Wednesday, June 24, 2009

So I lied....

This is our last member LOL the menz decided they couldn't live without one more *wink*! Alright ladies let's give a warm shout out to KRIS! Our last member in the DIK new member application!!!!

1. What is the screen name that you want to go by?
Kris, Goddess Extraordinaire! (That's the name that Tracy said I should use.)

2. What is your date of birth? (day and month only!)
September 30

3. What are your 5 favorite books?
Only five!? Are you kidding me?? How about we compromise and I choose 5 of my fave series.

The Black Jewels Trilogy by Anne Bishop

The Discworld series by Terry Pratchett

The Draegan Lords by M L Rhodes

In Death series by J D Robb

Magnus Pack & Pride series by Shelly Laurenston (it only counts as one if it's set in the same world - that's a rule)

So, if I pass the selection test, I can bring all of these with me, right?

4. Which heroes would you bring to the island and why?
I'm not sure if these heroes have been chosen or not, but here goes...

Adrien English from Josh Lanyon's Adrien English Mysteries - Someone needs to save him from that *bleep* *bleep* Jake! Plus he owns a bookstore. How cool is that. :)

John Chen from Kylie Chan's Dark Heavens series - He's a rich, sexy, Chinese God... literally. Need I say more.

Dalziel, Royce Varisey, 10th Duke of Wolverstone from Stephanie Lauren's Bastion Club series - He is the Alpha of all Alphas and will keep the rest of 'em in line. *jumping up and down on seat* His book is out in July! *SQUEE* I CAN'T WAIT!!! *ahem*

Sebastian from Anne Bishop's Landscapes of Ephemera books - All he needed was the right woman. *sniffle* He is worthy of the island.

Baby Kirk from the Star Trek movie - Is an explanation really necessary??

5. What is your favorite movie that is based on a book?
NOT Twilight!!!! Probably my favourite is actually the series (I seem to have a bit of an obsession ;) starring David Suchet and based on Agatha Christie's Hercule Poirot. I think they're terrific.

6. Name one fun thing you would bring to the island?
My expert skills at procrastination.

7. Why are you interested in coming to the island?
Because I get to hang out in the sun with my pals Tracy and Jen as well as the rest of you girls, lay back with icy margaritas (just out of interest there are no hangovers on the island, are there?) and talk books whilst checking out the veritable plethora of eye candy all day. Good times.

If you would like to visit Kris you can check her out at:

ALRIGHT that's it ladies the applications are done! Congrats to all the new girls we will be having a party tonight so please be prepared to be VERY tired tomorrow!


Jenre said...

Yay for you!

So glad you managed to slip through the gap before they closed the door.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kris, welcome to the island!

Lea said...

Hi There Kris!

Welcome to the island great to have another newbie here. ;)


Kris said...

Hey Jen. Thanks. I think they were trying to close the door but didn't realise my big feet (complete with freshly painted toes in honour of the ocassion) were jammed in the door. LOL.

Thanks Ms Moonlight. I'm sure I'll have fun here *hic*.

Lea, hi! Thank goodness I know someone else here! LURVE that bikini top, btw. ;)

Tracy said...

Welcome Kris! It's so nice to have a fellow Book Slut on the island. But let's face it...we really are all BS's!

Kris said...

And some of us are even more so than others, Tracy. *snort*

*whisper* Tracy. Psst, Tracy! You talked to the girls about establishing that 3 strikes and you're out rule, right?? It'd be a tad embarassing if I was to get kicked off the island straight away. We Aussies you know... we can be a bit, umm, boisterous. Yeah, that's the word.

Tracy said...

lol you're safe Kris - this is a no strike island. We just drink more and ignore bad behavior. :)

Cecile Smutty Hussy said...


Kris said...

Tracy: Phew! *GRIN*

Cecile: Thanks! I'm thrilled to be invited to the island.

Amanda said...

Welcome Kris!!

Great selections of series..... loving the discworld and Sebastian from Anne Bishops series is a fantastic choice!

Kris said...

Thanks Amanda! Terry Pratchett is my fave author - evidence is the fact that he is the ONLY one I ever buy in hardcover. As to Sebastian... *sigh*... he is soo awesome an incubus who just wants to be loved by a terrific woman. Great stuff. :)

Sarai said...

Welcome to da island Kris!!! Sit back and relax!

Kris said...

Cheers Sarai! And believe me there's no way I'm getting off this sun lounge and away from the drink trolle.... oh hi, Baby Kirk. Sure, I'll be there in a sec, snookums. Umm, sorry, I'll be right back. :)

Kate Diamond said...

Hurray! Always fun to see another new member on such a fun blog.

Kris said...

Hey Kate and thanks for the welcome. I definitely plan on having fun here. ;)

Tam said...

Well, I think I'm late for the welcome. Yay you. Isn't Adrian kind of sickly? What if he needs medical attention on the island? I think that was a poor choice. :-P

No hangovers? That's my kind of island. Hope you had fun at the party.

Kris said...

Sun, fresh air and lots of tlc *and getting him away from Jake the snake* will be good for Adrien, Tam. You'll see.

jessewave said...

I just want you to know that it was really hard but in the end I voted for you.:)

Congratulations Babe! I guess I'll be seeing even more of you now - not that that's a bad thing.

Kris said...

You can be so mean to me, Wave. You really can.

Lucky my keyboard has thick skin. ;)

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