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Guest Blogger Sayuri

Sarai sent me an email and asked if I would like to do a guest spot on the DIK and I sent back a cool and trendy, 'sure thing' reply when secretly I was jumping about squeeing. Finally I'm getting to visit the island. So I just need to pass customs and they are looking at my selections and I'm wondering if I'll get past the checkpoint.

First come the books....Books (in no particular order)

1. The Sunner Runner Trilogy - Melanie Rawn (Dragon Prince, Star Scroll, Sun-runner's Fire)

I'm totally cheating but I have to have all three of this fantasy trilogy. I can't separate them, they are all amazing. I read them the first time when I was 15 and instantly fell in love with this world. Although they aren't strictly speaking a romance there is PLENTY of that to go around. They even have their own version of the ton. A railla. I was completely in love with the Prince Rohan and his heroine Sioned. Then smitten by his son Pol, as he married the wrong woman then struggle as he has to see the woman he does love, live her life without him. It's more of a family saga as the book covers three generations of a family.

2. Deverry Series - Katharine Kerr. (DaggerSpell, DarkSpell, DawnSpell, DragonSpell.)

Another cheat but I love this series. The main storyline follows Jill, her father Cullyn, her mentor Nevyn and her lover Rhodry. It's a love story told over the ages as the same souls are re-incarnated again and again and you see how they seek each other out and how they atone for past wrongs and how they weave themselves into an unbreakable chain of regrets and recrimination. It's not for the faint-hearted either as it's not your usual fairytale fantasy land. There is incest, rape (of the male and female kind), torture and all kinds of shit going on. But it totally blew my socks off the first time I read it and I can read it again and again and it never feels old. (I loved Cullyn, he was sooo tortured.)

3. A Man In A Million - Jessica Bird

It's a wee category romance that Jessica Bird (JR WARD) did in between writing her BDB and it shows. The main characters are basically Bella and Zsadist (with some small differences). Madeline (or Mad as she's called) is from a wealthy family but doesn't fit in. Spike is a chef with a past. He has tattoos and rides a Harley, wears biker gear and has bright yellow eyes. They meet, fall in love, then there is the Big Mis and then they sort it out and live happily ever after. I know, doesn't sound like anything special but I seriously LOVE this book. I don't know what it is with JR WARD that she writes these men characters that I just fall head over heels for and when I finished this book the first time I let out a big sigh that came right from the bottom of my toes. Spike is soooo....I just want to grab him and hug him and do lots of other naughty things.

4. Paradise - Judith McNaught.

It has Matt Farrell in it. That is reason enough to read this.

5. Sex, Straight Up - Kathleen O'Reilly

Everyone was going crazy over the first of this trilogy 'Shaken not Stirred' but this was my favourite installment. Daniel is a widower. Catherine is a rich society girl and it's a really simple story about how Daniel falls in love with Catherine and how he comes to terms with this and his guilt about it. I cried while I read this and it's a BLAZE! That tells you how good it is. I'm a huge Kathleen O'Reilly fangirl now.

6. Tied Up, Tied Down - Lorelei James

It wouldn't be a blog post from me without mention of my favorite cowboy family the McKay's. This story is Kade McKay's story. It has a secret baby and a little misunderstanding and the hottest cowboy this side of ..erm, Dakota? The rest of the Rough Riders series is more erotica than romance but this has great big gooey dollops of romance and Kade. Winning combination for me.

And now the really important bits...the menz.

1. Cade from Dark Desires After Dusk. He is just smokin. He's funny and cocky, but endearing and he is totally in love with his woman. He doesn't care that she's uptight and has some 'quirks'. He just gets her and wants her to do her thing. It just doesn't get sexier. Who thought horns would be sexy?

2. Danny Tucker from Heiress for Hire.Danny is a simple guy. He just wants the simple things. A family of his own. Watching him fall in love with his heroine and his newly aquired daughter was enough for me. I was all his. I'll never look at a chicken coop the same way again!

3. Artur Loginov from Shadow Touch.Again with the tortured heroes. With his Russian accent and a weird mix of vulnerability and alpha hero, a good dollop of guilt and I'm all his. And he is good on his knees.

4. Matt Farrell from ParadiseWhat can you say about Matt? I think the ladies over at Rip My Bodice said it best. I LOVE HIM!

5. Kade McKay from Tied Up Tied DownKade is a strong, silent cowboy. Is there any other reason to love him? He know how to sex his lady goood. Oh yes. He loves his daughter to distraction. Loves the mother of his daughter even if she is TSTL sometimes. But he's a cowboy! He wears tight denim and likes to tie things up. We need a man who is good with ropes on the island. Don't you think?

