Friday, June 26, 2009

Five things I like about men

Thank you all for your lovely entries to yesterday's (second) competition to create a British phrase about the weather in 7 words or less. Although Ana's entries were the most authentically British, I was looking for the most quintessentially British and so the winner is Amanda, for her entry: It's jolly smashing weather today, isn't it?

The prize is a suitably British romance novel. You can choose from three different genres - I've read and highly recommend all of them: Prudence by Jilly Cooper (contemp - relatively), The Grand Sophy by Georgette Heyer (historical) or Mad About the Boy by Mathilde Madden (erotic romance - ish). And I'll throw in a little extra.

Email me with your choice of book and address so I can send your prize on.

And now onto today's third and final post from me. Which is a love letter to the male gender.

I'm a little tired of all these pictures of buff sculpted men. I want to look at some of the other things I like about them.

1. They are hairy

I am not alone. I am not. I like hairy chests and stubble and - yes, I'm going to say it, I won't be silenced! - moustaches. Those of you who know me, know that this a subject close to my heart.

Hugh Jackman's hairy chest. Hmmmm, what a torso! What breadth of shoulders and chest. What lovely lovely butch brawn!

But I'm not all about the beef. I loooooove the droopy, melancholic moustache of Mr Brandon Flowers:

And I'm adoring the way Orlando Bloom is working this mediaeval knight look:

2. Their feats of derring do

I might roll my eyes, but I'm secretly impressed by all those stupidly dangerous things men do.

My older boy is 6 and he's getting well into tree-climbing and acrobatic stuff. We've been bonding over parkour recently. The lads in this video are the sort of lads I'd have been crushing on when I was 15.

Me and the boy watch this and 'ooooh' and 'aaaahhh' together. Then I say: You Must Never Never Do This!

3. On the whole, they are good at parking in small spaces, reading maps and finding their way around

Well, my husband is. But then I am usually too busy thinking about men with hairy chests in skin tight breeches and top-boots to be good at any of these things.

4. They are strong

They can carry heavy stuff. They can even push cars that break down and lift furniture. And open stubborn lids on jars of marmalade so that their wives can have toast and marmalade for breakfast.

5. James Purefoy is one

Which brings us back full circle. To hairy chests. I really can't decide whether I like that ridiculously equilateral triangle of Hugh Jackman's or this more natural lean one.

I'll have a good long look and think about it.



Mandi said...

You gave Brandon Flowers are my new favorite person:)

I love a hairy chest and stubble on a face. It has taken practice, but my husband now has the perfect amount of stubble at all times :)

Carolyn Crane said...

Great post. I agree on everything! Especially the hairy chests, plus to maintain the overly coiffed smooth look, doesn't that put the men in the bathroom for hours of shaving when they could be doing something more productive? Like, working a Knight look. (That's Orlando Bloom? WOW!)

Anonymous said...

Hair works for long as he doesn't look like an ape man! There is a thing as too much.
And I do love facial hair - even beards if they are done nicely and neat.

KT Grant said...

I don't like very hairy man but there is something about scruff on a man that makes me giddy.

Hugh on the other hand is a great hair beast. Yum.

Jill Sorenson said...

Hi Tumperkin.

Hugh Jackman is too beefy for me. Brandon Flowers, mmm. And that guy in the sauna is quite nice.

I also appreciate a good show of body hair! But I'm a little weird because I like armpit tufts and hairy legs. So manly. *dreamy sigh*

Cecile Smutty Hussy said...

Hugh ***Sigh*** Hugh ***Sigh***
I love the hair on men, I love that they love to impress us with whatever stupid trick they decide to do... and a 5 o'clock shadow... yum!!! But oh that happy trail!!! It is just so damn... delicous!!!
Awesome post!

Amanda said...


Thank you!! Em how do I find your email address?? Maybe I'm missing it!?

Great post and some verra yummy men!!

Joanna Chambers said...

KB - I love you for using one of my favourite words: 'giddy'. It always really cheers me up whenever I read that word. Oh my giddy aunt!

Amanda - it's on my Blogger profile. :)

Shaymless Aymless said...

I'm with MsM, if there needs to be "manscaping" its just plain ick! Some hair is nice.

Tracy said...

Congrats to Amanda!!

I have to say I love the hairy chests long as they're not TOO hairy. :)

Kaetrin said...

Who is James Purefoy? (this question may show I'm hopelessly out of touch...)

Also, ahem, what exactly is under the burgundy cloth????

As for the rest, my "list" (you know the 5 "freebies" you get with your husband that aren't really cheating (mainly because they'll NEVER EVER happen!) - comes from a Friends episode), is:-

Gerard Butler (300, The Ugly Truth, PS I Love You etc)

Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Watchmen, Grey's Anatomy)

Hugh Jackman

Goran Visjnic (ER) (?spelling)

------------ (currently this spot is vacant)

All of the above have yummy chest hair and muscles.

...going to my happy place.... *g*

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