Saturday, October 25, 2008

Rain on the roof and a top 13 ish @ midnight.

Why hallo thar! It is my last day on DIK and I thought I could share my mens, but I'd rather share books instead. So many mens, I has a tired. So here I am at 11.26pm, it is cold tonight and there is rain on the roof, literarily! Portentous?

The following are in no particular order but are the current top ten (or 13) that are sticking in my head. I have also read the majority of them more than once, cause they're cool. And don't tell page 128 of your paperback version of My Fair Captain is not well thumbed like mine. I'll know you're telling fibs!
Shall we begin?

My Fair Captain by J.L. Langley. Could this book be any better? There are space ships, gentlemen, Kings and the beautiful, pierced Nate. This book is so good and the 2nd in the series is coming out in November. I cannot wait!

Caught Running by Abigail Roux and Madeleine Urban. This is such a lovely book and being a bit of a sport fan (basically I like to watch men play rugby in shorts) this story appealed. The story is of this ex high school star jock Jake, and the Brandon who is cute and geeky. sigh. The scene on the couch is hawt.

Snow Angel by Sharon Maria Bidwell. Yes, I know Dean is a bit of a shit but I just loved this book and have read it several times. Kinda liked that it was set in the UK. Maybe it's an NZ thing.

Had a break... ok, I got side tracked. Spent a minute or ten reading Pinky and the Brain quotes. God, so funny. Two lab mice trying to take over the world. As you do, when you're a lab mouse!
The Brain: Pinky, are you pondering what I'm pondering?
Pinky: I think so, Brain, but then it'd be Snow White and the Seven Samurai...

It is now 12.14. I have been banned from reading teh quotes because me sniggering in bed is keeping someone awake. So shhhh!

Dangerous Ground by Josh Lanyon. The power dynamic in the book is incredibly compelling. And there is water sex. Come on, what is not to like? Power and spa pool. Plus, Josh Lanyon writes beautifully!

The Back Passage by James Lear. This is such a dirty book, I bullshit you not. And I LOVED it. It was like a really pron Agatha Christie m/m. James Lear is a legend and kinda funny. hehe.

Purgatory by Jet Mykles. I'd read a cereal box if Jet wrote on it. I even bought her book One for the team and it has a girl in it. Heavens! Anywho, Luc and Reese are cool and the sex is merow. You have to read this!

Interstellar Service & Discipline 2: Fallen Star by Morgan Hawke. The guys both have two penises or should it be peni? Like mouse and mice? It's a great book and I like her style. I wonder if anyone knows what she has coming out in the near future? Oh, and LB and TP did a cool review on it that is worth a read. And bloody funny.

Long Horns by Victor J. Banis. Les is the trail boss of a ranch and hires a new hand called Buck. Much smexin ensues. But it is also a real wild west period piece and seriously great. I am President of Victor's NZ fan club and had this wicked conversation at the counter when I bought the book. Both the guy (cute and geeky) and girl serving had read it, so we had a huge yak. It was cool!

Strongman by Denise Rossetti. This was such a great book and Denise has wicked world building skills. I have my fingers crossed she writes another m/m book cause this one was wicked. I must remember to check out her menage in the same series. Have not done so as yet!

Crimson Spell 1 & 2 by Ayano Yamane. Total fantasy Yaoi and fabulous. The art is gorgeous and totally smexin. I have read it several times and it rocks! She also does the Finder series which is a bit more D/s and is out of print. I have read the odd bit and it is worth it if you can get your paws on it. Sew hot!

With Caution by JL Langley. I think this might be the book I have re read the most. It is Jake, he makes me feel... good. ;p But I also liked Remi and the secondary characters were engaging. The way Jake calls Remi
pup. sigh! That just plain old floats my boat.

Since it is now 12.49pm I am going to make it a top 13 by adding 2 more!

A Bit of Rough by Laura Baumbach. The scene outside the pub is a total boat floater. Screen licken good!

And finally, Death of a Pirate King. This book made me stay up to all hours. And I even emailed Josh to say that it was at 12.44am to be exact! I had just finished reading it and that final page was just incredible. Maybe I was a bit teary - I detest

So, there you go. My current list of favs. I encourage you, if you have not already, to pick up any one of these authors and give them a go. They all are incredibly talented and they have all written very memorable books.
Have a great weekend! I am off to sleep. It is so late now, after 1am!

Please excuse the fact that I sound like a deranged teen. Could I have used the word cool any more? I am so TIRED!!! hehe. Sleep NOW!


KT Grant said...

WOW, the cover for The Black Passage is very eye catching. How dirty are we talking?

Sarah said...

Totally pron. I did a review on my blog. I thought it was fab!

Sarah said...

Oh, AND go and check out the 1st post for Halloween of Fiction with Friction. Helluvaween - Skirt. Jet has kindly posted... reading now...

OMG, totally hot.

lisabea said...

You and I see eye to eye, you sock wearing grubby pron girl.

Oh DOPK! (I liked it)

Sarah said...

Yes, well I blame you entirely. I would never have sent porny pics of myself to luscious spanish gay artists if it was not for you and Jen.

I am still up. sigh.

lisabea said...

17 it's ...what the freak time is it????

Katrina Strauss said...

