Friday, October 31, 2008

Bookworm Day 2: Vampire Hunks Spotted on the Island

Vampire Hunks Spotted on the Island

Happy Halloween everyone. For today I thought we could discuss a really great vampire novel/film:
Interview With the Vampire by Anne Rice

'Interview' takes place in New Orleans. Vampire Lestat turns young plantation owner Louis into a vampire. Louis feels guilt at having to feed off human blood, while Lestat kills humans every night. So Louis instead feeds off animals for some time, and hates Lestat for being so evil and so vengeful. As the story goes on Louis wants to be free of Lestat and find out where vampires come from so he can know what he truly is.

'My vampire nature for me has been the greatest adventure of my life; all that went before it was confused, clouded; I went through mortal life like a blind man groping from solid object to solid object. It was only when I became a vampire that I respected for the first time all of life. I never saw a living, pulsing human being until I was a vampire; I never knew what life was until it ran out in a red gush over my lips, my hands!'
I love this book, it is dark, beautiful and scary. Anne Rice writes it like poetry at times. The film version was very good as well, I think it's because Rice was largely involved with the production of the movie. Tom Cruise stars as the wicked and gorgeous Lestat, Brad Pitt plays the tortured, beautiful Louis.
Have you read 'Interview'? Seen the film? What are your thoughts on it?

Happy Haunting!


Jenre said...

I read this many, many years ago when I was a teenager. I remember really enjoying it at the time and thought the film did not match up to the book - Tom Cruise was NOT Lestat in my mind!

The part that sticks most in my mind is the frustration of the little girl vampire who is trapped in the body of a child as she matures into an adult in her mind. It was sad and creepy at the same time.

lisabea said...

Ok so how much do I love that photo of Tom (who I detest, fyi) getting his m/m love on with Brad (who I LOVE . Pant. Drool. Squirm.)?

K. Happy Halloween. I never read the book! I'm so ashamed! I do have this Beauty trilogy lying around (don't tell sula) and it's pretty hokie.

Tracy said...

Gosh it's been years since I've read this book but I remember loving it. So much better than the movie - although the movie was well done IMO.

Happy Halloween!

The Bookworm said...

jenre: Claudias character was sooo creepy!

lisabea: lol...I used to like Tom till he got a bit strange. I love him in this movie.

tracy: this is such a great book, Happy Halloween :)

Carolyn Crane said...

Great post! I read Interview long ago, but none of the others. But I thought it was a great read! It was really so rich and dramatic in so many ways. I never saw the movie. I couldn't bear to see Tom Cruise in it.

Mary M. said...

Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles were my introduction to paranormals. I didn't start with Interview, though, but with Lestat. I knew Interview came first in the series, but Lestat just seemed more interestig from the blurb, focussed on that cocky, sexy, unpredictable vampire brat :-D. Since it told the full story of one of Interview's main characters, I decided I would probably be OK reading it before book 1. So I read Vampire Lestat and fell in love with the golden haired vamp. Because of that, when I finally went back to read Interview, I didn't like it because it showed Lestat in a completely different light, as a deliberately cruel and rather unsensitive character. I never re-read that book. I did, however, watch the movie of Interview and enjoyed it, because it showed a hint of the Lestat from Vampire Lestat, more humorous, doesn't take life as seriously, you know? I think Tom actually did a prtty good Lestat, much better than I would have expected. Antonio Banderas was SO not Armand, though.

My fav book in that series remains Queen of the Damned. Gripping, complex, with lots of mythology, just my cup of tea. The movie for that one was terrible, unfortunately. But damn, the soundtrack was awesome. :-D

Sarah said...

This is a groovy series! I read Lestat and then Queen of the Dammed and was a bit hooked. ;)

The Bookworm said...

cj: thanks, this is one of my favorite books.
well, it's one of the very few movies I like Tom Cruise in.

mary: I did like Vampire Lestat, but not as much as Interview.
I agree, Antonio was sooo not
I saw Queen of the Damned and didnt like it, I havent read it yet.

sarah: I agree, these are great books. I still need to read Queen of the Damned though.

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