Monday, November 16, 2009

Enabling. How do YOU do it?

I have been reading Romances for half of my life. For years they were my guilty pleasure, my dirty little secret. While many of my friends were voracious readers, none of them read Romance. In fact, many of my "friends" scoffed at me, poked fun at me, and even ridiculed my literary choices. (Real great friends, huh?) As I've grown older new individuals have entered my life. You know what? They read romance! Yes, it's true. Now, I know all of you read them. That is what has brought us together, this shared love of novels filled with love, passion, drama, sly humor, sexy heroes, and strong heroines. But here are these people in my day-to-day life that read Romance. It is a lovely thing.

But get this: some of those friends who ridiculed me in the past? Some of them are starting to get interested. Oh yes! There are those who throw all reservations aside and dive in head first, asking to borrow books or what you recommendations might be. Then there are those others. The ones for whom it is a new guilty pleasure. You have been there. That was me at 16. And 21. And.... They are resistant yet intrigued.

So how do we hook these friends? What has your approach been? Is it with a particular author? Do you have a sneak Romance attack move you could share? Just what is it you do to enable those around you? How do you bring your friends over to the Romance Side?

(Best sneak attack ever!)


Anonymous said...

I get annoyed beyond reason when my friends look down their noses at my reading choices (they don't read at all-except of one of them, she likes mild romance books, nothing graphic).

When some of my friends and I go see a romance movie or some chick flick I never fail to say something like "If you liked that, you'd love romance books."

It blows my mind that they can stand in line for hours to see some movie, but they will scoff at me for reading the book of the SAME movie!! (Not just romance here, they couldn't believe I would 'a childs' book for the pure enjoyment of it - that book? Harry Potter!!! They belittled me for reading Harry Potter but they went to see all the movies!).

Sometimes I think if my friends had 2 brain cells to rub together they'd be dangerous.



Shannon said...

Ah, book snobbery. Even the nicest people have it. It's a good thing we love these people for other aspects of who they are!

Tracy said...

I only hang with friends who read romance. Just kidding. Wouldn't that be wonderful though? lol

I don't have a clue - I tried to get a friend who reads fiction but not romance into reading it. She liked some but got tired of it really quickly. How is that possible? I have no idea - I just never get tired of it.

Rain Maiden said...

I would probably buy the book then give it to my unsuspecting friend. It can be hard, but how cool it will be when they come over to the light.

The Bookworm said...

yeah, I have a few friends who are book snobs and refuse to read romance novels.
oh well, thats their loss. I have managed to get a few of them to read Twilight though :)

Lea said...

Hey Shannon:

I had not a single friend who read romance except for my mother who likes some of the Harlequin lines until I joined the online community.

Now I have one "in the flesh" friend who shares my passion and so very many who enjoy the same reading tastes as I do.

I don't try and recommend reads anymore, I just peak at what others are reading and check out the information regarding the book and decide if it might be one to pick up myself. To each their own I guess.


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