Monday, November 2, 2009

Please Welcome Beth Kery To The Island!

It is my great pleasure to introduce and welcome author Beth Kery to the Island! ::Big round of applause - raising drinks::

I was delighted and honored when Beth agreed to guest here at DIK because I’ve been cyber stalking, um a fan since I read “Wicked Burn”, in 2008 and have loved every one of her publications since.

Beth’s most recent release “Paradise Rules”, is set in Hawaii and for me was as enjoyable as her previous publications.

Welcome to DIK Beth, isn’t it nice to get away from the chilly weather in Chicago to a nice warm beach?

It certainly is. I’m a pretty typical city-girl, but there’s nothing like a tropical getaway. Thanks for asking me to the island, Lea.

L: Your welcome, the ladies and I are delighted you took time out of your busy schedule to join us!

Are you ready for the rapid-fire induction DIK “About Me”, questions?

As ready as my sluggish morning brain will allow. (I’ll be an easy target).

Favorite Reading Position?

BK: Propped up on pillows in bed.

L: Ah, yes, that is my favorite too.. ;)

How old is your inside voice?

Hmmm…pretty old. A dozen centuries at least. That’s my wise-inner-voice, the imp-one is a perpetual two.

If you could be a hero who would you be?

It would be Merlin from the Mary Stewart trilogy, and not just because he was magical, and a brilliant mathematician, architect and doctor. There’s just something about the way Stewart wrote him, such a complex, layered, beautiful character who understands his fate and yet faces it with grace every day. In a weird way, I’d like to be some hybrid of Merlin and Arthur in that trilogy. Arthur has all the male dash and brawn and Merlin all the insight, and it’s really together that they create the most powerful king of all time.

What heroine is most like you ?

Well, this is a tough one. I’ll have to go with Anne Elliot from Austen’s Persuasion with just a touch of Elizabeth Bennett (Pride and Prejudice) mixed in for spice. LOL. I’m actually fairly reserved and ‘watchful’ like Anne, but my sense of humor is more like Lizzy’s. I love to laugh, and I laugh at myself a lot like Ms. Bennett.

What heroine would you like to be?

Honestly? Can I pick an anti-heroine? If it was just for a few days, I’d love to step into Daphne Du Maurier’s Rebecca. She’s one of my favorite villains, so gorgeously nasty. Plus, it’d be worth it to get to wear her glamorous gowns and mince about Manderly, smoking from an elongated cigarette holder and seducing stable boys on a whim (just to piss off Max). She was never even in Rebecca, but she dominated every page. We never even knew the ‘true’ heroines name, because Rebecca so overshadowed her. Brilliant writing.

So, yes, go figure. Most like Anne Elliot, but wants to be Rebecca for a day. Something weird about that.

L: Cool, I like her.. ;)

Boxers, Briefs, boxer briefs, kilt (I say we add commando)?

Boxer Briefs but commando is always a nice surprise.

L: Yeah, those boxer briefs allow for nice definition.. lol ;)

Favorite book set on a tropical island?

Maybe Sandra Brown’s Tempertures Rising.

What hero is most like your significant other?

Well, not entirely of course, and this isn’t from a book, but Will from Good Will Hunting. Like Will, hubby comes from a working class family and he lived by his fists for a lot of his childhood. But he’s got a brilliant mind, as well, and it took him a long way. I love that contrast…the richness. He can blend in with corporate America and construction guys with equal aplomb. I can give him almost anything, and he’ll be able to fix it, a busted coffee maker or complex business problem.

Just as aside, Thomas Nicasio, from the currently unnamed novel I’m working on at the moment (due out December of 2010) is suspiciously built along those lines as well. Hmmmm….

L: Okay, I'm so liking Thomas.. That is one fine looking man.. Mind you, I'm a huge Will Hunting fan too. I imagine that that the heroes authors write are often inspired by men they know and admire. I think it's wonderful that sort of inspiration can be drawn from your significant other. :)

What hero from a novel would you like to be your significant other?

Well, since I’m on fantasy island here, I’ll say Jason Koa from Paradise Rules. Why? Because he’s very comfortable in his own skin (and looks phenomenal in it). He’s pretty psychologically healthy; I have enough hang-ups for two people, so I’ll be happy to share. 

If you were stuck on a desert island what 3 things would you bring?

Lots of paper and pens—I would say a computer, but with no outlets, I’d have to write the old-fashioned way, and if I wasn’t prepared, I’d end up writing books on palm tree bark. Lots of sunblock—this Irish-American skin and the tropical sun don’t get along well without it. My husband—because he’s a must.

