Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I brung heroes~!

Welcome to day 2 of my stay here at DIK - oh wait, am I trapped here? I never know the backstory on the island. I guess we can't get off, but we can make things and people appear in limited quantities. And authors!

Hey, here is the rundown on the heroes I chose during that fateful hero draft

Eric Northman (Sookie Stackhouse series, Charlaine Harris): Ex-Viking Vampire. Morally questionable. Make that pretty much evil, but with a core of sweetness as revealed in Dead to the World (see below). What is it about Eric? He doesn’t show up much in the series compared to every other character, yet his allure is tremendous. How is he in the new True Blood series? We don’t have cable. I’d really like some reports.

Joe Morelli & Ranger (Stephanie Plum, Janet Evanovich): I happen to enjoy love triangles, and these two make an excellent one. In real life, they would have killed each other by now! Morelli is a very guy-like New Jersey Italian cop—I love his guy like ways. And of course, he’s a cop! He is the perfect counterpart to mysterious, swarthy, slightly illegal bounty hunter Ranger. I remember this one scene where Morelli is in Stephanie’s apartment and Ranger calls and leaves a message on her machine, suggesting she do something dangerous to catch a guy, and Morelli just goes, “Bad idea.” That's the kind of Morelli/Ranger moment I love.

Michael (Guardian Series, Meljean Brook): Michael is the head angel in the Guardian series; he hasn’t gotten his own book yet, but you see him in other books as kind of an awesome figure, telling it like it is and making people do the hard things they have to do. He’s wonderful and mysterious, and in my mind, I see him as full of potential and possibly a kind of inward or outward fury. I’m hotly anticipating it. I chose Michael partly as a bargaining chip to make a trade that can never now happen, and used taunts regarding feather dusters. Let me say for the record that the taunts are only outrageous because Michael is anything but a feather duster.

Adrian (The Spymaster's Lady, Joanna Bourne): Ah, clever young, vulnerable, wise-beyond-his-years Adrian. What’s interesting is that it’s often scenes that sell me on a hero more than description. And often, in those scenes, the hero has only the most subtle of parts. The scene that clinched it for me for Adrian was the one where the French spy heroine is trapped at one point by the English spies, and he just gives her this wistful look, full of understanding.

Han Solo: What can I say? The sexy outlaw who will do the right thing in the end. The pirate with the heart of gold. Why does this type never get old?

Captain Kirk: I’m not entirely sure why I picked Kirk. On the series, when they have Kirk being all sort of sexy in some freaky, chest-baring space loungewear, I sort of don’t find him attractive, but when he in trouble, like the bad guys put a shock collar on him and make him fight Spock, or when he’s all beat up and sweaty in the clutches of some outer space villain, that’s the Kirk I like.


lisabea said...

You know, it's not Captain Kirk I love as much as I love the Shatner himself. I heart him big time and old school. Did you know that my screensaver is Captain Kirk? It reads:

I'm sorry. I can't hear you over the sound of how awesome I am.

But it is you, CJ, who is teh awesome.

Marnie said...

Well... undate on Eric ---- this last Sunday he was lounging around in the tub. It was a site to see.

Kati said...

Ah yes, Adrian. I love him. He's completely intriguing isn't he?

Every time someone asks me who my favorite pirate is, I always say Han Solo. LOVE HIM!

Carolyn Crane said...

LB: Shatner!!! You are teh awesome. I can't believe you have a Shatner screensaver.

Marnie: Thanks for the update! Oh, wow. I think I might need to do a you tube search for that or something.

Kati: Yes, we share that Adrian love. We should have a celebration when that book comes out.

KT Grant said...

Ahem. Michael was never yours. You stole him.

Carolyn Crane said...

Oh, KB, he IS mine, and I think his stock is only going to RISE, if you know what I mean.

Tracy said...

CJ - You have the greatest heroes!

Is it wrong that I want to come to your hut and lick Michael? lol

little alys said...

Captain Kirk? Gah. He boinks everyone though O_o.

You have awesome heroes, CJ. Is there going to be a bloody fight again over Michael?

All these featherdusters, lickings, and uh...stock. Are we going x-rated? ^_~

Shaymless Aymless said...

Hehe... Kirk did seem to boink all the chicks he ran into.

Just a quick question though... is Micheal's feather duster with black or white feathers?

Psst Alice: whiles KB and CJ are in bloody battle for Micheal, let uh... liberate him *wink*

Ciara said...

Great pick with Adrian! I can't wait for his story. He's my favorite character.

Meljean threatened to kill off Michael after your callous treatment of him. :(

DIK Ladies said...

Tracy: Nothing is wrong with that! LOL.

LA: Kirk always gets the girl.

Aym: No liberating!

Ciara: She threatened to kill him off? Noooo!

little alys said...

Amy- Hmmm...we shall commence conference this weekend. ;) Let's say Michael's feather duster is...both. ^_~

CJ- *covers eyes* We're not doing anything! Promise!

Ciara- Really? Can't I do it? I mean, er...I uh...not this Alys, but you know, Alice Alice...yes...can Alice kill him?

Shaymless Aymless said...

Ciara: Meljean can't kill Micheal! O_o We need him... DIK island has much dust!

CJ: Who me... surely you are mistaken *g*

Alice: Yup conference need. Now picturing black/white duster... mmmmm..

The Bookworm said...

Hello Hans Solo!
Great picks cj :)

Carolyn Crane said...

LA: Has everybody read Demon Bound but me? It sounds like you have read it!!

AYM: I guess I should know what color Michael's feathers are by now!!

Naida: A Han gal!

Katrina Strauss said...

Mmm, Han Solo... the first rogue I ever loved.

Christine said...

Great picks, CJ.
Well... I like most of them.

I guess I'm indifferent about Kirk and Solo.

And I don't know Eric Northman or Joe Morelli & Ranger. Yet.

So I guess I'm basically saying YES! to Adian and Michael! =)

p.s. I haven't read Demon Bound yet, either.

Christine said...

Oh! And Michael's feathers are black. All the Guardians and have white feathers, as does Belial. ;p

little alys said...

Amy- Yes, schemes. Mwahaha.

CJ- Nah, I haven't read it yet. Everyone else has. I'm going to try and read Charlie's this weekend.

Chrissy- We're talking about the featherduster, not Michael's feather feather. You know, the one some people here are using for nefarious purposes...in huts...with Michael. ^_~ Unless, I read Amy's question wrong, then Christine's correct, Michael's the only one with black feathers.

Shannon said...

Ah. Kirk. You have the Hurt-Comfort love for him. You see him hurt or being manly and you want to comfort him.

Joanna Chambers said...

I'm probably going to leave you all with an unwanted visual here, but my dad looks uncannily like El Shatner.

Seconding you on Adrian and Han Solo.

Shaymless Aymless said...

CJ, Chrissy: Yup Micheal's feathers are black, but featherduster... hmm... Alice says black and white (maybe he has others donate white feathers for duster... never know)

Alice: yup, yup...

Me reading Demon Bound now, it's super good! I heart Jake big time now.

Bridget Locke said...

Mmmm...Han Solo and Adrian.

You know, it's funny, but I didn't really care for The Spymaster's Lady and yet I really liked Adrian. I certainly hope he gets his own book. :)

Sarah said...

Han and Eric, so nice!!!!!!

I adore Han, he totally floats my boat. I am also liking the guy playing Eric much. Good casting!

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