Friday, September 5, 2008

The Nalini Singh Hostage Crisis: Day 3

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As we reach the last day(last day? what are you talking about? she's not leaving...and I'm not done annoying people yet), Nalini, having now been sufficiently tortured (not yet) with all you can drink drinks (Captain Jack Sparrow is tending the bar), a lovely floor show (heroes working the runway in the undergarment or lack of their choice(from yesa-ma-day)), and the full spa treatment, is ready for... *drum roll*...

The Q & A:
DIK Ladies: What can you tell us about Vasic? We now know that he is a part of the rebellion, but it also looks like he will be Ming LeBon's right hand man. How will this work out?

Ms. Nalini: Vasic is someone you'll get to see only glimpses of for a while. How things go depends on the world - he has to survive the madness of what he does. (You know, if these were written by any other romance author, he'd have a lot of smex therapy from random women to forget his pain. Not. Good. Method. IMO. NOW do you see why I like these menz a bit better?)

DIK Ladies: And there is the who is Ghost question? Any hints, teases, anything? Will Ghost and Anthony Kyriakus meet? Will they join forces against the Psy Council?

Ms. Nalini: It's funny - I've turned in BRANDED BY FIRE and I'm desperately trying to remember if what I want to talk about was in Mercy or Dorian's book! Let's just say your questions (some of them) will be answered soon. (Oh ho! So you've sent it in, have you... heh heh heh heh heh heh heh...)

DIK Ladies: Then there is Kaleb Krychek. Will there be more about the relationship between Kaleb and the Darkmind? Will Kaleb get down and dirty with someone? And will we find out more about the mysterious mark on his arm?

Ms. Nalini: You'll continue to see Kaleb. You don't really want me to answer the questions, right? I mean, what would be the fun in that? *g* Ok, since I know you'll call me a tease if I don't give you something - the mark on his arm is important, and yes, you'll find out what it means...eventually. (Does he get smex therapy too? Or does he use the bad kind of therapy...)

DIK Ladies: Will there be more of Zie Zen? How does he fit into the overall scheme of things?

Ms. Nalini: Zie Zen is a bit of a dark horse, so we'll see him if he wants to be seen. (He too old for smex therapy... at least, I don't want to hear about it ... he's also a bit more whole than the previously mentioned males.)

DIK Ladies: We've seen most of the Psy Council up-close and personal except for Tatiana Rika-Smythe. Could tell us more about her? Will she have a bigger role in up-coming books?

Ms. Nalini: *cough* Branded By Fire *cough* (That's not an answer! That's a teaser!!! Let me make you some lemon honey tea. Want a cough drop with that? Oh this? This isn't a homemade rope? Of course I'm not using this for anything! Don't be silly, why would I want to tie anyone up and slowly torture them into telling me things by eating yummy chocolate in front of them? *cough*)

DIK Ladies: I was intrigued by the new Psy group, the Pure Psy. I'm imagine them to be kind of like the Psy version of the Ku Klux Klan. What role do you see them playing in your future books and will they play a strong role in the up-coming upheaval?

Ms. Nalini: Pure Psy is interesting and they will have a part to play in the upcoming stories, They're still finding their footing, so their role is evolving. (Everything has an important part. Just give me the smexy scenes and sweet scenes, thank ya-I know the rest! Brain beams~~~)

DIK Ladies: Which then brings me to the Human Alliance. I know that they will have a larger role in up coming books, but is there anything you can share with us about them?

Ms. Nalini: They're not as single-minded as they might seen. You'll have a lot of questions answered in Mercy's book. (This is like add very blubbery oil to an already out of control blaze slowly wiping out what's left of this puny existance. Guess what's going on in that picture right above here. Heh? I have choco chip cookies for correct answers.)

DIK Ladies: And we can't leave out learning more about the Changlings. I know in Caressed by Ice, you had hinted that Lucas and Hawke were going to get together and form some sort of Changling alliance to share information and to protect Packs from the Psy, will we see some of this happening?

Ms. Nalini: In my head, this is already happening LOL I'll probably talk about this more in one of the future books - the facets of the world you see in each book really depends on whose story it is. (Tell me more about my Mercy...Sienna...Indigo! Oh come on! This is totally nettling me.)

DIK Ladies: Who will have the first Psy/Changling baby? Are any pregnancies on the way? When will we see them?

Ms. Nalini: Excellent question. Okay, I won't dodge this. There is one on the way. But I won't tell you who. Speculate away! (Ya know, if they've all been boinking away several times a night for the past year and a half with no mention of those french letters -yes I'm using that term- logically, they should have popped out a few by now. Popped out. I poke joke, poke joke. Horray to little babies running afoot!)

