Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Why I did what I did...

Okay now on to some fun stuff. The hero draft!!! This year had a little bit of a twist on the traditional hero draft. We had to get rid of one of our heroes (and let me tell you how horrible that was to explain the thought process behind it)

Anywho I gave up my Capt. Jack Sparrow who went to Nadia's lovely hut. ( I still see him as he walks along the beach looking up and down, scratching his head, turning around and starting over.) *sniff* Man I miss him sometimes but then I turn and look at my 2 new heroes and forget see why I made the choice I did.

Choice number 1 for me was *drum roll* Harry Dresdan (Ha I haz me a wizard who can do lots of stuff with his staff) Anyway the reason I picked Harry is simply due to reading more of the serious and really getting to understand how loyal, trust worthy, powerful, and yet loving he is.

My second choice was Clay Bennet who is part of the psi/changling series by Nalini Singh and I didn't even want him until I read his book and BOY did my eyes open. What a great story and a fantastic hero. YUM and guess what thanks to Christine he's all mine ladies all mine.

So those that participated who did you pick and why? Those that didn't who would you have picked and why?


Ciara said...

Clay Benett was an excellent choice!

I chose Rupert Carsington because he makes me laugh. He's alpha without being an arse. He's like the Indiana Jones of the Regency period. ;)

I also chose Rhis Vanur because Kel-Patin and Sully were taken and I desperately wanted one of Linnea Sinclair's dreamy heroes. Rhis is also adventurous and honorable and brave and sexy. He has to shave his mustache off for me though. No facial hair in my hut.

We should have a round where we get to steal one man from another person's hut. ;)

LesleyW said...

I'm glad I got to chose Raphael. I think he's my new favourite vampire.

Though I'm currently reading Made to be Broken by Kelley Armstrong and I'd forgotten what a great character Jack is. So maybe next year I'll pick him. :) And finally say goodbye to Vayl. :)

Tracy said...

Oh I picked Jack Travis from Smooth Talking Stranger because he's uber wonderful and Callahan O'Shea because he has a wonderful sense of humor.

Oh, and did I mention they're both smokin hot? lol

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