Monday, July 27, 2009

Hi everyone!! My name is Amanda and I am so excited to be finally on da island!! I have lurked here and posted here on and off for the past few months and I’ve always wanted to come to the island and well here I am. Da Boyz and I will be chilling here for the next three days so pull up a deck chair grab a cocktail and let’s get started!!

First off please forgive me if my post is so utterly boring you can’t finish it! I am a blogging virgin and this is truly my first time blogging so here we go…….. (hope I get it right!)

Favorite Reading Position:

For me my preference is by a big open fire, on the comfy couch or chair that we have in my parent’s home, with a big mug of something hot. But mostly during the week I don’t get that as I share a house so its lying on my bed……… but that is all set to change at the end of this week when I move in with my honey and I have a couch of my own but sadly no open fire but at least I’ll have someone to make the tea for me right? Not that he knows it right now!

Favorite Heroine Oh for me this has to be Gwen, from Karen Marie Moning’s Kiss of the Highlander. This was technically my first ‘true’ romance book and what started me on my love affair with happily ever after or romance novels!

Author everyone loves but you don’t Hmmmm this one is tough because my reading pattern is so varied…… But I think I’m going to go with David Eddings and I know for some who read the fantasy genre are going to want my hide for this!!

If you could be in one book/series/world which would you pick

This is my ideal question! Oh there are so many that I could pick, I am a complete geek in that when I read a series I ‘get into’ the series, I completely immerse myself in it and I daydream about scenario’s that I could get myself in if it were me. I have been told before that I was not meant for this modern world that I would be suited somewhere in the past, but with so many fantastic historicals which to choose? My choice would be the Avalon series by Marion Zimmer Bradley, more specifically to be one of the Lady’s of Avalon.

How old is your inside voice
My inner voice still thinks it’s a child so I would say somewhere in between 8-10, but then it does have moments of being about 30 and going all sensible on me for the likes of big decisions etc!

If you could be a hero who would you be
Oh there are so many hero’s I adore, but if I could be a hero I think I would have to be Jamie Fraser! That man is so darn interesting! He knows so much and is so innocent in some ways at the start of Outlander that it is so endearing. But yet at the same time he is so tuned into the world and he knows so much about life

What heroine is most like you
What heroine do I identify with most? I think it has to be Jude Francis Murray out of Nora Roberts Jewels of the sun. She is an intelligent woman who wants to break free of the mold that she ahs created for herself that isn’t quite her at the same time……. A little like me, I’m a scientist and at points in time I wish I could just pack it all in and move on to somewhere and start fresh………

What heroine would you like to be

Is Elizabeth Bennet, I love Pride and Prejudice!

Boxers, Briefs, boxer briefs, kilt (I say we add commando) Kilt! That’s pretty much commando right?
Oh this is tougher than I thought……initially straight away I think Kilt but on reflection I think now its boxers…… Although Commando is good too!

Favorite book set on a tropical island
I’m hoping to get plenty of suggestions here, I haven’t read anything on a tropical Island.

What hero is most like your significant other

Hmmm this is tough because my significant other is in my opinion amazing! I think Jamie Fraser

What hero would you like to be your significant other

Oh this is easy, Drustan MacKeltar….. darn that man is gorgeous!! The good twin! Now I just gots to find me a cave that has him in it!!

If you were stuck on a desert island what 3 things would you bring

I would bring my ipod loaded with audio books, my solar powered laptop and a box stuffed with my favorite books!!

Favorite drink to bring to the DIK party
My favorite drink to bring to the island would probably be Bulmers (Magners to the rest of the world) Irish cider. Fantastic drink for hot weather!!

So Ladies that’s me! Hope you’re still awake at this point!! I’m having a party tonight and you’re all invited so stop by and say hi!! The boys will b serving drinks!


Sarah said...

Cool blog!!!! I love Karen Marie Moning's stuff. Love her PA's blog, Leiha is srsly cool and fun. I have not read Faefever, not out down here in PB as yet. Cannot wait to read it. Honestly, the next one will be out before I get to it! LOL.

Amanda said...

Thanks Sarah, The paperback is due for release tomorrow I think!
Leiha is a lot of fun!

Hope you enjoy it!

Lea said...

Hi Amanda!!

Awesome post for your first day on the island!!

Great to see you here and will look forward to your posts for the next 3 days!!

I am an Outlander lover too - great choice!


Amanda said...

Thanks Lea!!
I can't wait for Echo in the bone this September! Going to be awesome!

Heard from the highland gathering this weekend that she read out a very hot sex scene from the book but didn't give any spoilers!

Anonymous said...

Hi Amanda! I hope you enjoy your time on the island.

Sorry about the fire and burnt huts.



Amanda said...

Hi MsM no problem!! It doesn't look that bad......

Hopefully my boys will behave!

Carolyn Crane said...

Hey, great post! So fun to read, and well, your significant other is like Jamie Fraser? That is so cute.

Kris said...

Cool post, Amanda, even if you're not a fan of David Eddings. ;)

Yanno, I srsly need to get off my butt and read the Outlander series. I feel so left out when you guys gush all over Jamie.

Amanda said...

Hi Carolyn, LOL I know its a soppy thing to say! He'll kill me if he finds out!

Thanks Kris! See I knew someone would hate me for that!! Girl you really gotta read the series! Its a long investment of time but totally worth it!

Blanche said...

Hi Amanda!!

Great post! I adore Gwen from Kiss of the Highlander too......this is my very favorite KMM book but I love them all!

ann alba said...

WTG Mandy cool blog Honest my eyes DID NOT GLOSS OVER ONCE nor did I want to scroll down really fast.
BTW I hart Cider too I have to make my own here not something Canada goes for...Ann

Tracy said...

I love Drustan and Jamie Fraser! 2 really great picks! :)

Amanda said...

Hi Blanche!
Thank you, Kiss was my first KMM and I fell in love instantly! I adore her writing!

Amanda said...

Hi Ann!
Thank you, so nice to see you here! Aw that sucks that they don't go for cider, they don't know what they're missing!

Amanda said...

Hi Tracy.

Thank you, ah yes you can't get much better than those two!

Renee said...

Welcome to the Island!

Sorry I missed this post yesterday (2 Drs appt for kid made me a little crazy. lol)

Congrats on your new digs with your honey. Tea making is definitely a required skill in a partner. ;-)

Jamie is definitely a great hero pick!
I LOVE hard cider, and prefer drinking it to wine or beer. I actually make a ham that's basted with peach cider, but I've done it with pear, too.

Looking forward to the rest of your stay at DIK.

Amanda said...

Hi Renee, thanks for stopping by! Aw doctors appointments hope kids are ok!

hope to see you at the party later!

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