Monday, June 15, 2009

Ana's Wedding

A few months ago before the second round of hero picks.

“Dear friends.

We are gathered here today to celebrate the union of our friends Ana and Sebastian St. Vincent….”

I look around me - Sebastian looks dashing as usual, Michael, the Doyen who agreed on conducting the ceremony looks his serious self. The moon shines above us, the waters are calm , I look to my left and I see the place where the wedding party will take place after the wedding. I am dressed in my special pink bikini with flowers in my head and a bone necklace specially made by Little CJ. She is right next to me, holding the wedding rings. She looks evil and I can’t help but to muse what was CJ thinking when she summoned this female Damien to my wedding and why did I say yes. But I digress.

Michael carries on. He seems to be enjoying himself. How many times has he done this?

“ Marriage. Marriage is this sacred union between two people that deeply, truly love each other and no other. EVER”

I look at Sebastian again and he looks at me with his beautiful , beautiful, loving eyes. (They look tired though and I know it is because of the bachelor party that the guys organised for him. I look behind his side of the beach and all of the men look rough – what in the world did they do last night I have no idea, since all the women were at the bachelorette party. We had fun. I remember how KB ended up under the table hugging the punch bowl whilst Tracy and Sarai tried to pry the thing from her greedy fingers. Good times.)

But I digress. Again. I realise my attention is not all in the ceremony. I look behind me, to my side of the beach. It is , eerily, sadly empty. Where are all the girls? This emptiness speaks louder than a thousand words and I go back for a while to the day I told them Sebastian asked me to marry him so that he knew for sure I belong to him and only him and they gave me angry looks. They ended up congratulating me but I still think they were holding themselves back on what they really wanted to say.

I look at Sebastian again, his blonde hair shines , his oh so very kissable mouth has this eternal smile ever since I said yes. He is still looking at me with admiration and passion. I guess the pink bikini is working for him. He mouths I love you and I wonder

WTF am I doing?

not paying much attention to the proceedings when it finally comes to that part where Michael says :

"If there is anyone here, who has any reason why these two shouldn't wed, speak now or forever hold your peace."

And I feel a sudden change in the air. In slow motion, I look at Little CJ and she has the creepiest smile ever. I look at Michael and he winks at me (the Doyen WINKS at me). Sebastian is holding his breath, all the men seem to wake up. I hear a strange whoosh sound. Arms grab and then suddenly, everybody is gone.

To be continued.


KT Grant said...

I am already drunk under the table before you even say "I do"?

I bet Evie is going to storm the wedding and grab you by the hair. Cat fight!

Kati said...


Wait, what?? Where did everyone go?

And WHY would you let Lil' CJ even take part in the festivities?! She should be with a babysitter!

Little CJ said...

Can we get on with this wedding? I'm getting sick of wearing this ridiculous dress you put me in, and watching Sebastian all lovey dovey. I might have to kick him in the balls before this thing is over.

Kati said...

I might have to kick him in the balls before this thing is over.



I'm just sayin'

Tracy said...

I tried to pry that punch bowl from KB's hands for hours to no avail. I just wanted ONE drink...ONE!

Little CJ should be far from the island. She's too young and impressionable...ok, be involved. Please tell me Miss Doreen isn't here - we DO have cowboy menages on the island!

Ana - you're as clever as ever! I love it.

Ciara said...

Lol. I can't wait for the next installment.

Joanna Chambers said...

You gived up all ur menz! Is this wot happenz to the gived up menz? They invisible-ize?


Carolyn Crane said...

What a lovely post! LOL.
Ana, congratulations! I bet you make a beautiful bride. Now, can I borrow Sebastian for just a moment?

Thea said...

Eeeeevil little CJ.

Do I get to crash the wedding too, dearest? I wanna kick someone in the balls tooooo *whines*

By the way, love that pink bikini dude ;)

Bridget Locke said...

*snicker* Okay, first of all, the typo "flowers in my head" made me laugh so hard I snorted.

Secondly...this is kinda creepy. :)

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