L: Well I hope hubby enjoys a visit here on the island too. :)

Favorite drink to bring to the DIK party?

Lily Koa (from Paradise Rules) makes some kick-ass tropical drinks. She made a special one for her grandson, Jason Koa, who is part Hawaiian and part Welsh. It’s a mai-tai with a splash of Pendrang whiskey, and it’s the favorite drink at Jason’s popular ocean-side restaurant, Jace’s.

Koa mai-tais all around!

L: Yummy!!

Thanks Beth, great answers! LOL We’ve planned a rockin luau tonight with the DIK menz in attendance and Beth is going to be back on the island with us tomorrow talking about her favorite DIK books that she has brought along. I know Beth is going to be stopping by during the day today so if you have any questions for her I'm sure she will be happy to answer them.

Please Note: Entries for the "Paradise Rules" Giveaway is now closed. Beth will draw and announce the lucky winner at her blog on Friday morning (*It will be up to the winner to contact Beth within 48 hours of the announcement at her blog). 

When Beth isn't here visiting on the island she can be found at her website:


Anonymous said...

Welcome to the island Beth!! I enjoyed reading all your answers to Lea's rapid fire DIK questions.



Robin Snodgrass said...

Great interview Beth! After getting to meet you in person, it's wonderful to be able to "hear" your answers in my head as I'm reading them. I can SO see you as Rebecca! *g*

Don't add me to the contest as I already own 3 copies of the awesome PARADISE RULES and someone who hasn't had the opportunity to read it should get the prize. Whoever it is will be hooked for live on Beth's books!

Looking forward to tomorrow's visit.

Booklover1335 said...

Hi Beth,
Anne from Persuasion along with Elizabeth Bennett are my two fav Jane heroines, so it comes as very little surprise that I like your writing so much :)

Chris said...

Hmm, best warn your husband about the menz needing to be naked on the island... ;) (Bring extra sunblock!)

Thanks for a fun interview, both of you!

Mary G said...

Hi Beth & Lea
Two of my fave people in one spot!!
Awesome interview & I learn something new every time. Hope you enjoy your stay. Given your answer on what 3 things you'd bring, it seems that you "have" to write. Would you do it full-time if you could? Don't enter me as I already have the yummy Paradise rules.

beth kery said...

Hi Ms Moonlight! Yeah, like I said, I'm a slow moving target so Lea caught me right between the eyes a few times. :)

Robin! Morning! Wow, you could see me as Rebecca? I'm so flattered. Where's my cigarette holder?

Booklover, so nice to meet another Anne and Elizabeth fan. Fun to think of both ladies as two different aspects of Jane herself.

Morning Chris, I'll be sure and warn him!

SusiSunshine said...

I so love Good Will Hunting too and I so want a Koa Mai Tai now. Hmm yummy.
Really enjoyed reading this interview!

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed reading the comments. I am also a fan od Daphne Du Maurier. My favorite of her books is The Scapegoat, another wonderful plot.

Elaine G said...

Great interview.I liked the questions you asked Lea.I like getting to know authors a little better.
I'll take one of those Koa mai-tais!! :)

robynl said...

hi Beth and Lea; what an awesome place on the island.
Beth, your dh sounds a lot like mine. They are keepers for sure.

Lea said...

Good Morning everyone!

Beth, thanks again for joining us here at DIK!

I have to say those Koa mai-tais are damn fine. ;) Do you think Jason Koa might stop by for a visit? Somehow I don't think the surf here is quite up to his standard though, too bad.. lol

And, Thomas? I have to say yum!!!

Seriously though, thanks again and thank you to everyone who stops by!

Judy said...

Sounds great on the island!! Even though we are having some nice weather, finally, here in the south. I really like the cover on your book and really enjoyed your interview!!!

beth kery said...

Hi SusiSunshine! Watch those mai tai's; they have a kick! :)

Mary--I really do feel that I 'have' to write at this point. I think I'd be very unhappy if I couldn't. Hope you are feeling better!

Hi Anonymous--I agree. DD was a terrific writer. She did some great horror, too. I'm thinking of that one short story, with that little 'thing' that was the murderer...and it had the paranormal elements. Ooh, creeped me out. Loved it.

Morning Elaine! :)

Robyn--Keepers to be sure.

Yeah, I wasn't sure what to tell Jason about your location. He's big into Pacific surf, you know--Hawaii, Fiji, New Zealand, Australia. :) Your island looks like it is set amongst a lovely lagoon, so the water is more a bath than a rugged surf. But nice for moonlight swims...

