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The New Boys in Town (Renee-Day 2)

Dear Derek, Sebastian, Hawke, Curran, and Ranger,

Thank you for the wonderful welcome to the island. Your ladies were so generous to let you out of their huts when I included you guys in my application to join the island. (Well, actually, I pilfered you when they weren’t looking, but we needn’t go into that, now.) However, it was only a temporary situation, and it is now time for you all to return to your rightful, respective ladies. Last week I picked my new heroes, and they will be arriving today. I’ll always remember the beautiful, balmy night of my arrival. You all looked so wonderful in the torchlight.

And who knew Ranger could hula so well?

The limbo dancing was also fun, though I think Curran might have been cheating a bit when he tried to hamstring Hawke as he went by on his last turn.

I hope that you all will make the new men in my hut welcome, and show them the ropes. Derek, maybe you could give them some instruction on the best way to apply the sun tan lotion to my back? You do it so well.

Sebastian, I think that you would do a great job taking Lord John Grey and Jasper Renshaw, Lord Vale under your wing. Lord John and Jasper, too, are more familiar with the ways of English aristocracy, than with island life. Though Lord John did have that brief stint in Jamaica. And, Jasper had his time in the wilds, during the French and Indian War. (Though of course, he’s still dealing with some of the emotional scars from that experience.) Both of them have military background which should help immensely.

Curran, you’d be a great example for Xia on how such an alpha male can live harmoniously with so many other dominant men. Of course, he is “only” a fiend, and not the King of the Beasts, like you, but as a man who is famous for his temper, I’m sure you can give him some pointers, like how chore lists, house meetings, and lots of deep breathing, can keep the peace in your hut.

Ranger, as a man who loves to surround yourself with the finer things in life, and also used to leading groups of men (and Stephanie) during your bounty hunter adventures, I’m sure you can give Devil Cynster great advice on how best to keep his cravat crisp in the island humidity, while still being able to organize the hut’s day to day living arrangements. Luckily, Devil is used to taking care of those kind of pesky details, as well as being comfortable sharing space with so many other men, given he’s used to always being around his cousins, aka the “Bar Cynster.” Of course, he might be a little touchy thinking he has competition with the other alpha men in the hut over who’s in charge. He’ll feel better when he realizes there’s only one person there who is really running the show. (That would be me, of course. ;-) )

Hawke, could you show Elec and Ben all the fun things they can do on the island to keep themselves in shape? (At least, those that don’t involve keeping me happy.) Of course, they can’t shift like you do, but with Ben’s prowess as a world-class surfer, and Elec’s physical conditioning (necessary for racing those stock cars), they should be able to keep up with you. Heck, Ben may even be able to get you out on the waves on a surfboard!

I honestly don't think neither René nor Janvier need anyone's help adjusting to island life. For one thing, René has been living on his own island in the South Pacific for years, and was able to build such a wonderful hut for himself and Gabe. For another, while Janvier -- being a vampire -- may need to lie low in the hut during the day, his immortal life out on the Louisiana bayou will make it easy for him to adapt.

Now, guys, if you and the ladies on the island want to really make my new heroes welcome, here's a little info so you can find out a little more about them. (It'll help with the small talk at the hut-warming party I'm throwing tonight!)

  • Lord John Grey, Outlander series and Lord John series by Diana Gabaldon. One of the most honorable heroes around. Known for his long blonde braid, and military bearing, he is a beta hero that is ready be be tough when the need arises.When he loves, he is capable of carrying a torch for the person he loves for years.
  • Jasper Renshaw (Lord Vale), To Seduce a Sinner by Elizabeth Hoyt. On the surface, he appears to be a light-hearted guy, always ready with a bon mot. However, he hides a darker, tortured side, due to his experiences in the French and Indian War. When he loves, he accepts his heroine as she is, whole-heartedly, witout wanting to fix or change her.
  • Xia, My Forbidden Desire by Carolyn Jewel. A former mage-held fiend who hates mages and witches, he is one serious alpha hero with a bad attitude. Most often found in black leather and riding his motorcycle. When he loves, it is with single-minded intensity and soul-bearing honesty.
  • Elec Monroe, Flat Out Sexy by Erin McCarthy. Young, intense, and driven to win, Elec is a stock car driver who is going places. He radiates a confidence both on the track and off. When he loves, he makes his heroine feel like the most beautiful woman in the world.
  • Ben Fortune, Crash Into Me by Jill Sorenson. Ben's athleticism and intensity has made him a world class surfer. He's also a devoted dad, trying his hardest to help his daughter negotiate adolescence while dealing with the loss of her mother. When he loves, his laid back attitude belie a temper that can be explosive and passionate.
  • René Dubois, Islands by Samantha Kane. On first impression, René appears to be a French ex-pat, living the leisurely life on his island in the South Pacific. But, he's also lived the brutal life as a soldier in the French Foreign Legion. When he loves, he's a romantic who is fierce and sensual.
  • Janvier, Angels' Pawn by Nalini Singh. A Cajun vampire, Janvier is flirty and sexy. He has that wonderful accent that would make him sound great reading the phone book. Although he was introduced in the novella, Angels' Pawn, his love story with Ashwini is not yet completed, and I can't wait to find out what kind of hero he'll be.

