Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Ana's day #2 : A week in my island life!

As soon as I moved to the Island with my heroes I started having problems – there are 7 of them ,only one of me and they were fighting and arguing for a chance to spend the day or the night with me and soon things started getting out of the control and because I am a control freak I could not stand it anymore and decided to organise things. This is how I ended up allocating one day a week for each hero and it’s working really well. Each one gets a 24 hour period starting at 7am each day. While I am spending time with the hero of the jour , the others get to do whatever they want - they have mock-up fights so that they can stay in shape, they go camping, they go swimming but mostly they just rest for their next round with moi- I can be very very demanding ; )

Anyways this is how the week goes at Casa de Ana:


I start off the week with Bowen MacRieve the hero from my favorite Kresley Cole’s novel Wicked Deeds on a Winter's Night. He shows up in the morning with a complete breakfast, which he has gathered or hunted just for me – being a Lykae (a werewolf of sorts) is quite handy when you are stranded on an island. He then takes me to the cave he has found where I bathe and he helps me and we proceed to *CENSORED* I just love spending time with Bowen, he is very alpha but also so sweet – I love when he whispers sweet nothings in my ears in his Scottish accent - “you are a verra beautiful lass” he says all the time. There was this one day we were walking around the jungle (he is very outdoorsy) and I asked what were his favorite things and he just said: Your smell, your smile, your company. To which I replied, your favorite things cannot be all about me, and he just said “why not” and I melted and then we proceeded to *CENSORED* Actually I have a lot of *censored * moments on Sundays since out of all my heroes he is the one with most stamina. Specially when he is in his Lykae form – did I say he is like, HUGE? Yabadabadu!


Mondays have been allocated to King Leonidas from The 300 Graphic Novel. My favorite thing about King Leonidas? That he looks like this:

He is very belligerent and tends to think a lot about war so our favorite “thing” is when I dress up like a Persian and I yell at him “I want YOOUUUUR ‘weapon’ ” and he replies “you want my weapon? COME AND GET IT” and ….. *CENSORED* aaaaaawww, role playing with King Leonidas in the jungle – can life be better than that?


Tuesday is Royce Westmoreland’s day - he is the hero from A Kingdom of Dreams by Judith McNaught . He is not the usual JM which means he is Alpha without being an Alpha Jerk. Quite the contrary , he can be really emotional too. And he is prepared to die for me – before we decided on this schedule, the heroes were fighting and things were getting pretty ugly and Royce just came to his knees and didn’t fight back because he knew I wouldn’t have wanted him hurting my other heroes. There was this one day, our pet sea turtle (which he named Thor) died, and he cried in my arms like a baby. But he is also so fierce and such a strong warrior – he has been teaching me how to fight with a sword although every time we try sparring we end up *CENSORED*


My Wednesdays belong to Logan a.k.a. Wolverine (X-Men). I have loved Logan for so many years now ever since I was a teenager and read the X-Men comics. When I chose him I was prepared to spend quite a lot of time fighting and having arguments because Wolvie (how I like to call him) can be a pig-head. Plus he really hates to talk about his past. Which makes me furious and then I throw things at him like I am a telekinetic and he catches them in air and slice through them with his retractable adamantium claws and then the whole thing gets him really horny and then *CENSORED* Sometimes I swear It’s like living in the War Room of professor Xavier’s mansion.
Not that there’s anything wrong with that.


This is a day with another Kresley Cole’s hero: Conrad Wroth from Dark Needs at Night's Edge. Conrad is a vampire, which means we only get to play at night and that works really well for me because at this point of the week I am so tired I need to rest. This is also when I get to talk with my girlfriends and perhaps re-read one of my books. I love visiting KatieBabs’s hut so that I can get an eye full of Sully. Or try to take a peek at Judd Lauren, or Roarke - you know, JUST to say hello OK? I am no hero-thief! (I wish though) But when night falls, whoa mama. Can the vamp deliver! He traces us all around the island to the most romantic locations and


Friday is another day off, sort of. Because this day belongs to Fox Mulder from the X-Files - the least sexual of my heroes. The reason I chose Mulder is not because he is hot (although he is) but mainly because I love his brain and his sense of humour. There is nothing sexier than that (well, ok, I am lying now) and I love that we spend the whole day just …talking. I love to hear his weird ideas and I love to hear his stories about Aliens and Monsters. I particularly love how excited he gets about all the paranormal creatures in the island – and I have the sneaky suspicion he is creating the Island-Files. He is so cute and honestly, sometimes I get so turned on by all his brainy talk and I just jump him and *CENSORED*


