Monday, June 8, 2009

So we just finished the hero draft...

And its my turn to take over the blog (YES!!!)

As some of you may or maynot know I have been on and off the internet now for awhile, mainly due to a move and mainly due to work policies. But since I have 3 lovely days to talk about nothing or something with you I thought I would start off today with a blog post on how the DIK blog got started. Thoughts for tomorrow might have to do with the Hero draft or not... really just depends on my random thought process.

As you may or may not know the original thought behind DIK was formed on one late rainy night (it might have been raining it might not have been. For the sake of arguement we will say it was raining b/c after all in was in June(ish)). A group of lovely young ladies gathered together around their individual computers and put a thought together. What 6 books would I take to a desert island if I had enough time to grab them. (and they survived the water, sun, and salt issues) Anywho the only condition was: NO REPEATS. And so the ladies went back and forth finally establishing a list of very intelligent, well thought out, sexy, and smokin' hawt books.

Then a couple of other lovely young ladies caught wind of what was happening and decided to steal borrow their thoughts and put what they would take, keeping with the only condition.
Everyone had a blast. Lots of laughter insued ect, ect, ect. Than a lovely young lady by the nickname of CJ AKA Carolyn Jean came up with a fantastic idea of the hero draft *gasp* Her thoughts of: "Oh my what if we could pick 7 heroes to have for our very own pleasure? Where would we put them and who would we choose?" sprung a very important debate which can be followed here (look at all the sites please!)

Needless to say the fights debates were barely kept in check when the menz were picked by the wrong people. After a month of this occurring I realized how much I missed those lovely young ladies. And even though we still visited each others blogs and still chated occassionally (when some of us had internet) I found I missed thier lively debates and discussions. After a brief thought and a quick consult with our very own lovely young Tracy we decided the best thing would be our very own blog. Where each lovely young lady could come and discuss whatever was on her mind. Weither it would be men, books, articles, thoughts or just simply to say hi!

Then we got to thinking how cool would it be for authors to come by and say hi as well. I mean after all if it wasn't for them we wouldn't have even thought of the DIK books or heroes right? So we asked all the lovely young ladies to see if any authors would come and play with us and we were blown away by the response. The sheer number of authors that wanted to visit was wonderful. So we made the schedule, posted the dates, asked the authors, asked our fellow bloggers to come play, and POOF DIK blog was formed.

*sigh* it all sounds so simple doesn't? So all you lovely young ladies out there are you happy with the way the DIK blog turned out? Those visiting us regularly how about you, are you happy with the way DIK turned out?


Carolyn Crane said...

Ah yes, that hero draft was madness!

Hey, I think it's going great! Thanks for all your hard work on this. It's been a fun year. And I'm very happy with my new hero, Brisbane.

LesleyW said...

I'm remembering the fun of the original draft - lol.

And I think the blog turned out great. :)

I sympathise with the internet issues, I've been having a crisis of my own recently. Fingers crossed it's sorted now. :)

Renee said...

While I didn't participate, I sure followed along on the hero draft, and found more than a few great new blogs to read because of it! :-)

Tracy said...

I loved the hero draft from beginning to end and was thrilled to be able to participate. I love this blog now too! :)

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