Friday, October 24, 2008

Guest: Gennita Low

Gennita Low is clever, funny and makes me laugh! She roofs, she writes and she blogs! The woman is a dynamo! I have her books on my keeper shelf, of which my favorite is Facing Fear, - Rick *sigh*.
I also enjoy reading her blog, which is rather amusing... I think it's the sexy veggies!

Without further ado, welcome to the DIK Gennita!

All about me. I write and I roof, so I'm perfect for the deserted island. I can build shelter and entertain myself with stories ;-).

* Favourite books that would be in your handbag as you jumped overboard and swam to the deserted island?

I have a big handbag. I must have Linda Howard's Diamond Bay. JD Robb's Naked In Death. Helen Mittlemeyer's Princess of the Veil. Susan Johnson's Outlaw. One/any Helen Bianchin. Dinah McCall's Jackson Rule. You know I'm going to cheat and download a ton of books onto my super-laptop too, right? ;-P

* What men would be hanging in your cabana?

Heeheehee. You're going to be soooo jealous. Click on this:

See, these cabana boys come nekkid. Hooyah!

Gennita Low's Commandos

* Favorite Reading Position?

I like him on his back but that gets in the way of reading sometimes.

*Favorite Heroine?

Eve Dallas. One tough woman with the wealthiest man on earth waiting for her on HIS very own deserted island.

*If you could be in one book/series/world which would you pick?

The In Death world, as long as I get to be Eve Dallas. The sex, the autochef, the sex, the interplanetary travel, the sex, the skylight over the bed,

*How old is your inside voice?


*Favorite love song?

A Groovy Kind Of Love

*If you could be a hero who would you be?

Michael from La Femme Nikita. But then I'd love myself so much, it'd be unbearable.

*What heroine is most like you?

Man, I'm one of a kind. No one can be as crazy as me!

*What heroine would you like to be?

I would like to be T from my books. What I wouldn't give to look different whenever I want. And then there is hot Alex chasing me all around the globe. Yeah, being T would be fun.

*Boxers, Briefs, boxer briefs?

Briefs, the kind that hug the buns.

*What hero would you like to be your significant other?

MICHAEL SAMUELLE from La Femme Nikita. Is there a theme here? Yes, there is, and it's all about French kissing Michael.

Please remember to add in my handy Jack Bauer Knapsack (TM) which will have all the tools we're going to need, such as hammers, screwdrivers, a couple of grenades....we're going to have such a blast! ;-)

*If you were stuck on a desert island what 3 things would you bring?

- Solar powered satellite connected laptop! (hey, I write techno-thrillers, I know all the latest toys)
- Solar powered ice-cream maker
- Gloves (roofing has taught me that gloves are essential protection from EVERYTHING icky)
- I'm going to sneak in lots of pens and paper too (I'm write about spies, so I don't play by the rules)
(Heck, I'll max out my credit card and pay for monthly plane drop-offs, which will bring lots of goodies like chocolate and Campbell's Chunky Soup)

*Favorite drink to bring to the DIK party?

Toasted Jenn Almond, a special mixer named after me.
Thank you so much for taking the time to do this Jenn, you are super sweet and have excellent taste in blokes. ;)

If you go here, you can check out Jenn's free ebook download over at her blog. This is a such a cool story and you must read it! Thanks Jenn, I do think you just rock. Mwah!

Here is the blurb that I ganked from her blog. Check it out in its entirety here.
- Out of the Darkness

Killian Nicholas Langley has spent most of his life as a member of a covert team, living in the shadows, working among people who accept danger as part of their lives. When an explosion nearly took his life, he thought he would follow S.O.P.--lay low for a while, figure out what happened, and contact someone he trusted. He thought he'd do well in construction, hiding among the transients, keeping a low profile. However, he hadn't expected a boss quite like Jaymee Barrows.

Into the Sunlight

Jaymee has spent the last eight years paying for a massive monetary mistake, all because of being too trusting. Giving up her college education, she'd had to take over her father's roofing business, working hard to get it back in the black. The tall, dark stranger with clean hands and a smart mouth looking for a job wasn't a roofer. She could tell he was going to be trouble...just like the big bad wolf. Best to stay far, far away from him.

