Sunday, September 14, 2008

Change in the Schedule

Hey all you wonderful people out there in Bloglandia!

We've had a change in schedule here at DIK. Unfortunately Lisabea and Josh Lanyon will not be able to join us this week , but they will be here Sept. 25-27! Woohoo!

Also remember that Josh's much awaited Death of A Pirate King, the latest in the Adrien English Mystery series, will be released tomorrow at Loose ID! Congrats Josh! Now go forth and purchase!

So being the incredibly flexible people that we are we just shuffled things around and will have guest blogger week starting tomorrow!!! We'll have:
Tuesday: Sayuri
Wednesday: Holly
Thursday: Sarah (I think)
Friday: Amy
Saturday: TBA (yes, I'm leaving you in suspense!!)

So I leave you with the anticipation of the week to come and some hotties that have been dying to DIK around.


Anna said...

OMG you guys just post the best pictures. It's hard to concentrate on the actual words. LOL! :)

KT Grant said...

I am with Anna, the minute I saw the guy in the kilt, all other thoughts went out the window.

Tracy said...

Isn't he yummy? I can't remember where he came from but I've been wanting to post him for a while.

Shannon said...

Oh, kilt boy is yummy. But... what's with the hat?

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