Thursday, July 30, 2009

what kris brung or...

... a drunken ditty performed by a slightly tipsy Kris.


Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale -
A tale of an Aussie chick,
Who’s s’posed to talk heroes ‘n’ books with y’all
And thought this’d do the trick.

Her first hero is an incubus who wants to protect his world.
The second is an awesome spy who’ll do anything for his girl.
Third is a Chinese God who succumbs to his rockin’ nanny,
But will they have a HEA?
Find out in the next trilogy.
The next trilogy.

Her fourth guy is a mysterious Duke in battle with a traitor.
Fifth is a space age bounty hunter running from his past.
The sixth is a little skeletal and scares peeps with his scythe,
But he talks COOL, has a cat and a horse he named Binky.
Horse he named Binky.

Her seventh is a detective with a thing for little grey cells.
Last is Sam, a grumpy cop, who’s pissed he’s on the isle...
With Sebastian, Valek and John too,
Dalziel and Spike,
DEATH, Hercule and Kris as well,
Here on D-I-K Isle!

Let’s not forget the Aussie chick’s books;
No way she’d leave ‘em behind.
She snuck a three-in-one in there,
And hopes the others won’t mind.

The first’s a satire about Armageddon.
Second’s an epic about land and rule.
Third’s the coming of age of a superhero.
The fourth’s hot men’ll make you drool.

Then it’s Eve! It’s Roarke!
It’s mystery!
And last but by no means least
It’s a geek and a jock in a romantic feast.
So join Kris here tomorrow my friends.
She plans to make you smile.
That’s it for now for her heroes ‘n’ books...
Here on D-I-K Isle!


Mumma J said...

All I can say is: it wasn't from me that you gained your poetic skills!

orannia said...


Kris - you absolutely crack me mad! You mad woman you :) I love it!

Question - what tune should I be singing it to please? I think I picked the wrong one *grin*

Anonymous said...

Lady you crack my Sh*# up. In these depressing times a little laughter goes a long way. Thanks for making me laugh!

dallalana said...

Did you say you were a little tipsy? *g* Well done Kris, the next round of cocktails (and syrup/chocolate for H) is on me!

Amanda said...

Brilliant Post Kris! Can't wait for tomorrow!

Kris said...

Mumma: I will let the Daddy know that you now say I inherit my brilliance from him. I'm sure he will be very pleased.

Orannia: I make you mad?? Oh, phew, you said you love it. I thought you were pissed off with me for a minute there. LOL. As to the tune, here's a hint:'s_Island

Anon: No probs, hun! I'm glad to know that I've brought a smile to someone's face. :)

Kris said...

Sara: You think it was more than a little? *gigglesnort* That chocolate syrup cocktail you're serving is bound to tip me over the edge, especially as it's a freebie!

Amanda: Thanks! Here's hoping I don't stagger off and get hit on the head by a random falling coconut before tomorrow. ;)

Anonymous said...

Isn't it a bit early to be hitting the bottle?:DDD I never knew there was poetess (is that a word?) under those boobs! You slay me.

I can't wait to see what tomorrow brings!

Kris said...

Wave, it's the evening here so anything goes! LOL.

My boobs ARE awesome, aren't they. They look particularly good in gold. :)

KT Grant said...

Ahem. Roarke is mine. I have stolen him from Kati. Where is the Kati? I have her locked up on a secret cave on the island.

Lea said...

Okay, I just spewed my coffee all over my keyboard...

You are a HOOT girl!!!


I can't wait for tomorrow's post.


You have a great day...

Kris said...

Geez, KB, I was just sharing him for a book. Possessive much. *pouts*

Umm, you don't lock up people for say drinking too much or maybe killingotherpeepsheroesoff. Err, just askin'. Hypothetically speaking. Hehehe. *gulp*

Lea: Oh no. Not the keyboard! *g*

It's night time for me. I'm off to snooze in the next little whi-... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

KT Grant said...

Kris, I am a very blood thirsty wench on DIK island. I also steal all the menz and have my wicked way with them in my sexin hunt.
Shhh... don't tell the other ladies

Anonymous said...

LOL! I knew Johnny left some bottles of rum on the island!



Mary G said...

That was so good & it all fit because I knew the tune you chose.
Amazing!! Oh no I'm showing my

Tam said...

Brilliant. But now I'm going to be humming that damn song all day. LOL Enjoy your stay and easy on the drinks. Oh hell, forget that, just indulge to your heart's content.

Carolyn Crane said...

OMG! This is great. We have our own island song, and it's all about you and you heroes and books. And I have always loved Gilligan's Island. Though we are much better off.

Lily said...


As usual you cracked me up. Looking forward to tomorrow. BTW, are you Ginger or Mary Ann?

Tracy said...

OMG roflmao!!!

Watch out for KB there, Kris. She IS a blood thirsty wench.

Kris said...

KB: Oookaaay. *Does that mean if I tell she'll kill me?* *Back away slowly from the scary lady, Kris.* *Quick, smile. She suspects!* *Now promise to meet her for drinks later and get the frack outta there asap!*

MsM: Rum?? That would explain it. Rum always makes me a little crazy. *g*

MaryG: *polishing fingernails on shirt* I have awesome skills. It is true. ;)

As to age... I won't tell if you won't, Mary!

Kris said...

Tam: My evil plan izzz working. Mwahahaha!

"Oh hell, forget that, just indulge to your heart's content."

Twist my arm why don't you. LOL.

CJ, howdy! Glad to provide the island song... and also meet another fan of Gilligan's Island. :)

"Though we are much better off."

Thanking the Book Goddesses for that one. Let me tell you!

Lily: You're laughing with me, right? Lily??
Well, considering that Mary Anne was so wholesome it was disgusting and that Ginger was a egotistical biatch I think it is probably clear which one I am. Plus the Professor was always a bit too dorky for me. Cute, but dorky.

Tracy: Don't hurt yourself down there, mate.

"Watch out for KB there, Kris. She IS a blood thirsty wench."

You're speaking figuratively, right? Cos.... umm, just out of interest, when does that supply boat arrive??

Sarah said...

You're such a clever clogs. :)

AND, do you know... you and I bear a striking resemblance to one another in our bathing suits??? Incredible!

Kris said...

How amazing, Sarah! Although that prob'ly explains how so many of your heroes found their way into my hut last night. *blinking innocently*

Renee said...

Awesome, Kris! Right now, I'm picturing the heroes gathered around the bonfire singing your song! :-D

Kris said...

And I'm sure that they all sound great. LOL.

Thanks Renee. :)

orannia said...

Sorry Kris. It should have said crack me up! I need a holiday :) Perhaps on a desert island *grin*

Kris said...

I could get Spike to try and smuggle you in, Orannia, but you've gotta keep quiet about any plans you might overhear. Don't forget I've got the big guy with the scythe. ;)

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