But the more he got to know Jaymee, the more Killian was intrigued by his new boss. She had secrets he wanted to know about. Her light tempted the darkness in his life. And after tasting her, he wanted more....


Anonymous said...

OMG, your naked commandos come with a rugby! Click on the link, ladies. I wanna one like that.

Kim said...

Hi Jenn! **fangrly wave**
I confess, I am a big lurker over at your blog. Ubercool.

I am a huge In Death fan too...Roarke! He is here on the isle somewhere...who has Roarke?

I want to be the make-up, hair stylin', oil bearin' chick in the French rugby video. How do I apply for that job?

Good to have you here on the isle Jenn! Your mad tech toyz will come in very handy indeed.

Ciara said...

Wow. That was some video! Welcome to the island! I haven't read any of your DIK. How can that be? I own Naked in Death. I should bite the bullet and read it just so I can say I have. :P

Thanks for the interview!

Ally Blue said...


Okay, that last nekkid boy? The one who looks like he's about to pole-dance?
**runs away with him**
Heh :P

Tracy said...

Hi there! Welcome to the island! I have one of your books (Virtually His) but I'm sorry to say I haven't read it yet. Bad Tracy!!

I LOVE your Commandos. Honey they can be your cabana boys as long as my hut can be next to yours and I can ogle. I have my own stash of men to ogle but dayum!! lol

I need to know what the Toasted Jenn Almond is!!

Sarah said...

Mare, those players are super hot are they not?

Kim, I am quite sure they need some sort of therapist! And Jenn is super cool and a hard case.

Ciara, I have several of them. Like the 1st 5-6? And read a few more from the library.

haha, Ally you man thief you!!

Tracy, I need to know what it is also. I like the whole toasted almond thing!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry I couldn't play earlier, girls, but, man, getting kidnapped can disorient a gal, whew!

Anyway, hiya, and please do come join in a game of rugby with my boys ***grin***

Anonymous said...

Damn, that was me, Gennita. I don't know...the solar computer is acting wonky on this remote island. Bad spot...?

Anyway, while I try to fix it, please also have some of my Toasted Jenn Almond:

leetle bit of vodka
a few drops of Drambruie
a spurt of Triple Sec
and specially for you, a touch of Mozart Gold Cream...oh, you'll never forget the taste of MGC.

Shake with crushed ice. Looks like milkshake and a lot more dangerous ;-).

Have one or two, while I put some suntan oil on my boys. Can't have them getting burned on their first day out.


Anonymous said...


You must start with Naked In Death. There's no one like Roarke!

Please drop by my blog and ck out the free ebook. It'll give you some background insight on VHis.

Okay, no playing rough!


Anonymous said...

Hi Jenn! I've been a fan of your books and your blog for a long time - been reading BBW and Killian is one hot tamale! I wouldn't mind keeping him on a deserted island for sure. I'm all caught up on the story (couldn't read it fast enough). When will it be for sale in print?

Sarah said...

Hey Jenn, that sounds so yum! You had me at cream... nom, nom, nom.

Ally has already stolen one of your rugby boys! She is so sneaky!!!

Bridget Locke said...

Somebody likes Michael from La Femme, I miss that show. *sigh*

Loved your men. Excuse me whilst I go wipe up my drool. :)

Ally Blue said...

Ally has already stolen one of your rugby boys! She is so sneaky!!!

I blame my Hut O' Manwhores. They wanted their own rugby-playing pole dancer!

FSM, those guys are so hot my eyeballs blistered just looking at them.

Anonymous said...

Jenn, you are absolutely right, you are one of a kind! I love ya cupcake but Gerry is MINE.

Gennita said...


Since BBW is free, I haven't made up my mind about putting it up for sale as a physical book yet, but requests like yours are really making me to consider it ;-). Just for readers who want a hard copy in book form.

Thanks so much for being so supportive!



On this island, I say we're allowed to swap now and then! Hee.



I know what you mean. Every time I think of them grappling each other, hot and sweaty, I drink more Toasted Jenn Almonds ;-)


Lauren Dane,

You just get back over there and watch Dr. Kinky while I play with Gerry. We have a deal! We share and JP gets excluded. Are you reneging? Cut you, I say, CUT YOU!

Sarah said...

Ally, there is this one Deux boy, OMG he is so nice blond... I wants him.

Thank you Jenn, you are the bestest. :)

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