Ah. I saved the best for last. And if you notice, I organised the days so that I have practically two days off before I get my day with the one and only Sebastian St. Vincent, the hero from Lisa Kleypas’s Devil in Winter. He is my all-time favorite hero and I adore my other men but I LOVE Sebastian. I feel we have this connection and honestly, Saturday is the day I most look forward to. I love his brain and how he is smart and witty. He is teaching me card tricks and how to play snooker (we found a snooker table buried in the sand. What? Yes, we did). He is so depraved and so crude - it sounds awful but it isn’t – he whispers in my ears what he intends to do with me and boy can I feel my toes curling. *CENSORED* He is prepared to do anything for me. Like this one day, a boar attacked me and he threw himself between us and almost died. Thank God we have Sully around with his ability to cure people. I was so scared I was going to loose Sebastian I nearly chocked. And the thing is, whilst he was there thinking he was going to die, all he could think off was what would happen to me.

There was also that one time, when he spent the six days we were apart going around the island looking for flowers and diving after pearls. When that Saturday came he presented me with the most luscious orchids and surrounded me with pearls and proceeded to ravish me. He may not have the same stamina as Bowen but it’s close enough. Sebastian loves sex but most of all he loves to kiss. And boy can the man kiss, sometimes it’s hours and hours of kissing – and it’s just amazing. When he leaves on Sunday morning, I cry. Every single time. Then it’s time to start all over again.

He carries around his neck a ring I gave him as soon as we moved here as sign of my devotion but I know it kills him that now that he found someone he truly loves, he has to share me. And this is what prompted a “talk” which led to the announcement I will make tomorrow!


lisabea said...


OK so I heart you so much that you can bring some of those boys by my hut for *CENSORED*.


Nicely done!

Christine said...

LOL Great approach to keeping your heroes so organized! Me, not so much. My heroes just *CENSORED* and *CENSORED* and then they *CENSORED* randomly all day and night long.

Great post, Ana! :)

Carolyn Crane said...

Ana, this is just wonderful! Wow, you have quite the enchanting hut. My condolences to your and Royce's pet seaturtle, but it seems you are getting over it. How did you end up with so many Cole heroes? drats, we did this draft before I got into her.

Ana said...

Lisabea and CJ - your wishes may come true sooner than you think *ninja cat exit*

Thea said...

Hahahahaha! Aaaa, I love it. Especially that tasty Leonidas!

I can't believe you found a snooker table burried in the sand...I bet you and St. Vincent had a time doing *censored* things on it :p

I cannot wait for the grand finale tomorrow!!!! *ninja vanish*

JenB said...

*blink blink*

I had no idea you were such a dirty girl!

Mmmmmmmm, Wolverine.

Tracy said...

OMG lol!! I thoroughly loved this post. You have such a way with your heroes my friend. You've done a fine job keeping yourself and them happy!

Great post Ana!!

Ciara said...

Hahahahaha. That was GREAT. How am I supposed to follow such a great act??? I can haz funny? No. You should write stories. Your voice is hilarious.

Thank you!

Ana said...

Thanks dolls!

Ciara, *blushes* you are too kind.

little alys said...

*gasp* OMG, Ana! Are you even allowed to *CENSORED* *CENSORED* and *CENSORED*, much less *CENSORED* *CENSORED*?!?!!! And to write for the world to see you *CENSORED* *CENSORED* *CENSORED* , oh my!

I know why you're one of my favs! ;)
Go Ana! Have tons of fun *CENSORED* with you *CENSORED* menz. ;)
P.S. I fear you may have created an unforeseen consequence. ^_~

Bridget Locke said...

*snicker* If all of us had as much fun *CENSORING* as we did everything else...I don't think any of us would sleep, eat, or anything else. *CENSORING* would be the only thing we'd want to do. :)

And as per your announcement tomorrow, very excited! :)

Shannon said...

Mulder not sexual? WHAT? Any time Scully showed up at his apartment he had pron on the TV in the background.

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