Monday, August 1, 2011

What Type of Stories Make It To Your DIK Shelves?

Please welcome author P.T. Michelle to the our Island home!

Hello everyone!

Thanks so much to Tracy for inviting me back to DIK. If any of you have read my Patrice Michelle novels, you know I love writing about sexy alpha heroes *rowr* (as a matter of fact, I'm pretty sure "sexy alpha heroes" is what I discussed when I visited the DIK blog a few years ago. :) )

I've been reading and writing about tough, confident men (with their own irresistible brand of arrogance LOL) for years when I branched out and and read some wonderful young adult stories that made me sit up and take notice. What I loved most about the YA romances was the slow build. I was taken with the off-the-charts chemistry portrayed in the young adult stories. WHERE were these stories when I was a teen? ;)

When I wrote my young adult BRIGHTEST KIND OF DARKNESS, I strove to create a hero who was a younger version of the types of heroes I've always written. Those thirty-something seductive men we gobble up in adult romances weren't always so irritatingly yet lovingly confident. They started out with their own doubts and worries, had to experience some rough times and tough circumstances to help them mature into the men they would ultimately become. But as young men, they were already the stubborn, dependable guys they would ultimately become--the kind of guy a girl dreams about, the kind of guy a girl fights for through thick and thin.

In the BRIGHTEST KIND OF DARKNESS series, my goal is to write an electrifying, simmering burn between Ethan and Nara; an emotional connection that sparks and crackles, building with raised stakes and explosive revelations along the way until their story culminates to a fulfilling and satisfying ending.

Sometimes I'm in the mood to read an electric, flash-burn type of romance. Other times I'm in the mood for an intense, make-you-squirm-until-they-finally-FINALLY-connect kind of romance.

How about you? What types of stories make it to your DIK shelves?

All the best,

P.T. (aka Patrice :) )

Don't forget to check back on Wednesday for a chance to win a copy of Brightest Kind of Darkness!

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Tracy said...

I have a varied list of books on my DIK list - Dark fantasy - historicals, contemps and m/m. They all have something that hits me the right way and make me love the book - but I couldn't tell you exactly what it was. lol

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