Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Welcome Anthea Lawson!!!

Please give a warm welcome to our newest victim guest!

Anthea Lawson

She's a newly published author (see her site here) And her new book is out on bookshelves everywhere!!

Read an excerpt of All He Desires here

Okay enough of the Shaymless Aymless Promo stuff... Lets get to the details.

Anthea Lawson is a pen name (she's got hubby helping with the "research" *snickers* Makes you wonder they researching).

And Now the

DIK questions (mostly answered by Anthea with Lawson making wisecracks from the peanut gallery and dodging all the hard questions.)

Thanks for having us here at Desert Island Keepers!

* Favorite Reading Position - On the couch in a patch of sun. Not so easy to find in the NW in winter~
L: Doggy Position, no question. Hey! Stop snickering. The Doggy reading position is where you sit on the couch and your big dog flops down at your feet. You rest your foot on the happy beast and give him a little massage with your feet while you read. This position is not to be confused with Kitty position where your cat sits on top of your book and rubs his head insistently against your chin as you struggle to read. Hmmm I wonder if Amazon has thought of including a kitty ejector button on the Kindle. It could play the sound of a can of cat food being opened.

* Best love song - Run by Snow Patrol. Such a sweet, poignant song. It always brings tears to my eyes.
L: I'm a guy. It is impossible for me to answer this question with a song title since, like all guys, I lack the "Best Love Song" gene. Best love song? The one that works -- final answer.

* Favorite Heroine - For some reason, Freya Bedwyn (heroine of Mary Balogh's Slightly Scandalous) has been on my mind recently. Maybe because she is such a strong, prickly character who isn't classically beautiful and has a rougher time opening her heart and accepting love.

* Author everyone loves but you don't - Stephanie Meyer (ducking the slings and arrows!) Though she is obviously a compelling storyteller for many people.

* If you could be in one book/series/world which would you pick - Narnia :)
L: The one about the rakish Duke who falls in love with the beautiful, intelligent, yet seemingly unattainable woman, has a lot of really hot emotionally satisfying sex, and lives happily ever after. That sounds pretty good to me. I get to be the handsome rakish Duke and we skip directly to the part of the book where the wicked author stops torturing and begins rewarding the hero.

* How old is your inside voice - 24
L: Which one of my inside voices are you referring to--and does the one that sounds just like my father count?

* Favorite sex song - Push It by Salt n Pepa ;)
L: Push It is a sex song? Wow, I always thought they were talking about rearranging the furniture. Push it, push it good....right over there under the window.....and now the couch, over there by the entertainment center. Oh yeah!

* If you could be a hero who would you be - Anyone played by Colin Firth in a BBC production! But Batman is a close second...
L: Hey, what do you mean "could be a hero" (Striking an Alpha pose and looking off into the distance in a very wounded-hero-like way)

* What heroine is most like you - I think I'm a bit like Jane Austen's Emma in terms of being convinced that I'm always right, and then having to accept (sometimes ungracefully) when my utmost convictions are proven wrong.
L: The one that's six-feet tall and shaves?

* What heroine would you like to be - Any optimistic, plucky heroine from any era, though I prefer the idea of swooshy skirts... Weird, because I pretty much wear jeans all the time.

* Boxers, briefs, boxer briefs, kilt, commando - Ooh that's a tough one! Either kilt or commando...
L: Aye bonnie lass, those are boxer briefs beneath me kilt. And aye again, briefs beneath my boxer briefs, and aye a third time for the boxers beneath the briefs. A cold wind blows o'er the moors and even a hero will nae risk frostbite under the kilt.

* Favorite book set on a tropical island - Island of the Blue Dolphins. A classic YA read~ (sniffle)
L: Treasure Island, it makes me say "Yar!"

* What hero is most like your significant other - (listening, nodding) Ahem. I have been informed -- that is, the hero most like Lawson is Aragorn as he might be played by Hugh Jackman. (Not Frodo! Of course not!)
L: I'm much too tall to be Frodo.

* What hero would you like to be your significant other -
Sound of a struggle in the background, a feminine voice trying to answer the question but the words come out muffled and indistinct as if someone's hand was covering her mouth, preventing her from answering.
L: Ummmm, next question....

* If you were stuck on a desert island what 3 things would you bring - A large swiss army knife, my glasses (hard to get food when you can't see anything more than 2 feet away), and a big cooking pot. Oh, could I smuggle a solar-powered G3 networked laptop in?
L: My iphone (we've got book proposals out, don't want to miss the call when it comes); an antique oil lamp housing a wish-granting genie (that's a no-brainer, don't you think?); an assortment of board games (It's not like I'm going to waste a wish asking the genie for board games).

* Favorite drink to bring to the DIK party - I used to love Brandy Alexanders, but now I'd go for a perfect margarita.

L: I think I would bring a G&T: Simple, refreshing, and high in vitamin C.
Stay tuned in for home fun facts about Anthea Lawson tomorrow!


Jane said...

Congrats on the new release, Anthea. I love Snow Patrol. "Run" is such a beautiful song.

Lori Brighton said...

Congrats on your release! You guys crack me up!

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the island and congrats on your book!



lisabea said...

Congrats! Welcome to the Island!


Anthea Lawson said...

We're happy to be here! (Anthea is trying not to ogle the cabana boys in a way that Lawson might notice...)

Good to see another Snow Patrol fan, Jane. Glad we make you laugh, Lori -- this interview brought out our lighthearted sides, for sure! Ms. Moonlight, nice to see you again, and *hi* Lisa! (waving like mad)

After a swim in the lovely blue waters, we'll be back to chat more and answer any questions folks might have - so grab a fruity drink and let us know what YOU'D like to know!

Shaymless Aymless said...

*runs into cabana from work*

Hi Anthea! Welcome welcome! *passes drink with the cute little umbrellas*

*pass blindfold for Lawson*

Sorry I couldn't make it earlier. Those office kinda frown at the bloggie-stuff *sniff*

So glad you could make it. So what's in the works?

Shaymless Aymless said...

Anything new and exciting we should keep our little eyes (and book allowance) open for?

Anthea Lawson said...

Hiya Aymless! We're working on an exciting new series and waiting to hear back from editors, plus we've been asked to contribute a story to the Mammoth Book of Regency Romance, out next summer. Always something fun in the works!

Linda Henderson said...

Congratulations on your new release.

Sarah said...

I adore a good margarita! Cool post! :)

SiNn said...

congrats on ur release sounds awesome as always great interview

Mari said...

Your new book sounds like something I'd like. I like that authors are taking chances and setting their books in exotic locales.

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