Sunday, September 7, 2008

About Me: J.L. Langley

Favorite Reading Position:

Laying down on my bed.

Best love song:

Does country have love songs? LOL Most of them are somebody-done-somebody-wrong songs. (yes that was intentional for those of you country music listeners and sadly if you don’t know that song I’ve just shown my age) That’s tough. Probably something George Strait. How about I Cross my Heart. Yeah, that works. They played that song at my wedding.

Favorite Heroine:

Oh man! This feels like the Inquisition. Can I pick one of my alter ego’s heroines? If so I’d say Psy from Adventures of the Soul.

Author everyone loves but you don’t:

That J.L. Langley chick. J Bwahaha. No way! Nope! Not a chance. Not going there. LOL Yes there are a couple, but I’d never admit who they are. I wish them the best of luck, just because I don’t care for their work doesn’t mean a hill of beans. So it does no good to mention it. Everyone has different tastes and as authors, we share a common bond. And that bond means we understand how hurtful it is for someone to tear our hard work to shreds whether deserved or not.

If you could be in one book/series/world which would you pick:

Oooh another tough one. I’m tempted to say Anita Blake, but I’d do sooooo many things a LOT differently than Anita, starting with getting a Beretta instead of a Browning . Hmmm, how about Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum series? Why? Because Morelli is hawt and falling into all those mysteries would be fun.

How old is your inside voice:

Oh this is easy. She’s twelve and giggles at the words like hard and stiff. Just ask Ally, Luisa, Brenda, Jet, Kimber and Willa. Their inside voices are twelve too and giggle at the same jokes.

Favorite sex song:

Art of Noise, Moments in Love? I think that is the name of it.

If you could be a hero who would you be:

Hmmm, is it wrong that after every hero name that comes to mind the sentence that follows is: So that I could do fill in the blank of other hero? Okay so going that route. I’d say Noah from Chris Owen and Jodi Paynes’ Deviations series. Why? So I could do both Tobias and Phan. Oh and carry a gun, Noah was a cop.

What heroine is most like you:

Psy from Jeigh’s Adventures of the Soul.

Do comic books count? Storm from Xmen.

Boxers, Briefs, boxer briefs, kilt (I say we add commando):

Oh definitely add commando! That would be my choice.

Favorite book set on a tropical island:

Hmmmm, wow I can’t think of any. I’m sure there are some old bodice rippers with that theme, but none come to mind.

What hero is most like your significant other:

What hero would you like to be your significant other:

Honestly? None. I like him the way he is. The only I might add would be to give him superpowers. That could be cool. Maybe make him Cue for real, so he could take me flying and zap me things.

If you were stuck on a desert island what 3 things would you bring:

I assume we are talking luxuries and not necessities, so: My husband, My Kindle, and Gilbert (my beloved MacBook). If there were no electricity, then tons of chocolate(instead of my Kindle), and lube (in place of Gilbert).

Favorite drink to bring to the DIK party:

As corny as it sounds, tea. Just plain ole ice tea. I’m not much of a drinker and I’m an obnoxious drunk.


jessewave said...

Hi J.L.
The post looks great. Hope you like the cowboys *g*. I'm finding out so much about you and it's all good! Can't wait for November and TEA.


lisabea said...


I heart you. Listen to my heart go ~lubdub lubdub~

jessewave said...

Oh I forgot :) I LOVE Noah, Tobias and especially Phan who is my favourite in the series. Also I put my favourite heroine as Storm. I also think Morelli is hawt!

Sarah said...

Gilbert. hehe. Mine has a name also, glad I am not the only one! I <3 him. (it is a him :)

Adore your books, now have 4 in PB. Hanging out for TEA :)

sula said...

JL!!! How awesome of you to visit our little island. I'm pretty sure that lb has Nate hidden away somewhere in her cabana. mmm...nate....

Iced tea sounds refreshing actually. Specially out in the hot sun.

lisabea said...

Sula, you know it! Mmmmmm....Nate....

I, uh, also have Jake Romero cuz, JL, that With Caution ripped the doors offa my cupboards.

Hey sweetie,how're Si and Pay???

Christine said...

Hi J.L.!! Great answers. I said I'd bring my husband, too. But I'm not bringing Mac (my beloved MacBook... I know, I know... I gave him a very original name *rolling eyes*).

