Thursday, October 16, 2008

Aymless's Men

Oh so many to choose from... And so many have already be commandeered. Taking that info in account I have enticed the following heroes to the HLO cabana:

Circenn Brodie (The Highlander's Touch by Karen Marie Moning)
Big brawny hero in a kilt! Whee... Definitely an alpha hero and constantly troubled by his father (Adam Black). Half -fey (thanks to dad) and half mortal. He can "pop" into different time frames. He great with a sword *wink* and so charming when he isn't brooding. And came bring back all the wonderful things that we left behind. Like all those books that haven't been release yet! Talk about advance reader copies!

Hari (Tiger Eye by Marjorie Lui)
OOOhhhh... Who can resist an tiger man. An Alpha hero trapped by curse. He's seven feet of luscious yumminess. He is kind to children but deadly to enemies. He is the last of his kind (at the moment) and live to protect his mate. He is warm and caring and loves to cuddle.

Jack Norton (Conspiracy Game by Christine Feehan)
Big time Alpha hero. Train to be a sniper and altered by genetic engineering by a mad scientist. He longs for softness and the love a good woman. He's perfectly able to provide for his woman in any situation. And will help with island security.

Kanaen ZaDarien/Kiri (TimeShadow Riders by Ann Maxwell)

A space pirate with a secret. Zaarain, the ones who control unspeakable power and technology. He has to leave his destined mate behind do local customs. Now that Zaarain is in trouble, he returns to save his love and must save the galaxy from destruction with the help of his mate.

Vasic (Hostage to Pleasure by Nalini Singh)
A very much on a unknown at this point. But who doesn't like a man of mystery. Of the the very are V-Tk or Traveling currently working for Anthony Kyriakus the leader of the Psy rebellion but and part of Ming Le Bon's innercircle.

Wren Tigrian (Unleash the Night my Sherrilyn Kenyon)
I just can't help myself. TIGERMAN!! Yum. His noble and sweet and carrying. He doesn't put up with much and when annoyed he shows them this claws. And soft and cuddly too.


Marnie said...

OH MY! Many of these are my favorite too... yum!

little alys said...

Dude! Stop doubling with my list O_o. I know we share, but seriously. :P

Tracy said...

oh my you have wonderful men in your hut! Circenn - LOVE him!

Vasic - good choice - he's very intriguing.

And Wren - oh one of my favorite SK heroes ever. *sigh*

Shaymless Aymless said...

Marnie: Aren't they just so yummy
Alice: Think of all the others we can add to our cabana
Tracy: Thanks!

little alys said...

But now I have to think up new guys!

Seriously, the chat yesterday was hilarious. Vasic...mmmm

Christine said...

I love Wren. One of my favorite SK heroes, too. The first time he takes Maggie on her apartment floor? Whoa baby! So hot.

jessewave said...

Half of these men are in my hut *g*

Sayuri said...

I'm late to this...

Hari! I love Hari and Wren....

I think shapeshifters are my hero du jour! *g*

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