Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Leontine is in the House!

I’m arriving at the DIK island for the very first time and as I’ve been raised – or at least my mother likes to think so - to be polite, I will first introduce myself! Hi *waves* I’m Leontine, I can still claim 34 for another 7 weeks and I live in the Netherlands. I'm a naughty romance reader at play in my realm and my vices are; Erotic Romance, GLBT, PNR/UF & Contemporary Romance. I'm chaotic, have quirky humor & I'm a chocolate junkie.

My intro is basically a copy and paste from my ‘about section’ on my blog – yeah, I’m lazy that way but what it doesn’t say is that I’m a very visual creature. Each morning as my body has the annoying habit of waking up at the crack of dawn my hand reaches for my iPad. Most of the times I need to get myself to a happy place if I want to start the morning right. So what is a gal gotta do? You guessed it; I hook myself up to Twitter and my tweeps deliver me the most stunning visuals via Tumblr. Giving me the best of the best wake-up calls evah!!

Anyone heard of this blog medium?? Or is a wicked tumblrette herself??

Well, I thought I spread the joy of gazing upon these mind stimulating images *cheeky grin*

*flipping through my ‘wild and wanton Tumblr morning greetz’ folder*

Aaahhh, here’s the first I just have to share:

Bow-chica-wow-wow!!! Oh yeah, hot man specimen on bike always gets my blood pumping.

My imagination went in to overdrive when I was directed to this Tumblr pic!

A deep, rumbling voice whispers in my ear: “Wanna celebrate carnival in Venice, bella donna??”

*shivers* Oh yeah…

“Have I been naughty Master?”

“Awh, common!! Don’t be shy! Let’s see a daisy chain here gentleman!”

You see now what awesomeness is to be found on Tumblr?? How I love my tweeps who maintain a Tumblr blog, hook me up with links and treat me each morning to quite the visuals :) It’s more stimulating than a cup of coffee as I’m starting the day with an endorphin induced body.

So who else wanders around in the visual Walhalla called Tumblr? Fess up, you’re among equals ;)


Tam said...

Shyly raises hand. :-) I too was quite fascinated with the masked man when he came up on my dashboard. Very tasty.

My Tumblr is cookietime. Not too much full frontal as a rule, usually just cute guys or I love artsy stuff, a back, an arm, body parts (still attached otherwise that's just plain creepy LOL). So many delicious things to see and yet I'm amazed at how rarely I see pics I've seen before. The constant stream of new manflesh is pretty intense.

If you like piercings I found a new one http://manpierced.tumblr.com/ He only posts pierced boys, definitely NSFW but when you NEED a pic of one a great place to look. :-) Hey, sometimes I NEED it. LOL

Leontine said...

Oh Tam! How you treat me well with that link, already snagged another pic!

Can you imagine the dream I had after falling asleep gazing upon the pic?? ;) And I agree, going on to Tumblr definitely is cookietime and with the right kind of calories I can quickly lurk around for 30 minutes!!

Blodeuedd said...

My oh my that 2nd one is dirrrrty ;)

Chris said...

Hi, Leontine! I actually don't spend much time at tumblr, altho I do follow Kris... and an Alexander Skarsgard one.

Aurian said...

Wow that is a hot post Leontine! The only time I have been on Twitter, was when Jayne Ann Krentz wrote a short story the month before her latest book was released, which she twittered by a sentence a day. I just had to read that, now didn't I. For the rest, I am not very interested in Twitter. And looking at those kind of pics early in the morning, pff, they would make me want to stay in bed!

Leontine said...

@Blodeuedd - *grins wide* I was purring in pure female delight and I still can't get enough of that pic!!

@Chris - I don't actual follow anyone either at Tumblr but via Twitter I get fantastic, sweet, hot or endearing pics and loving it ;) I must google; Alexander Skarsgard!

@Aurian - For me twitter is just a global MSN where you can real time chat with one another :) Jayne Ann Krentz did that?! Wow! Authors can tease like that!! A 140 character long sentence each day isn't much but hopefully the crumbs will lead to an awesome read!!

Chris said...

He's Eric in True Blood. :)

Kris said...

Tumblr?? Never heard of it. :P

Leontine said...

@Chris - aaahhh, don't watch True Blood either though I do receive the channel it is aired. I usually have a habbit w/ various TV series or music for that matter, where it is (almost) over its hype and then i come; "Hey ladies, do you know what I've been discovered?" Friends know this by now and just roll their eyes at my quirkiness ;)

@Kris - Perhaps your alter ego can enlighten you ;)

Lea said...

Whats Tumblr? lolol

Man, I'm so behind the times!

Great post Leontine.

That one pic? WOW O.O

flondopics said...

the man in chaps is my image
you are posting it illegally
remove it now - 24hrs -
or face financial penalty


Leontine said...

Hello Flondopics,
Unfortunately I can't change the blogpost myself but I'll notify the owners of DIK and ask them to immediately to rectify the situation!

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