Saturday, July 16, 2011

Eye Candy

Every year, creates a comprehensive list of the top fifty male models in the world. This makes for an overwhelming but delicious display of the most beautiful men on this planet. True, I was taught never to judge a book by its cover, but then again: books never had me drooling.

Mark Cox (#21) 
Why I love him: He's classically handsome. With the hard jaw, full lips, and smoldering gaze, this Dutch model can sweep me off my feet any day.

Fun fact: Mark studied at Utrecht and worked as a car dealer before getting bored with the job after two years; eventually he was scouted in Amsterdam. Lucky for us!

Francisco Lachowski (#23)
Why I love him: That face! So innocent, yet so, so divine.

Fun fact: Brazilian-born Francisco may seem totally professional, but he's only been modeling for a year. He was discovered at the age of 18 and fell into the whirlwind model business immediately.

Marlon Teixeira (#16)
Why I love him: He's got the face of a sexy Lothario and the body of a god. Drool drool drooooool.

Fun fact: Marlon is keen on travelling; his dream destinations Indonesia, Maldives, Hawaii, and Australia.

David Agbodji (#7)
Why I love him: Nigerian David is pretty much flawless. Just look at those cheekbones! His exotic looks combined with his lean frame, poreless skin, and dark, intriguing complexion has me growling agape.

Fun fact: He considers himself shy. Aww!

Ollie Edwards (#15)
Why I love him: His eyes could break your heart.

Fun fact: The infamous scar on British Ollie's abdomen was acquired by a very unfortunate slip 'n' slide incident. (If you're faint at heart, cover your eyes): at four years old, he was going down it in his back garden, when he went over a chipped stone, which sliced up his stomach. But when strangers asked him about his scar, he says he was cut open by a Samurai sword. It's much cooler.

Josh Beech (#13)
Why I love him: Josh is the ultimate bad boy. Maybe it's those tattoos, or maybe it's that permanent (and oddly arousing) scowl of his. Regardless, his dangerous looks rank him high internationally, and with good reason.

Fun fact: Be still my beating heart! This one's a band junkie. Lead singer for his rock group, Swish, in fact.

Ben Hill (#5)
Why I love him: Let's give it up for ruggedly handsome and breathtakingly gorgeous, shall we? This guy's the face of Calvin Klein, Jimmy Choo, and Hugo Boss.

Fun fact: American Ben studied to become an industrial electrician, but retired his toolbox after appearing in the always buzzworthy "Abercrombie & Fitch" Quarterly in 2008.

You ladies swooning yet?

For more info on the top 50 (most hunkalicious) male models, as well as some more yummy photos, visit the Top 50 Model Index.

More love!
❤ Stephanie


Artemis said...

Oh hell yeah! Thank you for sharing!

Marg said...

Oh my, that naked pic of David Agbodji had me gazing at it for quite some time!

Aurian said...

I like the last one best, the rest are just soo young! But it was fun to find out the first hottie is Dutch!

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