DIK Ladies: I just love the scenes with the cubs/pups/kids (and that's saying something since usually I don't like them), were did your inspiration for them?

Ms. Nalini: Mostly, I just like kids. The way they see the world - it's so unique and joyous. While growing up, I was often the oldest kid in a big extended family, so I got babysitting duties at parties and things. I used to entertain them - young children are so much fun. I think just being around so many children has helped shape the way I write them. (I actually played scrabble with a five year old yesterday. He had us all rolling around in laughter!) (How cute! I love children too! They're so sweet and blunt and squishy~~~)

DIK Ladies: You've hinted about Faith's missing cousin, Sahara and that she will make an appearance and be a somewhat important character in the story arc. When will see her?

Ms. Nalini: Sahara has to wait a while yet. (Just like my little Kit and Tai...those darling little dears)

DIK Ladies: You writes such steamy love scenes, how do you do it/prepare to write such scenes? Inspirations? *wink*

Ms. Nalini: I make it all up. Promise! *g* (Uh huh...just like I'm making up this ability to get stories beamed into my head, right? Neveh!)

DIK Ladies: About Angel's Blood. The excerpt is absolutely mesmerizing and I'm lovin' the concept of dark, dangerous, sexy Angels. How did you come up with this idea?

Ms. Nalini: You know, I can't tell you. I just sat down and wrote it. If I'd stopped to think about it, I might've wondered at it, but I was too involved writing it! (You remember those days and nights you were assuring me how this series wasn't that bloody or graphic and violent? Yeah? Do ya? Well, I went to read the excerpt and if a body with every bone broken, pieces missing and a jaw dangling by a tendon-like thread of a muscle --- you know I only read this excerpt once and that image has now been burned into my memories...if I get nightmares, I'm so flying down there to make you tell me bedtime stories until the nightmares go away.)

DIK Ladies: What can you tell us about the Angel's Blood world? How do these Angels differ from the classical messengers of divinity? Will there be demons?

Ms. Nalini: How do they differ? Very much. I won't try to explain the world here, because I think reading the story itself will give a better overall experience. But I can say - no demons. (*mumbles* no licking of horns then *mumbles*)

DIK Ladies: How will your vampires differ from the others? Are they evil or good? And how do the Angels control them?

Ms. Nalini: These vampires are interesting because of how they're Made. Whether they're good or evil depends on the vampire - and whether they're sexy or not depends on the vampire too *grin* (Exactly, how they're me...I can read the future, you know. I was made that way and my F-Psy ability's telling me HtP is going to hit the a certain bestseller list~or two.)

DIK Ladies: Will there be lots and lots hot steamin' sex scenes?

Ms. Nalini: This is a distinct possibility. (I demand hot sexy scenes. Don't you use those fade to black. I hate those! It's like waving a piece of mouth watering milky creamy caramel-filled chocolate then tossing it in your mouth and staring directly at me while chewing.)

A free copy of THE MAGICAL CHRISTMAS CAT (to be posted out when Nalini gets her author copies) is up for grabs, just leave comment during the Nalini Hostage Crisis to be entered into this drawing. Winner will be drawn at random on TODAY! All entries must be in by 12:00 PST. (Hey, what's that light? Why are there little blinking light everywhere? Why are there those shiny webs everywhere? Hey! I'm not done!!! This isn't right! I demand ---*pop*)

Please do not worry about those weird pink scribbles, they've been taken care of. We thank you for joining us, Ms. Nalini, on this wonderful three day adventure. Thanks Sarai and Tracy for letting us do this. And a big HUG to Amy for tirelessly keeping it all together...even if some weird mind got developed and involved. (Hugs to the Alys-Mind too... She's frisky, crazy, and fun *g*) We appreciate all of your visits and please do come back again. A word of caution. Don't. Touch. The. Menz. Without permission that is. But make sure to pick up one of Ms. Nalini's books!

Make sure to grab your copy of Hostage to Pleasure! It's now in a store near you (I hope)! Alice already took 2 copies so hurry and get yours (unfortunately for me, they were all SOLD OUT! *pout*)! And make sure to keep your eyes peeled for Nalini Singh's upcoming 2009 releases (Angel's Blood and Branded by Fire)!


LesleyW said...

OMG I am so happy someone else remembered to ask about Vasic. LOL

:sigh: this is the downside to being in on a series from the beginning you have to wait for each book. I'm not so good with the patience thing.

