Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Ann Aguirre Contest! **Name Your Alien**

It is Ann's last day on DIK island **boo hiss** and for a nice send off before she travels back to the mainland, Ann is holding a contest! She wants you to come up with a new alien race, perhaps one that Jax or March may come in contact with as they travel through the universe.

Ann: Different alien races can add a lot of kick to a series. Consider the following examples:

Klingons: Roughly humanoid in appearance, Klingons typically sport long manes of luxuriant hair with moustaches and beards common among males. Perhaps their most prominent external feature is their ridged forehead. These intricate, bony patterns conform to the individual's nose, forehead, and on down the spine. The patterns, also visible on their feet and backs, vary by family line. The patterns are less prominent on individuals of mixed parentage. --from wikipedia
Bajorans: Like many alien races on Star Trek, the Bajorans are human-like in appearance, but have a distinctive symmetrical facial feature: ridges on the nose between the eyes. Despite their human-like appearance, there are several biological differences between the two species. During pregnancy, Bajoran women suffer from uncontrollable bouts of sneezing rather than morning sickness. Bajoran women gestate for five months, as opposed to the nine months of human women, due to high vascularization between the fetus and the mother. During childbirth they must be extremely relaxed, and they feel little or no pain during the process. --wikipedia
(Author's note: Why the f*** wasn't I a Bajoran when I gave birth?!)

Nietzscheans: Nietzscheans are a group of Homo sapiens that have been modified at the genetic level. In addition to being five times stronger and two times faster than an average human being of their size and gender, Nietzscheans are immune to most poisons (aconite, ammonia, antipyrine, arsenic, atropine, camphor, hydrocyanic acid, iodine, lead, picrotoxin, and strychnine) and diseases (diphtheria, hepatitis A, hepatitis B, influenza, lyme disease, measles, meningococcal disease, mumps, pertussis, pneumococcal disease, polio, rabies, rubella, tetanus, and varicella). Due to their physiology they have a more varied diet, as they can consume organic substances that are inedible to normal humans.
Nietzscheans pride themselves of being able to survive in harsh, hostile environments where ordinary humans would easily die. However, Nietzschean men and women are not indestructible, and most environments that are inhospitable to Homo sapiens sapiens are also inhospitable to members of Homo sapiens invictus. Interestingly enough, they are able to breathe chlorine gas for short periods of time, although long-term exposure (longer than 30 minutes) will cause permanent harm, just as if they were a normal human being. Finally, the Nietzschean lifespan is a maximum 150 years of age. (wikipedia)
Sebaceans: Sebaceans are humanoid aliens, in the TV Series Farscape, indistinguishable from humans in appearance. They have superior senses to humans and longer lifespans but are extremely sensitive to heat. Sebaceans lack a gland that regulates body temperature and under extreme heat conditions suffer delirium which rapidly degrades to a catatonic state they call the "Living Death," a fate they believe is worse than death.
Sebaceans make up the greater part of the Peacekeepers, a millitaristic mercenary organization that provides enforcement for planets without armed forces of their own. Sebaceans have settled many planets and all are not peacekeepers. Peackeepers are devoted to genetic purity and are opposed to the mixing of alien races. (scifipedia)

See what I mean? Now it's your turn! Come up with an alien race that Jax and March might encounter in their travels. (It doesn't have to be this detailed, but you need a name and description.)

There are 2 prizes up for grabs! One person at random will win a $20 Amazon gift certificate, the other, a signed copy of Wanderlust. You have till tomorrow by noon to comment here for your chance to win!


Ciara said...

Having just read the Twilight Saga, when I think of aliens I think of Nessie and
this picture
. *shudder*
So here is my alien species:
MATUDERE: from latin - mature decdere - to die before one's time
Humainoid in appearance, the male of the species, after reaching maturation, is driven by the irrepressible urge to mate. Once fertilized, the offspring grow like larva in the belly of the female and begin to eat their way out after a few months of gestation. The mother is eaten entirely by the hatched offspring, giving them much needed sustenance. Mwuhahahaha!

danetteb said...

I'm a kick back person,so here's my alien race thought
Leisurinz-Humanoid in appearance but have fey pointed ears and gills along the sides of their necks. They come from a world full of tropical islands. Their homes are caverns close to the oceans, so they can either frolic above or below the ocean. When the women are in heat there skin becomes iridescent and the men are drawn to them in droves.

Tracy said...

Ok - I'm so friggin bad at this it's ridiculous! lol But it's fun!

Arktosians: They are humanoid in shape but can each shift to any animal beings they choose. They live on Arktos a planet of lush foliage. The males of the species claim their mates by chasing and biting them but the females of the race are quite fast and avoid the males at all costs. (silly females) Once the males catch their mates the females are tied to them until death. The Arktosians are a long lived race – living about 1000 years each.

Shaymless Aymless said...

Oooh... toughie. Love the entries so far.

Am so not good at this but here it is:

Cabali: They are reptilian humanoids who are master mimics and can blend into their surroundings like chameleons. They are mostly known as a race of theives, spies and assassins since unmated males must prove themselves worthy as mates with treasures be it information or material. Their secretive society is matriarchal.

Bridget Locke said...

Um...I suck at stuff like this. Lemmee think a second. *pondering*

I have no idea of a name for them, but this weird thought just went thru my head.

What if you had an alien species that looked all cute & fuzzy like furbles or whatever, but you must avoid them at all cost because they are symbiotic in nature and once they attach themselves to you, they suck out your life force and leave you as nothing but dry, dead skin on bones. So, if you see an adorable, fuzzy little alien, do not pick it up. It'll suck out your brains and kill you.

Maybe name it a Fuzzle-Wuzzle? LOL! Name sucks, but the thought is cool. :)

LesleyW said...

Bridget - kind of like an evil tribble?

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