Hi Judy. Thanks about the cover. It was a departure for me as far as other covers, but a nice one.

Fiona Jayde said...

Hi ladies - great interview! Loved the rapid fire questions and answers!

jeanette8042 said...

Awesome interview! I was hooked on your books since reading daring Time! I can't wait for tomorrow's post! Happy Morning!

Blanche said...

Hi Beth and Lea!!

Fun interview! I also really enjoyed reading all your answers to Lea's rapid fire questions!!! :)

Carol L. said...

I really enjoyed your post Beth. Thanks for sharing. Great book cover as well. :) It seems a lot of women connect with Elizabeth Bennet and would like to be a little like her. As I do too. :)
Carol L.

susan said...

Morning Beth, I so enjoyed your interview and the island scene reminds me when we were on a cruise..I love the thought of island living.Course a having a handsome drop dead man to keep me company is also a must for me too. ha ha Your Paradise Rules sounds so good and I sure would love to be the receiver of it. I know I would read it and get carried away in it and since we are facing cold weather around sure could be a nice warmer-upper. ha ha Have a good day. susan L.

Anonymous said...

great inteview
very hot guys love the cover
congrts on the books
would love to win

Eva S said...

Hi Beth and Lea, I'd love to be on that island with you! It's so cold over here....
Wonderful interview, I enjoyed the great questions and answers!

Fedora said...

Hi, Beth and Lea! Lovely interview :) And a wise woman, packing pens and paper! Those computers, while generally terrific, are terrible with all that sand and water ;)


rebyj said...

Hi Beth!

What a hot hot cover! (The man is cute but dang that woman is HOT! I wish I had a butt like hers!)

Hawaii used to be a popular location in books way back in the late 70s. Some but not as many recent yearsw. It's good to see a hot romance set on the islands again!

Chelsea B. said...

That was a great interview! And I've heard really good things about your books, Beth, I need to pick one up! :)

Bella said...

Heya ladies and thanks for the lovely interview. It's funny Beth, I think both my father and my husband are a little bit like the way you describe your husband. I was once trying to describe hubby to someone and the best I could come up with was Mountain Man who reads the New York Times. (Obviously, I won on locale of residence, but he recharges every summer in the "wilderness"). Now I, like Lea, am SOO looking forward to Thomas. Do we know the title of this book yet or are you being sneaky again?

K ladies, just wanted to drop by, say hi, soak up a little sun and have an umbrella-fied drink. No need to enter me because I have this wonderful book! (From you, if I recall correctly -- luck me!)


SiNn said...

Hi beth I lovee your books! DIK im new here so figured is say hello to you as well cool contest

Unknown said...

Hi Lea and Beth!!

The Island is always fun and welcoming!!

Great interview, I think Beth's husband might give the Island's menz a run for their money. LOL

Please enter me!!

Dottie :)

Cecile Smutty Hussy said...

Very nice interview ladies!!! The sun feels so good on the island.... Better than this chilly weather that is fast approaching!!!!
Beth, you know I think you rock already!!!! And Lea... I bow to your greatness!!! yea... I do and I am!!

Oh... a hubby on the island... Agreeing with Dottie... Might give them delicious men a run for their money!!
Please enter me for I would love a chance to win!! Hope you ladies have a great day!

Nikki said...

I just got DARING TIME and I loved Wicked Burn. Matt Damon was perfect in Good Will Hunting! I enjoyed reading your answers.

Linda Henderson said...

I enjoyed your interview. Would love to read your book.

Lea said...

*waving* at everyone, thanks so much for stopping by the Island to say Hi to Beth!

Looking forward to seeing you back the rest of the week.


Tracy said...

I'm behind but wanted to welcome Beth to the Island! Thanks for visiting!

s7anna said...

Hey Beth,
Beautiful cover! I'm looking forward to reading this one.

Happy Reading!!!
Anna Shah Hoque

T. said...

It was wonderful reading all of your responses and the special mai-tai cocktail sounds wonderful. Thanks for sharing with us. T.

Maureen said...

I enjoyed the interview and it was sweet that you have to have your husband with you.

Patti (@TheLoveJunkee) said...

Hi Beth and Lea (and Tori!),
Fun interview! I'd forgotten all about Mary Stewart's Arthur trilogy - I've got to run recommend that to my son!

Lea said...

Hi Everyone!

Thanks again for visiting while Beth was here on the island. Entries are closed for the giveaway and Beth will announce the winner at her blog tomorrow morning!


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