Crimson Spell is one of my own DIK's. Heck, I'd just bring Yamane Ayano along, so she could draw me bishies in the sand. :D

Carolyn Crane said...

Okay, I have to try that James Lear! Tumperkin recommended the Palace of Varieties by Lear and that sounds great, too. "This is such a dirty book." Why is that recommendation making it go to the top of my list?

jetmykles said...

Dang! I totally forgot manga when thinking about DIK *facepalm*

glad you liked my Halloween story. It's a little bit of fluff but I thought it was fun :D

Sayuri said...

It's so weird, I just finished 'The Back Passage' and have been waxing lyrical about it. I had to go and glom his entire back-cat. Reading Hot Valley now and loving it! I have become a complete James Lear fangirl. Very, very dirty, well written books!

Also, NATE! Pierced Nate! I am sooo glad you mentioned the PA. My favourite part. Delish!

I bought Snow ANgel on the strength of your review and really loved it. Dean was a shit, but a lovable one. It was fun to read something set in the UK for a change!

I haven't gotten through all JM back-cat yet but what I have read I have loved.

I have Longhorns there to read, just haven't gotten round to it yet.

And DOAPK. What can I say? MASTERPIECE. I freakin loved every word. Jake. Adrien. My boys.

I am going to read these Morgan Hawke books eventually. Maybe I'll treat myself for Crimbo.

Sarah said...

I went to sleep!!!!! Promise!

Katrina, I LOVED Crimson Spell. I also think bringing Yamane Ayano along is a spectacular idea! She is also clever and her books are srsly sexy.

Hey CJ, I think it is all that rampant sex. So unapologetic and totally on the bed, on the floor etc. I think the best one is right at the beginning in the closest. The whole scene just appealed!

Jet, like I said - you could write on a cereal box and I'd read it. AND I read a book with a girl in it by you and didn't even mind the girl cooties.

Sayuri, I am so stoked you enjoyed Snow Angel. I also agree it was wicked cool to see something set in England. If you think about it, most books in the genre are set in the US.
I also think that is one of the sexiest scenes ever! hehe.Morgan Hawke is fantastic. I am really keen to read more but have not seen mention of her in a coons age.

jetmykles said...

LOL I take the fact that you were willing to read my girl cooties as a HUGE compliment :D

Bev(QB) said...

Some of those I've read, some I've heard of and may read someday, but Long Horns by Victor Banis? Never heard of him, never heard of the book, but soon... very soon... TEH GHEY COWBOYS WILL BE MINEZ!

Tracy said...

I've only read some of your books but I want to read them all! Fabulous selection!

LVLM(Leah) said...

Between you, JenB and Jessewave, I've heard of all of them and have been salivating over most of them. Damn, but I have to get a move on and start reading. I'm totally bookmarking this page for reference. :)

Sarah said...

hehe Jet, I am such a rude ass. But, it was good!!!

Bev, I did a review and Victor is THE coolest. Did a review here you can check out

Tracy, you must read and then let me know what you think! I think they're all great.

Leah, I also have all my books - actually all of our books in Library thing. There is a link on my blog about half way down. I up date it every few weeks and also star stuff. Be aware though - occasionally I re read and re star stuff cause I am a bit weird like that. LOL!!!

JenB said...

Such yummy books. *sigh*

No wonder we get along so well. We've both got such fabulous taste in books! ;)

I really need to read that Strongman book. And The Back Passage.

Wasn't Longhorns fabulous? And With, I really need to do some re-reading.

Sarah said...

I think great minds think a like. LOL. I think I'll have to gank my own post and be a bit more coherent on my blog. :) Rabid teen or what?

I think With Caution is just brilliant.

Strongman is cool, and I must go read the menage she wrote.

The Back passage is just dirty. And I LIKED it. LOL. I think the Scotsmen in The Secret Tunnel are even dirtier. LOL. (The titles make me giggle, puerile!)

BTW the capture is fectoma - sounds like something you need antibiotics for. LOL!

Denise Rossetti said...

Thanks, Sarah. This is pretty cool company! I'm a huge Josh Lanyon fan, for instance. Lordy, the man can write! And I lurve Jet's boys...

I'll be checking out the others, believe me.

And if you do get around to reading my menages, I'd like to know what you think!

jessewave said...

James Lear created Mitch, one of my best detectives *g*. You have some of my favourite books here - MFC, Caught Running, Strongman, WC,DG and Purgatory. WOW. These are re-read worthy. Great choices.

Sarah said...

I shall get onto it smartly Denise. Ta for stopping by :) And, I agree Josh writes beautifully and I adore Jet's boys and girls too!

Sayuri decided Mitch was total BFF material, and I have to agree! Cause he is a grub after my own heart. LOL

Christine said...

Hi Sarah!
Of all the titles you listed in this and your previous post, I've only read Mr. Perfect. I'll need to borrow some of your DIKs on the island. What book would you suggest I read first?

Sarah said...

Ummm, I think I'd have to say Linda Howard. Either of them! If you're wanting mens, I'd say any of them... maybe Caught Running is a little gentler? You can borrow them anytime!!!

Sarai said...

So I want The Black Passage now and I HEART LUC omg my fav of the heaven scent guys. Can't wait to see her new series.

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