.


Shaymless Aymless said...

Totally forgot Bond, James Bond! Cool.

Renee said...

It was lots of fun, picking the heroes and emailing back and forth! I love how our hero choices reflect our reading tastes. :-)

OK, gotta go prep my debut posts! ::gulp::

Amanda said...

I had so much fun trying to pick heros that weren't already in someone else's hut!!

And the email where Jenre picked Bond, priceless!

All I could think of was her saying the name is BOND, Jenre Bond!

K. Z. Snow said...

Jenre, here you are! You weren't making it up!

What an interesting mix of male characters from the contributors. I can see the appeal of most of them. Not all, but most.

And of course, Ridley Barron and I thank you. ;-)

Joanna Chambers said...

Oh yay! Wulfric Bedwyn and RUPERT CAMPBELL BLACK!!!!

LesleyW said...

Valek is a great choice. :)

Kris said...

Thanks Lesley. You got to love a dangerous hero like Valek, don't you. :)

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