Tuesday, July 26, 2011

What Do You Look For In A Blog?

When I first started Tracy's Place I had a few online book friends that came occasionally and said hi, commented on my reviews, gave me encouragement, etc.. Only about a month later I got involved in the DIK hero draft and suddenly I had lots of peeps coming to my blog. Woohoo! Looking back I see that it happened really quickly – sometimes new blogs can go for months and get few visitors. I visit several different blogs that are wonderful – great reviews, nice content, etc. but they hardly get any comments at all. Why is that? IDK – it’s a mystery to me.

The comments on my blog over the years, I’m just positive, are directly related to my blog hopping. If I’m out there being seen and leaving comments then I have more comments on my own blog. But even then, if I have crap on my blog (which I personally don’t think I do, but that’s me. lol), who’s gonna want to come visit?

So I want to get your opinion:

  • Why you visit particular blogs?
  • What does a blog have to have in order to keep your attention? 
  •  If you blog do you think that blog hopping is directly related to visitors on your blog?

Let it all out, don't be shy - inquiring minds want to know. 


Tam said...

I visit blogs of people I know. How do I get to now them? From seeing them comment on my or other blogs. If I get to know you and like you, then I'll look up your blog and check it out. Sometimes I will take recommendations of good blogs, but usually it's people I already have a relationship in some way when I start following regularly. Of course it always takes one to get it rolling, but after that there is a bit of a carry-on effect.

To keep me interested? I don't know. Post regularly I suppose. But I don't look for anything in particular. Reviews, rants, rambles, pictures, humor, it's all good.

Oh and good word veris: piddl (good thing I just went to the ladies room)

Chele Blades said...

i usually find blogs that my fav authors guest blog at....love the interviews...what keeps me coming back too are the give-a-ways

i also love inspirational pics, heros or otherwise...MEN

Dr J said...

As a book reviewer on several blogs I like to read others' reviews as a way of getting ideas about formatting and such and to just enjoy what others have to say. I also visit blogs regularly who comment on their lives, on something going on in the world, a particular fad that happens to be affecting writers and publishing, and who might post a rant once in a while. Those who share bits and pieces of their lives mixed in with some good reviews keep my interest and those who review all kinds of books--not just one particular segment of romance writing but just a bit of everything. I love pictures and videos, and I especially love to share a chuckle over the crazy things people either watch others doing or do themselves.

Tracy said...

Thanks so much for all of the input. It pretty much goes along with my thoughts but it's nice to have input. :)

Chris said...

Ditto what Tam wrote. :) Altho my word veri is gogest, which isn't as cool.

orannia said...

Ahhh, what Tam said :)

Why do I stay and keep posting? I get a feel for the blogger through the posts they write. That keeps me coming back - the content is a bonus :)

One thing though. I like to comment. It's my way of telling the blogger that I've read their post.

My verification word is selcate. As if I could ever sell a cat!

Aurian said...

I follow a blog for the reviews, especially if they write about books that interest me as well. If there is mostly YA, I will lose my interest quickly. Of course I love the hot pics thrown in a blog, and the give aways, but those are not my main reasons for coming back. I always try to leave a comment on the posts I read though. And when I follow a blog, mostly those blogs become my followers as well.

Tracy said...

Oh good stuff - thanks guys!

Josephine Myles said...

I like eclectic blogs that give me something of the blogger's personality and unique view of the world. Reviews, pictures and giveaways are a nice bonus, but not essential. A sense of humour is.

I love rants and thoughtful pieces about the state of the m/m romance industry, because I can read them and consider it research ;)

Word veri: graby

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