Saturday, July 30, 2011

Butchering Tradition

I'm here! I'm here! Those zombies did NOT take kindly to our tendency towards the vampires. Let me tell you, a zombie bent on seduction is NOT a pretty sight! *shudders* Anyway, on to my final topic:

Butchering Tradition

Most of us are raised on fairy tales: wolves are bad, beasts can fall in love, and vampires don't do sunlight. But as authors strive to make themselves stand out from the crowd, the classics get distorted. Wolves start seducing Lil' Red, The Beast has a dungeon full of pesants, and vampires sparkle in the sun!

Are you a purest and become disgusted with any variation from the classics? Or is live and let live more your style?

(Thanks for hanging out with me these last three days!)


Chris said...

I like reading reinvented fairy tales, such as Kim Dare's Duck! and Angel Martinez's Boots.

Dr J said...

I've been fascinated with the "re-written" fairy tales that have come out, some with paranormal ingredients or really futuristic and overt erotic components that may have been "hinted" at in the original but in come cases, I don't think so. Lots of creativity and in most cases, really fun reading.

Aurian said...

That differs. Some things I totally love I hate to see messed with, but other variations on fairytales (other than those Disney things) can be great. I've got some on my shelf by Linda Jones (pen name for Linda Winstead Jones).

Sullivan McPig said...

I love retellings of fairytales, especially if the author gives his/her own twist to them, But there are things you shouldn't twist too much. Sparkling vampires are a bridge too far for me.

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