Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Nalini Singh Hostage Crisis: Day 1

In the honor of the release of the latest Psy-Changling book, Hostage to Pleasure, the HLO branch of the DIK has taken the one and only Nalini Singh hostage. We will now commense with the Monty-Python style interrogation with an DIK twist (torture her with comfortable chairs, soft pillows, frou frou drinks, and lots and lots of hunky hero madness). Please beware of the Alys-Mind that will be floating around the interview. She's most harmless. *g* (*toes a huge lump of rope under the couch* yes, I'm harmless...)

Now that she is comfortably situated in the guest cabana, please give a warm welcome to the one and only award winning author of the Psy-Changeling series, Nalini Singh!!! Not only is she a writer extraordinaire, she's also truly a very beautiful person. (OMG It's Nalini!!! Little Alys use this color now to make her little comments and annoy peoples. Hehehehehehe, guess which twin I am. *raises a brow*)

She's enslaved us with Slave to Sensation, then turned the heat up with Visions of Heat, then shattered the ice in Caressed by Ice and possessed us with Mine to Possess and is now taking us hostage with Hostage to Pleasure. (Oh yes. Yes yes yes.)

So lets start the interogation... *drum roll*... THE QUESTIONS! (Are we not going to use the whips then? okie doke)

What is you favorite reading position?
Curled up in a big armchair or in bed. But I have to admit - if I get caught up in a book, I'll keep reading even if I'm not comfortable (just one more page and then I'll move...) (Yes, it's only one more page. You know you want to. It's calling you saying "read me!")

What is your best love song?
I have a love affair with Bollywood musicals, and some of those songs are so utterly romantic (And the dancing. Oh the dancing. Dance my pretties, dance!)

Who is your favorite heroine?
My Mum. She rocks (Awwww, isn't Nalini just great?!?!?!! You're my hostag-uh-hero ^_^ of many >_<)

If you could be in one book/series/world which would you pick
Am I allowed to say my own Psy/Changeling one? I'd love to see my characters come to life - I'd be a changeling I think. That way, I could get to play with Rome and Jules :)

(Not to mention quite a few very hot characters whom wouldn't mind a little...scratching)

How old is your inside voice?
Early 20's. I keep expecting to grow up. Hasn't happened (Who wants to? Growing up is overrated)

What is you favorite sex song?
Slow Hand by the Pointer Sisters

If you could be a hero who would you be?
Oooh, tough. I just finished reading "Cry Wolf" by Patricia Briggs, and I'm fascinated by Bran. I want to get in his head and find out what he's thinking - he's so inscrutable most of the time, and yet you can feel this intense core inside him. What would it be like to be the most alpha of werewolves? (What?! You should say Lucas!!! Lucas...mmmm...the most alpha probably get lots of good se---attention *whispers* in bed)

What heroine would you like to be?
I think I'd like to be able to swap bodies at will - that way, I can be there when the heroine experiences something cool, but not when she's being chased by a psychopathic killer. *g* It'd be kind of fun to be Lieutenant Eve Dallas from the JD Robb books for a day - say a day when she's spending all her time with Roarke! (You sure? you sure it's not Sascha, or Ashaya...or Mercy? Oh wait, that's to influence you ^_~)

Boxers, briefs, boxer briefs, kilt, commando?
You know, I think I need a live floor-show before I can choose. Think you could organize it? ;) (Sarai?!?!! Can we? Tracy? May we please? I really would like to see it too. I'll even help round up the menz...I won't hurt them...much-unless they struggle, then it should all be fair game, right?)

Favorite book set on a tropical island?
I set my first ever full-length story on a tropical island - alas, no one appreciated my genius (I do! I really do!!!). I do have a favorite M&B title from years ago - it's probably 30 or 40 years old, and it's about a woman who goes to a tropical island and meets a domineering, bad-tempered hero. Turns out she has a tumor and he's the only surgeon who can operate on her (he hasn't been operating after a bad emotional trauma). I must've read this book a zillion times. In fact, writing this makes me want to go dig it up from my keepers. It's wildly romantic, and utter fantasy, and I love it! (the sex adds to it too, the steamy hot stuff, okay? not the lame flowery or blacked out types.)

What hero would you like to be your significant other
Decisions, decisions... It all depends on my mood. Sometimes, a regency rake sounds like fun, while other times, I want to curl up with a changeling. Then there are the days when you just need a bad boy. Hmm...can I have more than one? (Of course! You're just never going to leave)

If you were stuck on a desert island what 3 things would you bring
Water (I have a practical streak), a satellite telephone so I could talk to family and friends, and a friendly genie - who could get me an endless supply of books and other necessities. (better be a hot genie so you can give him a good rubbin- what? who said that?)