Again, Derek, Curran, Hawke, Sebastian, and Ranger, thanks for the memories, and let your ladies know that as a thank you for sharing, they can come over to my hut and visit my guys anytime.



P.S. I couldn't resist a little of my fantasy casting. Featured are Rupert Penry-Jones as Lord John, Ian Anthony Dale as Xia, and Tony Hawk as Ben Fortune.

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Amanda said...

Great Post Renee!

The Lord John series is one I need to read, i've read the outlander series so I must move on to John!
Love the pics btw very sexah!

Lea said...

Amazing post Renee! I love your "fantasy" casting of your heroes.

Looking forward to the partaay tonight.

I'm sure the other ladies were happy to lend you their heroes as part of initiation. ;)


KT Grant said...

I have heard such great things about Lord Grey. He made such an impression in the Outlander series.

And Ranger... le rowl.

sula said...

rawr! Lord John is my sekrit crush. Although I didn't much like him in the Outlander series (don't want anyone getting near my jamie), he totally rocked in his own series. *g*

Anonymous said...

I'll have to be sure to talk to these guys at the party, as I haven't read any of their stories and know nothing about any of them - yet!

Hilcia said...

LOL, Renee... way to let go of the old ones and bring in the new ones *g*

Love Janvier! That vamp.. hmm... I might steal him from you. :)

Mandi said...

LOL..I love your post:)

Now I need to read the Lord John series!!!

Joanna Chambers said...

I love Lord John too! I think I actually love the Lord John books better than the Jamie and Claire ones (gasp!). He is such a delicious character with his tortured secret life and all. I'm sure he'll find island life refreshingly open. You might want to take him down to Lisabea's cabana some time....

Renee said...

Amanda: Thanks! :-)
The Lord John series is much more of a historical mystery series than "adventure romance" and, of course, there's no time travel. But they are so interesting! You can tell DG has done much research into gay life in the 18th century.

Lea: Thanks! Esp with Xia and Ben, they were actors that screamed those characters, even while I was reading the books. I borrowed my "Lord John" from the my original fantasy casting post over at my place!
Let's break out the sangria!

Katiebabs: It's a great series.
Le rowl, indeed!

sula: There's something to be said for the torch he carries. So romantic! But, I also love how his character is developed in his own series.

MsM: Yes, I'm sure that you can make them feel welcome, somehow! ;-) All the books were ones I really enjoyed, and not only for the heroes!

Hilcia: Thanks! lol
Yes, eventhough Janvier was only in a novella, he really made an impression on me.

Mandi: TY! The series is great, though they are historical mysteries rather than romance.

Tumperkin: His books are wonderful, though really different from the Outlander ones. (And I think I like him best even in the Outlander series!) I hear DG coming out with a new LJ next year, LJ and the Scottish Prisoner. I can't wait!
LB and I will have to talk! ;-)

Kati said...

Sooo, you JUST borrowed Hawke for his work out tips??

You missed a golden opportunity, Renee. He's got other mad skillz.

Tracy said...

I never read the Lord John series but I'm thinking, after your description, that I need to look into remedying that.

Janvier *sigh* love him. Oh and Xia sounds fab.

Great post once again, Renee!

Renee said...

Kati: Um . . . yeah. That's what Hawke was helping the guys with. lol

Tracy: Yes, Lord John is just wonderful. Totally that classic ideal of a gentleman.
You will love Xia! Very alpha.
Thanks, Tracy! I'm having a blast! :-)

orannia said...

That is one distinguished list Renne! ANd I like that you're in charge :)

Obviously I need to meet Janvier :)

Ana said...

Ha! so that's where Sebastian was! I was looking all over for him!

Renee said...

orannia: Thanks! lol
Oh, Angels' Pawn is a really good slice of that world, and Janvier is my favorite part! ;-)

Ana: Oops! Thanks for letting him come over and play. lol

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