Saturday, September 13, 2008

Last Day with Katie R.

Okay ladies it's the last day with our beloved Katie so lets give her a HUGE GOODBYE and BIG THANK YOU for joining us!!!! (PS Katie my good bye gift is below *wink*)

Okay so don't forget about the ab contest. Person with the most correct answers wins a copy of one of Katie's new releases.

Now I can personally attest to Katie's wonderful writing b/c yours truly has read Running from the past and man is it HOT. Katie has a way of making you not only fall in love with her characters but to make you want to be best friends with them as well. Each one of her characters has just enough of a flaw to help you believe they are real characters.

The heroes are hawt and very protective of the heroines and the heroines are beautiful yet realistic. I love that Katie chose a cowboy for her hero in this story. She truly has a way of sucking you into a story and holding onto you until the last page. If you have never read anything by our Katie then you are truly missing out.

You can find Katie at her website

Now go check out the contest and her site. PS pick up one of her 3 releases (TRUST ME you won't regret it!!!!)

So once again THANK YOU KATIE can't wait fo ryou to come back and play with us.


Christine said...
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Katie Reus said...

Thanks Christine! And thanks Sarai, I'm glad you enjoyed RFTP.

Sorry I haven't been active the past two days, I'm in San Fran til late Monday :)

Tracy said...

Thanks for being a guest author Katie! It was great fun and I can hardly wait to win your book! *snort*

KT Grant said...

Katie, don't forgot out plan for our special hut with those men we are stealing... erm I mean welcoming.
Great DIK posts! :D

Katie Reus said...

Thanks Tracy! And Katie, of course I haven't forgotten ;)

The Bookworm said...

hi katie, congrats on your book releases, that is wonderful. they sound like juicy reads.

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