Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Ana's Wedding Part 3

This time Jake takes me flying – and I can’t even begin to describe how beautiful this island is from above. Or how good it feels to be in his strong, firm, awesome arms . Ahem.

I really need to concentrate on what I am going to do next.

We approach the beach and oh my freaking God, I can see that Sebastian is desperately trying to go after me and the other men are trying (really hard, if I may say so. My man may not be a “paranormal” hero but he sure knows how to fight. Go Sebastian.) to refrain him from doing so.

Jake puts me down and Sebastian runs to me and hugs me really tight:

“are you alright? What happened? where were you? Who is this man? “ he look murderous and I tell Jake to step back for a moment.

I am now alone with Sebastian , I take a deep breath and I say:

“ I don’t want to get married Sebastian”

He gasps

“I never did. I was doing it for you. Just like I sent my other heroes away. I do love you , you know. But NO MORE OF THIS SHIT. I can’t stand this “Mine” routine any longer. You are NOT a Christine Feehan hero. And as my good friends reminded me just now – I am allowed to have fun and I will do so, damn it! “

Sebastian stares at me dumbfounded and opens his mouth to , I am sure offer some kind of insight I have no want of hearing, so I just carry on.

“from now on, things are going to change. This island belongs to us girls. WE invited YOU here. If you want to stay with me, it has to be under our rules. In the next couple of weeks there will be another hero draft. I will pick my two. YOU DEAL “

He carries on just staring.

I come closer to him and I whisper in his ear: “now you go be a good boy. Run to our hut, undress and wait for me”

Something changes right there and then. He looks at me and there is something wicked, soooooo wicked in his eyes and he says:

“ok….” He says and his smile is as wicked as his stare. He murmurs: “but we get to play with the pink fluffy handcuffs”

I give him a wicked smile of my own and nod.

He takes off and now I approach Jake.

His Terminator t-shirt says “I will be back”

“Thanks, Jake. But I still don’t understand one thing. Why? Why did you help the girls? Why go through all this trouble to help ME?”

He leans over me and says in a warm, soothing voice:

“you just make sure to pick me for your hut and I will tell you all about it”

And then he is gone.

What a day. And this is how it has come to pass that I did not get married to Sebastian but I did learn my lesson well: this place is for fun, for reckless abandon in the arms of pretend heroes. To enjoy the company of good friends, drinking pina coladas and talking books. Because of all that, I have come to realise that the DIK is, quite possibly , the best Fantasy Island the world has even seen.

: D


KT Grant said...

Girl power!!

*takes a deep drink from the punch bowl*

Kati said...

SIGH. It's an important lesson, Ana!

Thank goodness for Jake, huh?

meljean brook said...

Jake has a new power, you know. It should make the hut even more interesting.

Just, uh, be careful. He's not very good with it yet.

*wanders away, whistling...(and giggling like mad)*

Ana said...

Meljean!! Of course, he has! He became a Guardian "again" right? *hyper* You tease you!!!!!!

Tracy said...

What a fab post. This has been one great adventure and a wonderful lesson learned. Let's all raise our coladas in a toast to Ana!

Sebastian took that rather well, Ana. Good job. :)

Carolyn Crane said...

Wow, what a DIK-affirming story. So beautiful! *sob sob* Where's my champagne fountain?

This was so fun. I imagine you will have a wonderful honeymoon.

Kris said...

*sniffle* What a touching story and with a terrific moral for ladies everywhere.

My fave line "You are NOT a Christine Feehan hero." I'm sure women world-wide will take note of this and start using it against their overly possessive partners.

Bridget Locke said...

*snicker* I find it funny that you sent me to go keep Little CJ from wreaking havoc. THANKS! LOL!

Bridget Locke said...

And Jake. Yum!

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