Favorite drink to bring to DIK party
Butterscotch Schnapps (mmmm...)

A free copy of THE MAGICAL CHRISTMAS CAT (to be posted out when Nalini gets her author copies) is up for grabs, just leave comment during the Nalini Hostage Crisis to be entered into this drawing. Winner will be drawn at random on Saturday! (Wheee!!!! And I didn't use the ropes once, I'm such a good girl *cough*)


Ana said...

Hello Nalini! *waves at Nalini*

Welcome to the island!

I love Bollywood movies, do you have a favorite? : )

KT Grant said...

I love my mum also :D
I second a floor show for men in boxers, briefs, tighty whiteys, commando and everything in betweet. :D

Katie Reus said...

Amen, growing up is way overrated!! Good call on Bran, I'm a newly converted fan to Briggs and I couldn't agree more :)

Great answers and welcome to the island!! You're an awesome hostage...guest :)

Kati said...

I just KNEW Nalini and I were BFFs!

Nalini, I have Roarke AND Lucas AND Hawke in my hut. Grab your schnapps and come visit.

Although, I have a strict no touching rule which had to be created after Katiebabs molested Roarke one day. BAAAAAD Kate. BAD!

Christine said...

Hi Nalini.
Welcome to the island! We're big fans of yours here. I think between all of us here, we've claimed all of your heroes. Although after reading the excerpt for Branded by Fire there's going to be a throw down for Riley. ;)

Butterscotch Schnapps!? Mmm.. sounds delicious. I've never tried that before.

p.s. Please don't enter me in the drawing. I already won the anthology from you on The BookBinge last week. Yay! =)

KT Grant said...

MK: I am touching Roarke in that extra special place and he is commando. :P

JenB said...

Oooooh, the genie is a great idea! And so is the floor show thing. :)

Welcome to our crazy little island!

Anonymous said...

LOL, that was stitch,ladies! I would lurv to win me a little some some of that anthology - looks good!

Will def be in attendance for the Menz Show. ;)

Tracy said...

Hey there Nalini!

We are HUGE fans of yours here on the island and we're so glad you could come and play for a few days! :)

I soooo get caught up in books and don't care if I'm comfy or not. Most of the time I am but when you're completely into it, who cares? lol

I love that you Mom is your favorite heroine. So cool.

I really loved Bran from Cry Wolf as well but love your heroes sooo much more! :)

Live stage show? Abso-freakin-lutely!!! Let's DOOOO EEET!

LesleyW said...

Hmmm. I also have a thing for the inscrutable werewolf hero.

I would love to know more about Bran and am definitely looking forward to more Charles and Anna books.

And Psy/Changeling books to. Though my favourite anti-hero in that is Kaleb. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Nalini!

i just finished Hostage To Pleasure and LOVED IT! Now I want to go back and re-read all the books again, just to catch glimpses of Riley.

I need the next six months to fast forward so I can get my greedy little hands on Branded By Fire. I'm in love. Luckily Riley hasn't been claimed by any one here yet. Heh.

Out of curiosity are there any books that you are waiting for impatiently?

Nalini Singh said...

Hey everyone! So glad to be a *guest* on the island!

Ana - I love so many movies! Tell me what you like and I'll give you a rec. I recently watched Dhoom and Dhoom 2 - they're action movies but so much fun. And there may be some hot men in them too ;)

Kate - It'd be a standing room only show I think!

Katie - Isn't Briggs great? I haven't read her backlist yet, so I'm looking forward to getting into that as well.

MK - and Kate survived!! Your hut sounds like a verrrrra interesting place to be.

Hi Christine - Riley is hot - it's the quiet ones you know...

Thanks for the welcome JenB :)

Hi Kmont! Waves.

Tracy - so you want to be part of the organizing committee for the floor show? You'll have to vet all the models personally *g*

Hi Lesley - I think Kate likes Kaleb too. Oh, Kaaaaate??

Sayuri - I'm so glad you loved HtP. :) What am I waiting for? The next JD Robb (I'm always waiting for this because I gobble them up). Also, I want to get my hands on the new Jayne Castle. Oh and the new Anne Bishop - comes out in March next year. Me want now!

KT Grant said...

Sorry Lesley, I laid claim to Kaleb a long time again. Laid being the key word here. :P

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Kate - you know he's very, very, very scary right?

KT Grant said...