6. Daniel O'Sullivan from Sex, Straight UpBecause he's wounded and lonely and hot. Plus he's an accountant. It's a handy skill to have. He can do all our tax returns.

7. Butch from BDBI fell in love with Butch in Dark Lover. It only grew until finally Lover Revealed and I loved every frickin word of that book. I loved Butch and Marissa and Butch and V. I love Butch any way I can get him. All he needs to say to me is ...'Baby' and I'm a goner. Solid gone. I don't care if no-one else loves him or they only love him as part of a Butch/V manwich. I love Butch. (I'm gonna start singing James Blunt next... *g*) In fact, you can get rid of everyone else and just leave me Butch and I'll be a happy bunny.

So what do you think guys, do I pass muster. Can I come in and party for a while? (That was really hard to do, but mainly because you guys had already snapped up a few of my first choices. But it doesn't matter as long as they are all on the island together. Share and share alike, huh guys? )


Bridget Locke said... me some Cade. 'Course, he's already in my hut so I'm not too worried. I'll share him with you...maybe. :D

Amy C said...

I bought Daggerspell several years ago but then stopped ready fantasy and switched to romance. I don't know what I did with it. Probably gave it away. You make me want to go back and buy it and read the trilogy.

KT Grant said...

Cole had me at lickable horns with Cade. :P

Anonymous said...


I thought I had picked all new menz! Hmph! never mind. Cade is srsly hot though...

Amy c - I did the same I used to read only fantasy but I kinda difted to romance via paranormal. I loved Devverry series and I haven't read it in an age....

Katie - Cole just needs to write and she has me! I love all of her heroes but Cade has a special place. Until Rydstrom comes along probably!

Katie Reus said...

I LOVE that you picked a Silhouette's actually the only book I've read from the choices, lol, but now I have some new tbr's! Welcome to the island :)

little alys said...

Welcome Sayuri!!! So glad you decided to join *wink*

We all do series...somewhat. ;)

You picked Cade and Artur, ergo, I am a happy gal. Cade's horns really need to be licked. I can't believe Ms. Cole didn't do that!
As for Artur. Ah, so yummy. So very yummy. Mmmmm...

JenB said...

You picked some yummy men!! :)

I actually have Heiress for Hire. I need to bump that up a few spots on the TBR pile.

~*~Butch & V 4 Evah~*~

(but I still want to kill Marissa)

Anonymous said...

katie reus- I'm sorry I missed your daysd on the Island, but I have been having some serious internet problems. I have to admot to being a category junkie and the SSE and Blaze lines are my favourites. What can I say? I grew up on Mills & Boon. I'm not ashamed!

alys - Artur...hmmmm you don't really need to say anything else at all really, do you? I oved SHadow Touch but I also loved the peak we got in Eye Of Heaven of him. He broke my heart all over again.

Jen - Buuuuuutch! I love him and his gorgeous pecs. *sigh*

little alys said...

If nothing else, Marjorie's characters really hits ya in the gut. *whispers* and lower.
Who said that?! Ahem.

Artur. You're right, that glimpse...*sniff* Elena's a lucky woman. Well, he's lucky to get her too. *happy sigh* Hari's still my favorite though. I think Eddie'll grow to be great and I want Roland. Don't know why, even Ms. Marjorie gave me a funny look when I said I want Ro, but I love the dude.

Shannon said...

Oh no. Now I have to add to the TBR list. I am supposed to be whittling that down! Butch is the only hero of yours that I am familiar with, and I have not read any of your books. Man, I need to catch up!

Tracy said...

Hey there! I'm soooo very late in getting to this party today - so sorry. Life getting in the way of my fun again dammit! lol
I haven't read ANY of your book picks. Dangit - add to the list!
I love that you have Man in a Million on your list. I haven't read it but the fact that it's a Z & B takeoff cracks me up!

Yum - Cade and Danny Tucker!!! Love them. Butch I really like - I just don't like him with Marissa...I'd probably like him with anyone else but not her...she needs to be gone. Where's that truck when I need it?

I pick Sayuri as Butch's new mate!

Christine said...

Great list!!

I've read The Billionaire Next Door by Bird and loved it. I always wanted to read her other categories but never got around to it.

I recently bought Sex, Straight Up by O'Reilly. I've read so many amazing reviews of it. I actually got one other of the books in that trilogy, but am missing the one. I think each story is about a different brother?

Butch is in my hut... as is Vishous. I really think I did that more for their sakes than for mine. ;)

I started Dark Desires . . . last night. I love Cade, too!!! =)

Shaymless Aymless said...

Artur! Me lurve him too.

Carolyn Crane said...

I don't think anybody has claimed these men yet! And I love your book choices. Pull up a cabana!

Sayuri said...

It so weird visiting this a year on. I think my choices would be so different now....

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