Thursday, June 25, 2009

A puzzle and a chance to win!

Tumperkin here! And I'm kicking off with a puzzle. The first person to guess wins a mystery prize. Every sentence of the passage below contains a clue.

The question: What is the last rule of Tumperkin's cabana?


Is it to do the calibre of my favourite men? Perhaps it's their collective sense of honour. They would do anything in defence of me; they allow no-one to criticise me. They tell me I am the centre of their world. I don't need expensive jewellery to understand how they appreciate me.

Maybe it's just the colour of their eyes....

There is no quarrelling in my cabana. We all realise that it takes a lot of give and take for eight of us to share a house. Any new recruit has to get with the programme. And that means:

· keeping the dialogue polite and no spreading rumours!
· being skilful in domestic matters
· demonstrating good judgement
· showing respect for our neighbours

and, most importantly:

· no pyjamas

Recently Bowen MacRieve of Wicked Deeds on a Winter's Night by Kresley Cole joined us and we all recognised the need to make allowances for this big change. Bowen is a guy who sometimes unwittingly gives offence. He has had to learn to adapt his behaviour. Similarly, Nardi from Judy Cuevas' Bliss - who has a slightly laissez-faire attitude to life, it must be said - has had to learn to be more organised.

Being invited to join Tumperkin's crew is not a merely a licence to lounge around the pool! It's not a military draught but the facilities are relatively basic and everyone has to pull their weight. That said, there are certain luxuries I must insist upon: a well-stocked cocktail bar being one; this is not mediaeval England!

So hopefully that's all clear and any future enrolment will be undertaken with a full understanding of the Rules of the House.

Otherwise, the message is: you're out on your arse, love.

Oh and one last rule: everyone must [.......................................].


This isn't a clue. Just a nice pic. Yum.


Amanda said...

Must love adore and respect you!

I know thats probably very wrong but first thing that comes to mind.....

Katie Reus said...

I have no idea. I've barely finished my first cup of coffee ;) but your post made me smile.

Cecile Smutty Hussy said...

I agree with Katie... I have not even made my cup of coffee yet.. But I am going to give this a shot in the dark since I am here early.... Every one must... pull their own weigh. I guess... hell... doing this on NO coffee is rough!

Going get coffee and coming back!!
Hope everyone is having a good day so far!!!

Carolyn Crane said...

Oh, hold on, let me call Russell Crowe from A Beautiful Mind, because I have been STARING at this thing forever and I can't crack it. Am I making it too hard? I know thte clue is in there. T, you are too evil! I am going to get it, though.

Lea said...

Everyone must bring their own colored condom. Their name and condom color will be catalogued so there is no confusion. ;)

Heck, I'm winging it here! lol

Have fun in that cabana. ;)


Renee said...

OK, I've got a guess:

"Everyone must" watch the BBC show, Supersizers Eat. . .?

Tracy said...

All the men in your hut must honor, appreciate and defend you naked? Just a guess.

Joanna Chambers said...

No no! You're all way off. Although I think some of these rules are excellent.

Clue: every sentence contains a particular sort of word.

Tam said...

Ummm. F*** you stupid at least once a day? Hey, that would be my rule. Just sayin'.

Carolyn Crane said...


Amanda said...

Ok is it something like they must be a solider or a knight?

Amanda said...

Or defence forces might be a different way of putting it?

Words like recruit, honour.....defense is whats leading me to this

Amanda said...

Oooo or protect you and the island!?

OK I'll stop now!! Maybe its too early!

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