Friday, September 12, 2008

Day 2 With Katie!!!!!!!!!

Okay ladies Day 2 with Katie and we are starting it off with a BANG!!!

So Katie is releasing 2 books, that's right folks, 2 books and you get the opportunity to win one. All you have to do is match the abs pictured on the right with the possible suspects which I will list shortly!!! The winner is the one with the most correct number of matches.

The book options are Running from the Past and Trust No One. I will post a review of Running from the past on my sight in the next few days (I hope!!! If not I will post it by Saturday Scout's honor!!!)

Here are the summaries!!!
Trust No One – releases from The Wild Rose Press
World renowned singer Calista Kingston loves her life. She has friends she can count on, her last album went double platinum across the globe, and she's even patched things up with her twin brother. What more could a girl ask for? Certainly not a deranged stalker determined to destroy her life. When a sadistic killer marks Calista as his next target, she turns to an unlikely ally for protection. The one man ruthless enough to guard her is also the man responsible for the death of her best friend. Sexual sparks fly when circumstances force them to share a roof, and Calista can't deny her growing lust for the last man she ever expected to want.
Retired CIA agent Dane Leven accepts the security job to protect Calista out of guilt. His mistake nearly killed her once, and out of duty, he knows it's time to repay his debt. Blindsided by his unexpected and unwanted attraction to Calista, he fights his heart. A relationship is the last thing he needs, yet the longer he's around her, being hers forever is all that matters. Unfortunately, he's harboring a secret that could tear them apart.
Running From the Past – releases from Ellora's Cave Miami socialite, Emma Garcia has been running from who she is her entire life. When she witnesses a horrific crime, she goes on the run. In desperation, she answers an ad for a chef on a remote horse farm in the middle of nowhere Florida. It seems like the perfect plan until she figures out what to do with her secrets. The only thing she doesn't count on is being attracted to the rugged cowboy who owns the place. Whenever he comes around the only thing she can focus on is his seductive voice and sinful body.
Retired Marine, Caleb Ryder hires Emma even though he knows she's lying about her identity. He desperately needs the help, but he also doesn't have the heart to turn away a woman so obviously in need. After being burned by a woman once, he doesn't let that deter his mission to claim Emma's body and heart.

Are you ready to guess the abs? Good the first one is up above there are a total of 6 so Get Ready, Get Set! and GO!

The possible answers are:
Vin Diesel
Hugh Jackman
David Beckham
Mark Wahlberg
Orlando Bloom
Matthew McConaughey

So ladies send your answers to and I will talley the points. You have until Saturday to send me your answers!!! I will post the answers on Sunday!!!!

Good luck and keep scrolling down the pictures keep getting better and better!!!!


Alright don't forget to send me your answers by Saturday at midnight (saraijohnsonAThotmailDOTcom) and the winner will be announced on Sunday! GOOD LUCK


Tracy said...

I love abs. *sigh* I love this post just for the pictures! lol

Great blurbs Katie - both of the books sound really good. Whichever one I don't win (ha!) I'll definitely buy! :)

Carolyn Crane said...

Okay, I can't decide which book I'd like to win more. They both sound so excellent!!

lisabea said...

Can I also win Vin Diesel? ::pant::

Katie Reus said...

Lol, I'd like to kidnap *cough* win Vinny too!!

Thanks ladies!! I'm in San Fran the next couple days so sorry if I don't check in!!

JenB said...

Very, very pretty. *drools*

Bev(QB) said...

Do I get an extra bonus because I was naming them BEFORE I saw the list of names? There was only one that didn't look familiar instantly. I might be spending far too much time staring at mantitty.

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