Friday, November 13, 2009

All He Desires

Okay before we let you go.... Tell us a bit about your new book:

This month we're celebrating the release of our second novel, the spicy Victorian-set ALL HE DESIRES. And guess what?

The book begins on an island! The Isle of Crete, to be exact. Not precisely tropical, but warm enough, and certainly romantic. Our heroine, Caroline, gets to visit ancient Roman sites (with erotic frescoes - ooh lala) and picnic on feta, olives, and baklava, and swim in the Mediterranean (with barely any clothes on) -- all in the company of the mysterious and oh-so-smexy Alex Trentham.

Why Crete?

We love exotic locales, especially in historical settings. The research is fun, plus we get to escape the dreary Pacific NW winters (at least in our imaginations). Our first book featured a botanical expedition to Tunisia -- lots more balmy weather and lush settings for our characters to enjoy. Plus, it's easier to get the characters to stretch the bounds of propriety when the scent of orange-blossoms flavors the air and the warm beach beckons. They can shed some items of clothing (corsets and waistcoats are the first to go) and wander in the starlit ruins without fear that the censorious eyes of the ton will be focused on them.

Some day we'd like to be able to travel to the places we write about. We dream of renting a place on the shore of some tropical islands. That's the dream -- to walk on the beach talking about plot and characters, go back to the villa or cabana and write (and "research...") and let the stories flow without the pesky details of commuting to work and packing lunches. Until then, we let our books do the traveling for us and hope that the readers of Desert Island Keepers will join us.

Thanks for having us here at DIK. We've had a great time, and once we get that island villa thing sorted out, we'll let you know!

Thanks for visiting! (psst Anthea, you can come visit Rain Tairen Soul in my cabana anytime! (^_~) . I won't tell Lawson)


SiNn said...

Ty for stopping by the Island your work sounds awesome. after these 3 days now i really wanan read this book

Jane said...

I would love to see the erotic frescoes in person one day.

Anonymous said...

the island sounds heavenly... especially now :) I must read and escape this reality of work, hehe

Mari said...

Ty for visiting...why didn't I learn about those frescoes in my art history class???

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