Saturday, July 2, 2011

More Appreciation

Yesterday I gave all the bloggers and reviewers out there a big hug for all their hard work reading and reviewing books for the rest of us.

But what about the other side of things, the authors who produce such wonderful books for us to read?  Well I could spend ages talking about my favourite authors and what they mean to me, but I don't have to because the lovely Kassa and Kris have already done it.

For the last two years these ladies have organised an author appreciation blog crawl which this year took place during the month of June.  All sorts of different blogs and bloggers took part and if you have a bit of time over this holiday weekend, then I'd recommend you follow the crawl and see the diverse number of authors who have been featured.  Click HERE for a full list.

I've enjoyed my time on the island again, and it's with regret that I shed the bikini (in the privacy of my own hut) and don the clothes needed for the cooler climate of Britain.  At least the sun's shining today!

Have a great holiday weekend to all whether it's because of Canada Day or Independence Day.  Spare a thought for me when I'm grafting away at work on Monday, won't you? :)


Chris said...

I'll spare a thought for you at work Monday, if you'll sympathize with me dealing with the sticky 90F+ weather here!

Jenre said...

Ouch! That is hot! That is why I live in the more temperate climate of Britain. It may rain a lot and we may not get much of a summer but at least I'm not baked to a crisp or frozen like a fish finger!

Chris said...

LOL! "frozen like a fish finger" :)

We broke a high temp record a few weeks ago: 104F. And... the high four days later was 64F. O.o

Jenre said...

It's been the same here, although not the same extremes. A couple of weeks ago it was 20C on Monday and 12C on Friday!

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