Tuesday, July 12, 2011

How I Once Couldn't Stand Cats, But Now I'm Obessed With Them

I once wasn't a cat person. The idea that one day I would not only own one cat, but two, was something I never thought would be a reality.

I've now become obsessed with everything cats! I troll You Tube looking for the next cute cat videos. The recent one I found is a skittish kitten who tries to fight the evil Granny Smith apples hanging out on a bed. The music really makes this video funnier than it is.

Then there are blogs dedicated to all things cats. Have you heard of Cat Versus Human?Yasmine, the creator of this blog is right on the money about the wackiness her cats put her through. Such as:

and this:

And don't even get me started on those LOLcats...

Yes, my obsession with adorable cats grows everyday. How about you? Are you a cat person or perhaps there is another animal that brings out the LOLs and AWWWs for you?


Chris said...

Do you read itty bitty kitty committee and pitter pats of baby cats?

Tam said...

I am an all animal person. I like cats, and dogs. We have two cats and a rabbit. I wouldn't mind a dog, if I lived somewhere that it wasn't -30 in the winter when they need to go outside.

That first video was freaking adorable. Loved it.

KT Grant said...

Chris: Are those cat blogs also?

Tam: I have a whole bunch of cats doing cute thing videos :)

Chris said...

Kitten blogs!!

Derrolyn said...

Granny Smiths piss me off too.

Aurian said...

I am allergic to cats and other hairy animals (luckily not to my boyfriend), but I love the lolcatz pictures.

Anonymous said...

Is this blog related to COCHHEAT?
How about GICAN.ASSO.FR?

JenM said...

I've always adored cats. Unfortunately, I have horribly severe cat allergies. All I can do to get my fix is to look at the adorable pics of them (sob).

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