Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Ana's Wedding Part 2

I feel really dizzy and I have to close my eyes. When the world stops moving, I open them again and I have my face buried in a chest wearing a Joker’s “Why so Serious “ tee. I look up and I am dismayed to see..............

“call me Jake, “ he says and smiles
“Did you….just teleport me? “
“I sure did” and he winks at me. What the hell is with everyone winking at me today???
“ because we asked him to.” I hear as Jake turns me around to face

Every single girl on this island. They are all here and they look…resolute.

“girls, what is going on?”

Thea steps forward and says “This is an intervention”

“Dude. Have you finally gone mental? Take me back NOW”

“dude. Shut up and listen. This can not go on. We are sick and tired of you playing the PollyAna”

“Thea, what are you on about? "

Thea bitch-slaps me. And Jake has to restrain me

She goes on: “listen dude. We all talked and we need to tell you something: this island? Is MADE-UP. You are not really here.”

“well, duh. Of course I know that”

Thea bitch slaps me again.

“what the frak was that for. Wait a minute, you are enjoying this , aren’t you biatch.?

She gives me her bossy-pants smile. “yeaaaah”

I see KB and CJ taking a step further –

“Thea , please contain yourself. No need for this, we can be reasonable here”

I look at CJ and say: “you do realise we left Little CJ alone with all the men?”

Before I can say anything else, CJ gets Tracy and Bridget Locke and they run, presumably to stop Little CJ before she kills, mains ( or worse) the heroes.

“ Can I please go back to my man now, I am getting married you know?”

“yeah we do , which is exactly the problem” Lisabea mutters “you are setting the wrong example for the rest of us and for our men.“

“no that’s not the point” Thea jumps in “the point is Ana was always against marriage, what the hell is she doing then? PLUS she needs to learn that because this is all made-up , she doesn’t need to follow any real life rules and be all faithful and stuff! “

“ I don’t”?

“you know, you can just have fun and do anything you want dude!”

“I can???”

“yes, you can” Jake murmurs in my ears and my toes curl

I suddenly feel something building inside of me , it is so overwhelming , I find myself screaming “freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeedoooooooooooooooom” like Braveheart circa 13th century.

OMG, they are so right. What the hell am I doing? And I let all of my other heroes go too! Oh, silly me!

“ok, you are right, I get your point. Still, you should have done this before the wedding day, you know. This is really bad. I think you should let me have a night with each of your heroes ….”

“Ana, don’t push it”

“sorry, dude I had to try. “ we giggle together. I feel so light-headed right now.

I turn to Jake and I say, “I know what I need to do now, please take me back”

He does.

To be continued


Kati said...

I had no idea Thea was so violent. Thea, you minx you!

Ana said...

you joking? she is SO scary.

Kati said...

No, I'm serious! She seems so sweet online.

Then again, I had no idea ANYTHING could scare you, Ana! ;o)

Carolyn Crane said...

Oh my goodness! LOL. This is great! What a romantic wedding day for you and Sebastian....and the rest of the menz.

I think I will be returning my toaster.

Frreeeeeeedommmm! Snort. nice touch!
(mmm, it just occurred to me that Braveheart guy is not on our island...)

Tracy said...

It scares me that Thea wants to bitch slap you so much Ana! lol

Ahhhhh freedom. Isn't it wonderful? And Jake? Rooowr!

Poor Sebastian.

Shannon said...

Bwah haha!

Freedom indeed.

Sometimes it takes a good bitch slapping to make us see the light.

KT Grant said...

LMAO! Little CJ needs to be stopped.

What happened to my punch bowl??

Thea is a cold hard bitch. :P

Thea said...

*bitch-slaps everyone*

OMG I am the DEVIL.


Seriously dude, what's the point of getting married on a fantasy island with so many ready and willing hot men?

You can thank me later. You know, when you're done with Jake :p

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