J.L. Langley said...

Hi guys,

thanks for the welcome. Si and pay are great Lisabea. They went to FLE last night. YAY! TEA actually ended up being a little over 95K. I'm soooo excited over that. It's the longest one yet.

J.L. Langley said...


What? You wouldn't bring Mac? (Mac is a cool name, nice and manly ;-) Why ever not not? I take gilbert everywhere. It's so bad we went to the doctors office and I pulled Gilbert out and my youngest exclaims, "Oh! Hi Gilbert!" *shakes head*

J.L. Langley said...

eep sorry Christine, I added an a. I'm still half asleep and way foggy. My sinuses are bugging me today. We must be about to get some changes int he weather.

Christine said...

LOL No worries, J.L.

Mac usually stays home unless I'm away for an extended period of time. In an emergency though, I can access Mac with my iPhone using the VNC application. Very cool. ;)

sula said...

omg, i am salivating over the prospect of more adventures in Regelence. gimme gimme!!!

JL, did lb tell you about our field trip to the bookstore in the Castro district? TPs recommendation and a good rec it was. I was so happy to find my very own paper copy of MFC. woot!

Josh Lanyon said...

As corny as it sounds, tea. Just plain ole ice tea. I’m not much of a drinker and I’m an obnoxious drunk.

Hmm. Obnoxious affectionate or obnoxious gonna-pick-a-fight?

Great interview, JL!

Country music, eh? Now that and drinking really DOES make for some bar brawls.

lisabea said...

Sula I'm salivating over the notion of further adventures in the castro district with YOU.

JL..well longer is better. ::cough::

J.L. Langley said...

Oh that is a neat program. andre has it loaded on his iphone. so far I've resisted, cause I'd rather just take Gilbert with me. He and Tobias like to hang out together instead of communicating long distance ;-) And no I don't name everything. Just electronics and guns LOL


J.L. Langley said...


why thank you, ma'am! *tips cowboy hat* I'm actually excited abut the release of TEA, it's got a bit more of a regency feel to it that MFC and Payton is a lot of fun to write.

I'm going to ADL later this month. I have a signing there. I excited *bounces* I'm going to con Laura into taking me to the Eagle too ;-)

J.L. Langley said...

Josh! *waves madly and goes all fan girly*

where is the next Adrien English book?

I'm an obnoxious amorous drunk with no sense of rhythm *cough* or so I've been told. My poor Andre. Oh and I crawl and it doesn't matter where I am, home, bar, wedding reception, family reunion. Seriously. *shakes head" don't ask.

Christine said...

I take it Tobias is your iPhone's name? ROFLOL

I guess I ought to come up with a name for my iPhone now, too. Mac and ____? Cheese?

J.L. Langley said...

LOL yup Tobias is my iphone. Andre named his macbook Buford. I tried to hook Gilbert up with Buford. But sadly Andre tells me Buford doesn't swing that way *sigh* so I had to buy Gilbert a boyfriend, he was lonely. Don't you love that reasoning? It totally justified buying a new phone.

Tracy said...

omg, i am salivating over the prospect of more adventures in Regelence. oh god Sula, me too! I can't wait for the next story!

Hey JL! Thanks for coming to visit!

I totally got the country music thing there and you didn't date yourself too badly. :)

Storm - love her.

Ally Blue said...

Y'all are gonna LOVE TEA. For real! Just wait O_O

JenB said...

Fun post, JL! :)

I've been tempted to invite you to the shooting range with me, but I thought that might be scary for you. The whole "fans with guns" thing and all.

BTW, I fondle my print copies of The Tin Star and The Broken H on a regular basis. If the gun thing doesn't scare you, that probably will. LOL

Anonymous said...


I can feel the fangirly coming over me again and I so wanted to be cool... *sigh*

Lisbea has already said it (and in a much cooler fashion as well.) but I am going to have to repeat it....

I *heart* your books.

Srsly. I'm not kidding. I love the cowboys and the werewoves and the starship captains. I need new installments. Like yesterday.

I cannot wait for TEA. And for Matt's story and for McCabe's story. And anything else you care to write. *g*

PS. You write the hottest love scenes EVER!

JenB said...

