Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Linnea Sinclair's Last Day

Sadly, it's Linnea's last day on the island, but it's certainly been fun having her here! (Thanks Linnea for answering all of our questions!) I know there are quite a few fans out there so here's some personal info and fun facts about our awesome guest:

Six Favorite Authors
CJ Cherryh
Laurie R King
Robin D Owens
Susan Grant
Stacey Klemstein aka Stacey Kade
Elaine Corvidae

Books to take to a desert island?
Probably How To Survive On A Desert Island, and it would have the live Navy SEAL studmuffin enclosed. ;-) (I hope you plan on sharing your man, lol)

Favorite Alcoholic Beverage
Tanqueray gin and tonic, two limes, please (I could go for one right now!)

Favorite Restaurant: (overall) Pazzo (Naples, FL), Flemings (Naples, FL) The Grille Room at the Riverside Hotel (Ft Lauderdale FL.) & Grille 66 at Pier 66 Hotel (Ft Lauderdale, FL)

Favorite Sports Team
Tampa Bay Lightning (yay for Florida!!)

Don't forget!! If you've left a post over the last few days, you're automatically entered into the contest to win a mug from Linnea!! I'll announce & contact the winner tomorrow!

To learn more about Linnea Sinclair and how to purchase her books, please visit: www.linneasinclair.com or www.myspace.com/linneasinclair

Also, the cool art is by Stephen Youll, Linnea's cover artist at Bantam. For a more detailed portfolio check out his website: http://www.stephenyoull.com/


KT Grant said...

Hey Linnea, are you a coffee or tea drinker?
We definitely need coffee on the island and hot men to serve us.

Linnea Sinclair said...

Coffee! Boca Java (any dark roast) or Gevalia. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Great information and fun stuff. You mentioned a couple authors I haven't read yet. YAY... now I'm off to the bookstore to see what I can find.

Marianne van Gelder

Tracy said...

Probably How To Survive On A Desert Island, and it would have the live Navy SEAL studmuffin enclosed.

Oh honey sign me up for this as well!!

Thanks so much for visiting us here on the island Linnea - it was great having you!!

Ciara said...

Tracy and others who haven't yet tasted the deliciousness that is Kel-Paten:

Games of Command review

little alys said...

Nooo!!! Linnea you can't go! You just got here!!!
I finally got breather time to come and you're gone!!! Nooooo~~~~

Katie Reus said...

Great review Ciara!! Thanks for sharing :)

Linnea Sinclair said...

Ciara, thanks so much for the terrific review and promo on GAMES! You rock, girlie! Tank the furzel sends whisker kisses...~Linnea

Linnea Sinclair said...

Hi Alys, I'm still here, kinda sorta. ;-) They haven't run out of booze yet... ;-> ~Linnea

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