Very, very, very scary? As in he is so very scary sexy that I will faint into a puddle of mush? :D

I am the same girl who is lusting hard core for Rehv from the BDB series by JR Ward. And he is one scary dude with a thing called a barb. *shudder*

What does it say about me liking these crazy men? LOL

Anonymous said...

That you're a strong woman who needs a strong man! *g*

Btw, just saw the DIK guy of the week. Le sigh indeed. I love Sawyer.

Tracy said...

You'll have to vet all the models personally

Oh darn - it sounds like such a tough job but it has to be done!

BTW - LOVED Hostage to Pleasure...and Dorian's in my hut! woohoo!

Anonymous said...

marykate- If I sneak verra quietly into the back of your hut and promise to *mostly* be a good girl, would I lose a limb if I tried to put a fingertip on Hawke???
just checking... *grin*

Nalini- I started HtP last night in my hotel on a business trip. *blissful sigh*

Of course it took 2 gallons of coffee to get me going this morning since I was up until 2:00am finishing it. But it was SO worth it! Thanks for another fabulous installment. Now to have patience for Mercy and Riley.

(another) Tracy

Anonymous said...


You have an overall arc in your series that will need a resolution and I have been meaning to ask this and I am sure you have answered this question before (but I'm a ditz) but do you have a set amount of books for your Psy/Changeling series? Or are you just going to play it by ear?

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness...

Total apologies for mis-spelling your name. I'm the queen of typos.

*face is BEET RED with embarrassment*

Shannon said...

Welcome to our crazy... er, festive island!

Isn'r Bran great? You def need to pick up Briggs' backlist. You get bits about Bran, but not the depth that you did in Cry Wolf. Prior to CW I liked him as the slightly distant patriarch. Now he is this three demensional character that is just begging for more page time.

Um, I would be willing to volunteer my time to the casting efforts for this live show. :)

Unknown said...

Great interview! Congrats on the new release! Hostage to Pleasure sounds great!

Barbarita V said...

I will go with Lucas as my favorite hero too. He is so sexy and sweet and hmmm, he is just Lucas.

little alys said...

Is everyone having fun?
Need more chocolate? Drinks? Hot menz? Ropes? Oops, you people don't need that last one. Silly me. *g*

KT Grant said...

How about a shot of goldschlager?

DIK Ladies said...

Bah! Ms. Katiebabs- SSHHHH!!!! It'll let the Alice-Mind seep out even more O_o Noooooooo ;)

Nalini Singh said...

Tracy - watch out. Shaya's possessive!

Tracy (Skykingbna) - yay, so glad HtP kept you up late! (Probably shouldn't say that, but for a writer, it's musc to know you couldn't put the book down :) )

Sayuri - no problem. I once had a heroine's legs "crumble" instead of "crumple" LOL

To answer your question - no, I don't have a set number of books planned - depends on the story arc. It also depends on the characters.

Shannon - I've read the Mercy books, but not her fantasy books. I've heard those are really good too. I agree that it was nice to see more of Bran (esp his relationship with his mate). And wow, look at all these volunteers for the floor show *g*

Thanks for the congrats Amy S. :)

Barbara - Lucas is in a class of his own *g*

Alice, you crack me up!, not even going to touch that one LOL!!

little alys said...

Gah! I commented under the wrong one again! Beh...that last DIK response to Katiebabs is MINE. :P

LOVE Ya all~~~

Ms. Nalini- Hehehehe, you don't want to know what my internal response is. ;) Thanks for coming though~~~ please enjoy the next two days.
You must enjoy~~~ enjoy~~~ we have chocolate and big strong barely clothed menz. :D

Annie said...

Hm, that book set on the tropical island sounds pretty interesting, what is it called?

But what an entertaining interview!

Pamk said...

whoohoo I am on vacation and serioulsy need to get home soon I just know ups has left my amazon package all by it's lonesome. I so need to read Hostage to Pleasure

Shaymless Aymless said...

*wave at everyone*

Woohoo! Need to have that there runway show with the MENZ! *g*

Nalini! That's BbF excerpt was smokin'! I thought for sure my computer was steaming!

Sarai said...

OMG you crack me up!!! Great interview ladies and welcome Nalini I am a newer fan but I am madly in love with your menz LOL in fact I believe Vaughn is in my hut... Oh yes he is!

Sarai said...

PS did anyone mention that it was me *cough* yes that's right Me SARAI that picks the DIK MAN Of the week
*clears throat* just wanted to let Nalini know who she needs to talk to if she wants more pics of Sawyer and what she needs to mail me *wink*

Anonymous said...


I personally think Hawke is pretty hot...