Oh yes, McCabe's story. I'm betting that one will be super hot. I hope someone comes out with flame-proof panties before that book is released.

lisabea said...

Jenb. Armed. IDK.

J.L. Langley said...

Jen B
LOL fans with guns? No worse than authors with guns I guess :)

J.L. Langley said...


At least in my defense, I can say that song was out when I was a little girl :-) But then that just proves what a nerd I am for listening to country all my life. I was terrible as a dance teacher, I never knew the artists or songs unless they were country.

J.L. Langley said...



J.L. Langley said...


Thank you! And by all means go fangirly : ) It's flattering. It's usually me going fan girly. You should have seen me when I met Lena Austin. I think I scared her

J.L. Langley said...

So ya'll want McCabe, is that what I'm hearing? Oh man. That's gonna be a doozy. I haven't even figured out all his and John's issues. They both have plenty. They are gonna be a handful. Actually, Matt is too. Well, no actually it's Matt's mate who is the handful. Matt's a doll.

jessewave said...

Jen with a gun is really scary. She was going to shoot a bird near her house because it was disturbing her sleep *g*
I can't believe that you named your iphone Tobias. What did you name Phan?

jessewave said...

Please no more hints about TEA. The waiting is hard enbough already *g*

Anonymous said...

Heh. McCabe. *drool*

Anyays, I'm happy with any installment of anything. I'm easy to please.

Now I'm going to be incredibly rude and uncool and pepper you with questions.

Do you have a rough idea of who is next up after Payton in the Sci-Regency series? Can I hope for Trouble or is his story going to be a while yet? (I love Trouble)

What's been your favourite novel to write so far?

What's been the hardest novel for you to write?

Do you have any update on any WIP you have going on?

Do we have a release date for TEA yet? (please God, let it be soon..)

I'm gonna sign off for the night by saying thanks for giving me a lusty obsession with lean, hard cowboys. They're like my own personal catnip.

Cowboys are to me what Highlanders are to you American gals! *wink* LOL

J.L. Langley said...

Hey I know that feeling. nothing wrong with wanting to shoot annoying birds LOL

Actually, I didn't actually name the phone after the character. It just sort of popped into my head and I didn't think about that tobias until later. I have this thing for naming things by old sounding male names ; ) But hmmm, since I have named him Tobias....I need a Noah and a Phan, right? Sounds like a perfectly good excuse to buy more electronics. Except... actually I got the last electronic so it's not my turn. It IS my turn for the next firearm though, sooo.... LOL

JenB said...

OMG, Sayuri and her cowboys. ;)

YES, we want McCabe's story. Like maybe yesterday, if not sooner.

And Sterling. I already know his story's gonna be niiiiice. Though I feel kinda pervy having a crush on a teenager.

JenB said...

JL - It was a mockingbird that lived outside my bedroom window and sang every night at 1:00. Do I need to say more? LOL

What kind of gun could you name Noah or Phan? Hmmmm...

J.L. Langley said...


TEA is to be released in ebook on Nov. 11th.

I am pretty sure Bannon Thompson, Aiden's redheaded artist friend, is the next in the Sci-Regency series. He is getting a Highlanderish guy. BUT his brother Blaise is shouting pretty loud too.

My favorite? Wow that's tough. In their way they are all my favorites. I guess if I had to choose I'd say TTS. Jamie is a dream to write. He's very very easy to write.

The hardest? They all have their moments. Right now I'd have to say the military anthology story I'm working on, because it's what I'm working on and it doesn't want to cooperate. They are all the "most hated" while they are being written. I threaten to start killing character off at least once in a ms.

KT Grant said...

I am so addicted to diet 4C raspberry iced tea. Of course I would add some schnapps to it. Yup, call me the lush :D

DIK Ladies said...

HEY JL OMG I am so happy you came to the island!!! I loved, loved, loved MFC and just posted a review on All about Romance on Tin Star *sigh*

I heart you too!!! WELCOME!

Sarai said...

okay that last comment was from Sarai

Bridget Locke said...

Love the pic at the bottom. Hawt! :)

I haven't read a lot of M/M romances. Do you have any suggestions of a good one to start with? I've :)

Sarah said...

Anything by JL, Bridget. :)

Wicked reading all your comments!

The Bookworm said...

Hello J.L.! fun answers...thanks for the iced tea :)

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