Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Guest Blogger Holly: Why I'm Not A DIK Girl

When the the DIK ladies first decided to start up a DIK blog, they emailed me asking if I'd like to be included. At the time I declined, saying I'd like to but didn't feel I could devote the time and energy to it that it deserved. But I have a confession to make: That's only partially true. The main reason I declined to join the blog with them?

There is no way I could ever, ever choose who I would take with me if I were stranded on a desert island. The truth is, I'm a hero whore. Shoot, if I'm being totally honest, I'm a book whore period.

I currently have approximately 3000 print books in my personal library and probably close to 6000 books in my electronic library (boggles the mind, doesn't it?). Of those, there is no way I could choose which ones are DIKs. Every book in my library is a DIK, even the ones I hate.

I got my start online on various author message boards. Rowena (my blogging partner at Book Binge) and I used to play the claiming game. Basically the way it works is you claim a hero after reading a book. We had to establish rules - like you can't claim until at least 2 peole have claimed before you and she who claimed first won - because we'd fight and argue over who got which hero non-stop. In the end, I think she and I were the only two left playing and between the two of us we'd claimed ALL the heroes. No joke I think she had a hundred and I had a hundred (well, ok, probably more like 500 for her and 1000 for me, but who's counting?) and the other girls on the mb had like 1 or 2 each (if they were lucky).

Side Note: As I'm writing this, Rowena and I are emailing each other (she is totally responsible for the Man Candy you're viewing in this post. She's like my Man Candy Dealer) and arguing over who had the most heroes in the Claiming Game. Just so you know, it was me, I don't care what her "spreadsheet" says. :End Side Note

I considered sharing my list of heroes with you, but..well, I don't want to take over the entire blog. Trust me when I say the list is huge.

So there you have it, ladies. The real reason I declined your invitation to join the group.

I'm too much of a whore.


Bridget Locke said...

LOL! Aw, honey, that's just zany! LOL! No books that just make you squeal every time you read them? So sad. he-he

Is okay, we won't hold it against you. You can comment anytime you'd like. :D

Holly said...

See, that's the problem Bridget, EVERY book makes me SQUEAL when I read it. I might remember why an hour later, but when I'm reading a book, that's all I can see.

See, I'm a whore. lol

So you'll still let me play? Woot!

Ana said...


You have how many books? *faints*

KT Grant said...

I always thought I was a book whore, you are the ultimate book whore.
You are the madame of the Book Whore Brothel. I am the lowly but spirited whore who is busy every hour on her back reading. :P

Stacy~ said...

Wow, I wish all my books did that to me. You are lucky that way Holly *g*

Tell Ro we LOVE the piccies. Such pretty candy...

Holly said...

If I'm the madame, does that mean you have to share all your books with me? *evil grin* I like that plan.

I guess I shouldn't say ALL my books, because there have been one or two I just wanted to throw across the room - but for the most part I just love them. (I'm not only a whore, I'm easy, too, niiiice)

I know, it's scary.

Christine said...

No wonder you don't keep up with your Shelfari account. It's just not humanly possible. You could open your own romance library. Or offer romance novel rentals!!! Oh! ::lightbulb::

Katie Reus said...

I love your honesty!! ;)

Oh, and Katiebabs "You are the madame of the Book Whore Brothel."


KT Grant said...

Madame Holly: Of course, since I am your most popular girls, I need a rest now and then. All these books don't let me rest!
I need a snazzy Ho name now.

Kim said...

LOL! Welcome to Dik Holly!

Great pics and my inner geek loves the fact that Rowena has a spreadsheet of heroes!

And wow...thats alot of books!

Rowena said...

You are SUCH a liar, you dirty whore! LOL...I am SO the winner on the Claim a Hero Game, I have like double what you got and considering I'm still the only person playing right now, I'm heaps and bounds above you in the hero claiming.

I have more men in my harem Holly, just deal with it. The truth will set you free!

And yes, only me and Holly would fight over who's the biggest hero whore! LOL.

But this is totally MY reason for not being a DIK lady too, I'm much to hoey to settle for a set amount of heroes. LOL.

Tracy said...

OMG Holly you crack me up. You ARE the Madame at the Book Whore Brothel!!!

And I know you don't SQUEAL after every book - I've read some of your snarky reviews! lol Of course I love your reviews so keep it up! :)

Thanks for not joining the DIK today!

Anonymous said...

WOW. How do you store all those books? I am soo impressed! My TBR pile looks tiny now.

Holly said...

is "hoey" a word? lol

Don't lie, I had way more than you ever even dreamed of. Good try, though.

WE totally need to think up a snazzy ho name for you. I'll get working on that.

I have a Shelfari? Cool!

Thanks Kim!

That's true..but most of the time even when I'm snarking on the book I loved the hero (note I said most of the time).

Tracy said...

OK KB I did a HO name generator and you are now Heather Deep!

Holly - you're Porsche Lipps

Just to be one of the "girls" I did me - Crystal Jewels! (I'm pretty sure the guys should have the jewels!!! lmao!)

KT Grant said...

I like my ho name.
Heather Deep goes deep and gives it deep, reading 100 pages an hour and doesn't come up for air.

Holly said...

Porsche Lipps? I like it!

So what are you trying to say? You're really a man in disguise?

Tracy said...

Dear God I certainly hope not! lol Hold on....see if I can find another site...Ok...haha how about Angel Jets! OMG I could go on forever!!

Carolyn Crane said...

You are so funny! I love your claiming game!

JenB said...

Holly the dirrrty book whore. Heh.

Lhuke will be #1 on your hero list very soon. Kate and I will make sure of it.

Rowena said...

Of course it is.

Sarah said...

hehe. You crack me up. :)

Sarah said...

Holly, I <3 you! You just crack me up, hehe. From one book ho to another, I so understand! My book buddy J and I have similar conversations.

The Bookworm said...

lol fun post. and thanks for the eye candy.

Shannon said...

Ooh, what sweet man candy you tempt us with!

You know, I can see your point. Choosing my men was damn hard...er, difficult. Picking only a few books? Even worse! Thank gid I have only read some of my faves lately (I was so late to the Lord of Scoundrels bandwagon.)

I know I have not been pulling in enough pages for you, Madam, but please don't forget this lowly book ho. Can I haz a name, too, plz?

Holly said...

It's hard to choose, isn't it?

Tracy, can you generate a name for Shannon, too? I think she's a big enough book whore to warrant a name. :P

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