Very much looking forward to Angel's Blood

jessewave said...

Do what I do - come to a series late then the wait is not that long *g* My very fave Nalini Singh book is still Slave to Sensation and Lucas is phenomenal

Shaymless Aymless said...

*passes out more drinks to everyone* You can never have too much, and beside Jack needs to feel needed *wink*

Lesley: Vasic! hmmmm.... I think I putting him in my hut! So keep your hand off him! Mine! *g*

Wave: I've on my third copy of the book 'cause it keeps falling apart!

Christine said...

This is the most informative and fun interview with Nalini that I've ever read. I forgot who's doing the interviewing... is it Amy or Alice? Either way, you're too adorable and too funny!! Loved your side talk.

I'm about 1/2 way through HtP and am loving it!

Nalini, your world is absolutely amazing and from the questions and answers here in this interview (esp. since I haven't yet finished HtP), the world and characters are getting more and more complex. Your talent for world building and character development just blows me away. I love your work.

little alys said...

Amy- Hey hey, wait a minute! We share him...or I'm keep Hari all to meself. *wink*

I'm looking forward to the oncoming year. It'll be Nalini books filled. Hehehehe.

PS. I'm also on my 3rd copy. LOL

little alys said...

Chrissy *g* - Amy and I join forces on almost all our ventures ^_^, although she's the alpha in this case. We're doing another one in Decemeber. Hehehehehe.

Thank you for liking what we've done. I hope I've annoyed people sufficiently. Ms. Nalini has been so great to humor us as we *cough I cough* went insane. :D

Aside having read the ARC of HtP (and re-reading the BbF more often than the actual book), I've read my own happy copy of HtP 3 to 4 times already. Obsessed? Who, me? ;)

Anonymous said...

Great interview! I can't wait for Mercy's book - I love kick ass heroines. So who is pregnant? I'd go for Sascha.

Nalini Singh said...

Lesleyw - as a reader, I'm the same. Must have more, NOW!

Jesse - I fell in love with Lucas soon as he stepped onto the page :)

Amy - oooh, refreshments!

Christine - thank you!

Alice - you and Amy have done a wonderful job with the "hostage" situation :) I'm a very satisfied 'guest.'

And Alice, er, Angels' Blood really isn't violent. Really. Raphael will make everything better *g*

Maered - I'll leave that up to you all to discuss ;)

Kaycee James said...

Thanks for the interview. I just finished Hostage to Pleasure and it was just as great as all the other books.

Nalini - You are definitely one of my favorite authors. My only complaint...Now I have to wait for Mercy's book. :-)

Barbarita V said...

Great interview.
I hope Lucas and Sascha are the pregnant ones. If they are, that deserves a short novela.

Anonymous said...

*grin* That was such a cute and entertaining interview. Oh, and informative too. Thanks! And I'm also thinking baby booties for L & S...

Shaymless Aymless said...

Glad everyone likes it! Alice and I an lot of fun doing this.

Chrissy: *blush* thanks

Alice: okay me share with you... but we must keep on our guard for those OTHER ladies.

maered, barbarita v, kylie: If figure it out let me know! I so want to know!

Nalini: Need anything else... chocolates?

Kaycee James: She's on of my favorites too. *g*

Anonymous said...

I love reading all the scenes with the adorable children.

They certainly can steal the entire show. :)

Tracy said...

Wow that was a great interview! Very informative and fun too! :) I love that one of the changeling couples is preggo. Can't wait for that one. I had almost forgotten about Sahara..hmm.....

Thanks so much for visiting with us Nalini - it was great fun!

Ana said...

Great interview!

humm who is pregnant? we should start a poll!!!

I say....Faith!

Anonymous said...

Love this interview! Too much fun. My fav is still Caressed by Ice, but Dorian's book was quite wonderful. However I'm still dying to know... when oh when are we getting Hawke's book?

Kristie (J) said...

I have to say I'm totally confused about Kaleb now after reading HTP. I thought he was a good guy undercover - but now I'm not so sure. And I also thought he was the Ghost - but again I'm not so sure now. Good way to keep us guessing :)

Nalini Singh said...

Kaycee, thank you :) And think of it this way - the anticipation will make it all the more enjoyable ;)

Barbara & Kylie - glad you enjoyed the interview! It was a fun one.

Amy - chocolates are always welcome!

Ann - don't they just?! :)

Tracy - I had a wonderful time with you all!

Ana - the poll's a great idea :)

Adh - Hawke's time will come... *Grin*

Kristiej - I'm going to leave you in suspense for now ;)

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