Monday, July 11, 2011

Enjoying KT's Island Harem of Hot Men!

I admit it. I enjoy looking at eye candy, aka the pictures on the internet showing off the assets of some of the loveliest male eye candy I've ever seen. It's been awhile since I've added to my harem of men in my hut. I have a hut filled with literary heroes, but I find I need to expand to another hut with some "real" men that has me sweltering under the hot island sun....

Beware those who don't enjoy gratuitous pictures of man candy...

Real life men I would kidnap and store in my hut harem: (let's see if you can recognize them)

This hottie is going to be a villain in Captain America

Okay, so he doesn't swing my way, but he plays an equal opportunity, intergalactic lover who's job is to save the world.

Le Silver Fox of Nom

Another Silver Fox looking oh so cute holding a puppy.

Scruffy and furry works for me!

You can't go wrong with smooth and seductive. And he knows how to cure people since he played a doctor on TV.

There's always a need for some musical talent in my harem

 Has the hottest accent and even battles zombies in a movie a few years ago. Can you name the movie?

 He's just so adorable, sure doesn't sparkle (no strange mutated nipplage going on) and is totally legal

This is the king of my harem, the ultimate eye candy. It's really sad how bad of a crush I have on this man at my age.

There you have it! My harem of real life men I would hand over my precious collection of DIK books for have.

So... if you needed to add more men to your own personal harem, who would you choose?


Blodeuedd said...

mmmm Armitage, I want to have his babies :D I'd be happy just having him in my harem

Anonymous said...


* Luca Toni

* Ryan Reynolds

Flat Roofing Contractors Visalia said...

This is awessome

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