Can't wait for his book that's for sure.

I just finished HtP and it was great. 2009 seems awfully long to wait for Mercy and Riley's book. I guess I'm too greedy. :OP


Bridget Locke said...

First off-This was one of the funniest interviews I've ever read. Alys-you crack me up! :)

I'm so looking forward to BbP. Mercy & Riley. Hmmmm. :)

My mom is probably my biggest heroine too. She's just awesome!

Thanks for being here, Nalini! So happy to have you on our own little island. I think it's just about big enough for all of us. :)

I have Judd in my tent...just because he's still my favorite hero. Something about that cold exterior and the burning heat underneath it. Yum! :)

Ana said...

Nalini, I looked Dhoom up and it looks good! I love Mission Kahsmir and Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham.
These two are my favorites! : )

Nalini Singh said...

Alice - you had me at 'barely clothed menz' *g*

Mcsedland - Unfortunately, when I moved to Japan, I had to box up my keepers. *sob* I've been back for a while yet, but I haven't been able to unearth it yet. I will find it!

Pamk - hope you got your Amazon package!

Amy - I did hear talk of some spontaneous combustion ;)

Sarai - You haz excellent tastes. Just sayin...

Ann M - savor the anticipation! *g*

Ana - you should watch both 1 & 2. I loved Hrithik Roshan in Dhoom 2. Super hotness. KKKG is one of my absolute faves as well. Have you seen Kal Ho Na Ho? That's also great. :)

Anonymous said...

Great interview, Nalini! My Turkish mother loves Bollywood movies - in a scarily rabid way. I don't watch them, but I somehow know all the words to all the songs in Taal...they permeated my subconscious somehow.
She watches them with English subtitles (even though she doesn't speak English), and has no idea what anyone's saying, but she's firmly fixated on Ajay Devgan. Maybe I should warn him...

Tiff said...

Wow! I'm coming late to the party! I am a Butterscotch Schnapps fan myself. I see people are claimimg Kaleb with all his evil hotness. I'll jump Riley... I mean jump on board the Riley train... Hmmm.. I'll just shut up now! Hee!

Anonymous said...

oops...left off the last letter in my name.

But also just wanted to ask what we, the fans, can do to "persuade" your publishers to bump up the release date of Branded by Fire. I'm sure we have a lot of people here who can be "persuasive". *wink*

Ana said...

Nalini, I luurrves Hrithik Roshan (with six fingers in one hand and everything) . I haven't watched Kal Ho Na Ho because I read the synopsis and I don't think I can cope with the tragedy.

I loved Kuch Kuch Hota Hai as well, did you that one?

I am definitely getting Dhoom 1 and 2!!! yay!

Jessica said...

Bran, what an awesome choice! I'm hoping he gets a happier story somewhere along the way, do you have an in w/ Patricia Briggs? (I just thought since you are both amazing authors, you must know each other:)

Anonymous said...

Hi Nalini:

Dorian's book was great. I read it Saturday in a couple of hours and I am already planning to read it again.

I can't believe no one chose Vaughn. I'm going to keep him locked up in my cabin and Faith can just lump it!


Jaded Bee said...

I just can't wait to read Mercy's book, that chick's got attitude. I love it! :-D

I sit in the most awkward positions sometimes and my various limbs will fall asleep but I'll be too absorbed into the book to move...until it stops tingling and starts hurting anyway, lol.

I'd love to be entered into the contest!...I'd also love to see any of those men gone commando. *evil grin*

Casee said...

Aww. Aren't mom's the best? Mine is my hero also.

KT Grant said...

From the excerpt I read from Mercy's book this seems to be one of the hottest, steamiest, take me up againt the wall and do me books in Nalini's series.
Of course that is just my humble opinion. :P

Nalini Singh said...

Ezgi - LOL about the persuasion! I think once Mercy comes out, we should be back to a six month or so break between books. I'll let you know once I know! (And if your Mum catches Ajay Devgan, lemme know *g*)

Tiff - watch out for that Riley. Talk about uncharted depths!

Ana - yes, Kal Ho Na Ho will make you cry. Kuch Kuch Hota Hai is great! I have it on DVD - I love SRK and Kajol together. Let me know if you enjoy the Dhoom movies.

Jessica - well, she does answer my gushing fanmails! I'm hoping for a happier story for Bran too.

Lisa - thanks - it's so good to hear that you loved HtP!! And you do know Faith is super-possessive, right? *g*

Jaded Bee - hee! Yes, bring them on - for purely scientific purposes of course ;)

Casee - totally!

Kate - you might possibly be correct ;)

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